Hello! I’m Anna and at the time of writing this blurb I’m a twenty-something Brighton-based blogger with a penchant for Parks & Rec GIFS and Ryan Gosling memes. There isn’t much more to know, but I guess I can’t wrap up an ‘About Me’ section in two short sentences now, can I?

Those two loves aside, I’m also a fan of minimalist makeup, minimalism in general and monochrome. Yep, I’m a real party starter. I’ve also been doing this blogging and YouTube malarkey for years. Around eight to be exact. It started off as ‘Vivianna Does Makeup’ in my university bedroom when I was procrastinating from my Psychology degree back in 2010 and has now morphed into The Anna Edit; partly because Vivianna was a pseudonym that I dreamt up at Uni because I was terrified of anyone finding out about my weird internet habit, and secondly because I’m older (definitely), wiser (maybe), have a few more hairs on my chin (unfortunately yes) and enjoy typing out posts on a bit of everything now and curating my own personal edit just for you; from food to fitness and beauty to books.

I post videos on my YouTube channel every Sunday morning at 9am GMT and post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am if you fancy a read with your morning coffee. I also have a podcast – ‘At Home With…’ – co-hosted with my pal Lily, plus I have a monthly newsletter brimming with life, work and home organisation advice if that’s your bag. Sign up to the ‘An Edited Life’ newsletter here. Want more? Feel free to tweet me any questions and I’m always larking around on Instagram and IG stories if you fancy saying hello. Most of all, I hope you enjoy your time rooting around my corner of the Internet. ENJOY!

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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