My Warm Weather Essentials

…from someone who hates dressing for warm weather


Being out in L.A in the sun (not so much here in N.Y.C!) got me thinking about my warm weather wardrobe. Whilst we’re still only on the cusp of summer in the U.K and it will still be a month or two until the real heat sets in, it won’t be long until my capsule wardrobe is due a shake up (the official date is 1st June). So I’ve been thinking about items in my summer set-up that I love and always pack with me whenever I’m heading somewhere hot and some genres in general that I’d like to expand on. Let’s call this a bit of a summer capsule wardrobe wishlist. Yep, I’m blaming the L.A rays for the early onset of this lust list…



If silk shirts are my spring top-half uniform, then camisoles are my summer top-half uniform. I love how delicate they are, how easy they pair with jeans and because I don’t have boobs I don’t struggle too much in the ‘What the hell kind of bra should I wear with this department?’ (boob tube bandeaus keep my fried eggs in place). The lack of material under the arms also mean that I don’t spend all my time wearing them stressing out about sweat patches. HOORAY. The ones I love are a pale blue cami and a white cami with tassel-ties in a cheesecloth fabric. They were from Topshop last year and unfortunately they don’t seem to have released a version for this summer. I get so much wear out of them, so I think I might have to pick up this & Other Stories Black Frill Top and the Kate Moss for Equipment Paola Scalloped Washed-Silk Camisole.




I have spent years attempting to find the dream denim short. You know the ones that make you feel like Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke, but your butt cheeks don’t peek out the bottom? They’re pretty impossible to find and it wasn’t until I tried the Levi’s 501 Shorts with Raw Hems that I truly felt that I’d found the ones. I now own them in both a washed-black and a white. The white seemed like such a good idea at the time and although they’re my favourite wash out of the two that I have, they look orange after wearing them just the once. They’re impossible to keep clean – they’re real magnets for anything grim. The cut however, is perfect. They don’t cut in (I wear them in a 29), aren’t too short, but are short enough to be flattering and not look like something your mum wore in the ’80’s. I’m tempted to pick these up in another wash because I love them that much.




You guys know that it’s jumpsuit or nothing when it comes to occasion-wear for me, but last summer I dipped my toe into the world of informal jumpsuits that are more appropriate for daily wear in warm weather conditions. I purchased a little shirt-on-top, shorts-on-bottom number that’s unfortunately long discontinued from ASOS, but I found that last summer I got a good amount of wear out of it, both in the UK and in hotter climates. Unfortunately it hasn’t really stood the test of time – it crumples easily in a suitcase and the long sleeves often make it too hot – so I’m back on the hunt. I’m thinking that when it’s summer capsule wardrobe time I’ll pick up this ASOS Cami Jumpsuit that has a cute (but not too cute) frill detail on the hem and spaghetti straps (no overheating will happen here!).




I love espadrilles. They might just be my favourite genre of footwear. No, that’s silly. I’m an ankle boot lover till the end. I hope to be shuffling around in my eighties in some kind of mid-heel, almond toe, leopard print boot. However, espadrilles do come a close second. I’m not a huge fan of having my feet hang out of some kind of sandal. They’re big and long and look like boats. Plus you have to make sure they’ve been tended to with a dollop of polish and a good ol’ foot file. Espadrilles are the summer appropriate shoe that require no foot TLC and yet are still comfy and lofty enough to get a bit of breeze doing though your toes. I’ve yet to purchase a pair for this summer, but these ones from & Other Stories are currently heading up the pack for me. Although the question is – dusky pink, black and white or all-black? Or all three?


Photos by Kristen Kienhle