Three New Denim Styles From Topshop & How I Wear Them | AD

Straight leg, slim leg and FLARES?!

*This post features an advertorial from Topshop

If you would have told me two years ago that I’d wear something on my bottom half that wasn’t black skinny fit jeans, I would have laughed in your face. A straight leg? A mom jean? A flare? That’s funny. For a solid eight years of my life trouser-wise I only wore black skinny jeans, indigo skinny jeans or black leggings (it was our unofficial University uniform along with fluffy boots and an oversized hoodie). Then about a year ago something clicked in my capsule wardrobe. I bought my first ever pair of straight-leg denim and I haven’t looked back since.

I could ramble on forever about why they’re currently the only non-negotiable item in my wardrobe, BUT to keep it concise; the fit is slimming, the waist nice and high to suck everything in and for once I have a bit of variety hanging up in my wardrobe when it comes to jeans. For me, Topshop completely ace denim. Not only are there a TONNE of washes, there are a tonne of sizes too so I can always find the pair that fit like a glove. It’s the only place where shopping for denim doesn’t make me want to curl up into a ball and comfort watch Queer Eye. Now you lot know that my favourite cut were the Topshop MOTO Raw Hem Straight Leg pair – I have them in four washes, OOPS –  but this month they’ve have rejigged their denim and along with an easy-to-shop range, there are some additions to their line and there might just be a new favourite fit in town. Here are my three favourites…


High-rise waist with low-stretch denim / Slim fit through the leg / Wider hem sits at ankle length 

Ok, so these might be my favourite pair from Topshop that I’ve owned so far. They’ve still got a bit of stiffness to them, but there’s a tiny amount of stretch around the waist so you can wear them out for a steak, chips AND dessert dinner. With it being completely freezing here in the U.K this week I appreciate that they’re not as cropped as other styles in my wardrobe and if worn with an ankle boot there’s no bare ankle. This is a BIG DEAL as I’m always slightly concerned that my foot might just snap off at any moment given the arctic breeze and my love for ankle-skimming styles.

Warm bonus points aside, I’ve worn them here with a Seamed Boucle Coat in a fab mustard colour which is as cliched as it may sound, getting me in the mood for spring. Underneath there’s Slouchy Stripe Jumper, again with a nod to mustard. What’s going on, eh?



High rise on the waist and again with low-stretch denim / Straight fit leg / Above ankle hem 

Ah my happy place right now when it comes to denim. These are a new wash that’s been added to the line up of the current range of straight leg denim (‘Vintage Bleach’ FYI), of which four already sit in my wardrobe. In fact if you look at any Instagram of me from the past nine months, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m wearing a pair of these. This wash though are STUNNING and I like the contrast of pairing a fabric so pale, with the rest of my wardrobe which is 95% black. Being a sightly cropped fit you do get a bit of ankle exposure, making these more of a transitional/summer denim piece for me; although I loved the ripped hem detail and so pretty much do wear these all year round.

To finish things off, I went with this Black Wrap Top (similar here, although I literally bought this in-store last week!), which I can see me getting a lot of wear out when the weather warms up a little. Plus it’s a non-tucking top which is a habit that I need to break out of doing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Also these May 2 Leather Ankle Boots are fab. I wore them to London for a 12,000 step day no problems at all, PLUS they’re currently in the sale. WIN.



High rise waist & super stretchy denim / Fitted through hips & flared from knee / Floor-length hem

This is the fit for me that takes me way out of the box that is my comfort zone. In fact I was wearing these last week as I sat down to have a chat with Mark after work and when I stood up he exclaimed ‘FLARES?!!!’ as he eyed the wide-leg fit like he’d seen an alien for the first time. Some might see a black flare as a reminder of school days gone by, however as black is my clothing comfort blanket I needed to first dip my toe into the kick-flare world tentatively. You know what? I love ’em. Not only these SO STRETCHY that I could wear them to bed, they spice things up a little in my wardrobe and look ridiculously chic when worn with heels. I’d recommend going a length longer than you usually take in jeans just so they still sweep the floor slightly even when paired with a high shoe.

Speaking of shoes, I’ve worn them here with a pointy toe boot like these Hibiscus Ankle Boots and then it’s all about the Y.A.S Knitted Jumper which I had SO many Instagram DM questions about when I snapped a picture of it on there last week. It’s super cosy and it reminds me of the first ever jumper that I bought from Topshop back when I was 16. #Memories.


P.S) For today and tomorrow, Topshop are offering express delivery across the website using the code SNOWEXPRESS. It’s valid on the U.K site only, but there’s no minimum spend. WHOOP!

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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