A Chunky Knit Edit & My Tops Picks



One of my biggest style discoveries over the past year – aside from the fact that there are other styles of denim aside from skinny black jeans, who knew? – is that chunky knits are your BFF in the winter months. I’d previously stuck to thinner knits or freezed my nips off in long-sleeve shirts, because I’d always felt like the former made me look a cross between a Christmas Pudding and the Michelin Man. I felt bulky, could never fit a coat over the top of them for the life of me and actually *whispers* sometimes I was a little too warm.

However last autumn I found the compromise. I now have four knits; the Sezane cream jumper that I’m wearing in this post, one from DemyLee, a black number from & Other Stories that I’m wearing as I write this post and one from Acne Studios that is definitely more of an investment purchase, but is one that I feel so bloomin’ chic in whenever I slip it on. Now they are all technically more of a ‘chunky knit’ rather than a ‘slim knit’. They’re thick, the weave is close and dense, and they keep me warm in a way that doesn’t make me feel like my inner thermostat is going nuts, but I don’t find that I feel padded out in them. The key here is to go for finer textures that aren’t so much of a cable pattern, just thinner ribbed fabrics that sit closer to the body. The look of a chunky knit, without actually being chunky. They’ve been a revelation to me and seeing as they’re all I’ve practically worn for the past four months, I thought I’d round up some of my favourites…



One thing I would say is that a lot that I’ve found in all three sections of this post have cropped up in the sale, so if you see one that tickles your fancy it’s worth a click, just to take a wee peek. The real bargain for me this season has been the & Other Stories High Neck Jumper; it’s available in a couple of colours, unfortunately the black one that I have is a little patchy stock-wise, but they do have a grey that I’ve been hovering over the purchase button for. I wear it an absolute tonne and the roll-neck makes it super toasty and it’s easy to clean and throw in the wash with all my other clothes – no fancy potions needed. I also like the look of this Mohair and Wool Blend Turtleneck, which might not be as straightforward to clean, but is slightly cropped in fit, so should tuck into trousers without creating any kind of bulge. If you’re after something that’s more transitional, this French Connection V Neck Chunky Knit, being cream is a little less heavy looking and that v-neck? LOVE.




Now I don’t advocate spending a month’s rent on a bloomin’ jumper, but if you win the lottery and do your fair share of good deeds, then why the hell not, eh? I’d firstly point you in the direction of the Acne Studios Deborah Oversized Knit, which would now be pocket change for you, but is definitely on the investment purchase side of things for us mere mortals. Picking it up before a month-long honeymoon and bathroom renovations probably wasn’t the smartest move on my end, but it is a stunning piece. It’s so thick, it’s like wearing a blanket and the cut drapes in just the right way. I love wearing it and thankfully it’s not too hefty that I can’t get it on under coats. The other pricey purchase that I’ve been swooning over, but unfortunately won’t be coming home with me anytime soon, is the Theory Rifonia Chunky Knit Sweater. Not only am I loving the funnelled turtleneck, the knit is close and thick but the fit is slim and so I’m guessing it will look pretty darn flattering on. MUST RESIST *thinks of how expensive taps are and steps away from the laptop*.




Of course all the chunky knits that I’ve purchased so far have been either cream, black or grey because I’m just that boring, however if I were to push the boat out of my comfort zone a little, then these would most definitely be on my shopping list. I mean of course a leopard print one is top. This & Other Stories Fuzzy Leopard Jumper is most definitely something that I’m thinking seriously about right now. Does anyone have it? Does it feel as soft as it looks? Do you feel like a teddy bear dressing up as a leopard? I need answers. This Marni Two-Tone Turtleneck looks like it would add some length to shorter torsos and give a nod to the millennial pink trend without shouting from the rooftops about it. Then finally there’s this QED London Chunky Knit, which I’m super into for the colour. Additional marks for the fact that it’s almost half price in the sale. Get me some mustard in my wardrobe PRONTO.



Photos by Lauren Shipley

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