The 10 Best High-Street Purchases I’ve EVER Made

I mean, it was hard to just cut it down to 10…

We’re always taking about our most-worn investment purchases, right? You know those ones that you make but you’ve had to mentally prepare yourself and physically prepare your bank account for? The ones that when your Mum asks how much you paid for your new bag, you drop a zero off the end? SOZ MUM! Those kind of purchases. It’s all about getting that cost per wear down and although I’m trying my best with my Loewe Puzzle Bag (note its 24th consecutive blog post appearance in the past month), often we get just as much wear and pleasure from a piece that’s considered a bit of a bargain. So today I thought I’d talk you through the items in my wardrobe that were freshly picked from the high-street and have earned a top spot on my racks fair and square. Annoyingly with the nature of the high-street being fast-paced, most are no longer in stock, but where possible I’ve linked up a pretty sweet dupe incase you too wish to make a weeny-investment purchase that will earn it’s keep just as much as the big dogs…


ASOS Leopard Print Coat (great dupe here). You know how my yellow coat is my jazzy number of spring 2018? Well this coat was my jazzy number of winter/spring 2017 and yet it still gets thrown into the mix as one of my favourite outer layers in my wardrobe. It doesn’t provide much warmth, but I LOVE the print – not too big/small and not too yellow – and the long-line fit is right up my street. See it in action here.

Sezané Orson Chunky Knit Jumper (great dupe here). This winter I finally discovered chunky knits that don’t transform me into a double of the Michelin Man and this was perhaps my most worn of all. It’s hefty, though not hefty and isn’t too thick that it resists a good high-waisted denim tuck. I’m looking forward to wearing this with just jeans and boots when the wind chill isn’t sub-zero. See it in action here.

Sezané Boy Black Shirt. I’ve been on the search for the best silk dupes for the Equipment shirts possible and I reckon that these are them. Side by side they look identical and although the fabric might not be as brushed or heavy, it’s a teeny tiny detail that’s easy to ignore. Stick to your usual size and tuck into jeans or wear over leather trousers as you please. See it in action here.

& Other Stories Cashmere Knit Jumpers. We’re venturing in to the top-end of the high-street here, but I feel like & Other Stories just BRINGS it when it comes to jumpers, cashmere especially. Compared to other cashmere pieces that I have, they’ve really held their own – resisting bobbling and washing well – and the price is pretty palatable when you compare them to their high-end counterparts.


Whistles Washed Black Denim Dungarees (great dupe here). If I’m not wearing jeans on my bottom half then I’m wearing toddler-esque dungarees, much to the delight of Mark who always remarks that I look like I’m wearing a one-piece, WHICH I AM. And you know what? It’s possibly the most comfortable item of clothing in my wardrobe and I’m actually in love. I wear it with something chunky underneath during the winter and something light and shirt-like in the summer. See them in action here.

Topshop MOTO Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans. I mean, you KNEW that these would be here, right? Although the Orson style are catching up with them, currently these are my most worn denim style from the past 12 months and I have racked up a total of four pairs in my wardrobe, which I ain’t mad at. They’re comfy, but not baggy and cropped, but don’t leave the wind completely nipping away at my ankles. If you spot me on Instagram wearing denim, then there’s a 95% chance that I’m wearing these. See them in action here.

Levi’s 501 Raw Hem Denim Shorts. These might seem like an odd addition but under my bed I keep summer clothing; one to get out and put in my wardrobe when the time is right, and two for holidays, and although these never really make it into the first category, they always make it into the second. If I’m on holiday and I’m somewhere that’s flipping hot – then I’m wearing these. I’d recommend sizing up a size or two (I take them three sizes bigger than usual!), to get more of a relaxed fit that doesn’t make you feel like Kylie Minogue in the ‘Spinning Around’ video. See them in action here.


Topshop May 2 Leather Ankle Boots (great dupe here). I picked these up as part of the work that I do with Topshop and I’m pleased I did because they are almost like if cowboy boots had a shoe baby with the Dear Francis Spirit Boots. The height is there, but they are way more comfortable and have the pointy features that I love in a boot because I find them so elongating on the leg. FYI, I’m wearing them in this post and love how high the top of the boot comes up. LOOK! It looks like I’m wearing leather socks!

Van Old Skool Trainers. I mentioned them in my March Favourites video and I’m mentioning them here again because these are the most multi-functional shoe in my wardrobe right now and I’m not sure how I ever lived without having them in there before. I do enjoy my Converse, but there’s something about these that are a little more substantial and because I have the black pair I really do feel like they go with everything. See them in action here.

Topshop Leopard Print Sandals (great dupe here). I really, really hope that these make a come back this year, because for last summer these are practically ALL I wore on my feet. I’m not crazy about sandals that expose a lot of toe, but these have just the right amount and were comfortable to walk in for long stints of time. Plus they were LEOPARD PRINT! Honestly, if they bring them out again, then I’m buying a back-up for when I wear down a hole in the sole. See them in action here.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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