Why You Need A Pair Of White Jeans In Your Life

#1 They make you feel like Liz Hurley


I was never allowed to wear white/cream/any type of pale clothing when I was younger. I wasn’t allowed nail polish either which I still grumble to my Mum about to this day. I’m the biggest goof. As my Dad would say – ‘A bull in a china shop‘. This point was proven quite poetically when upon receiving my first bottle of nail polish I ended up spilling it down my bedroom wall and onto the pale lilac carpet. Give me a fancy bag and it will have some kind of scratch down it in a week. Give me a set of four glasses and by the end of the year they’ll probably only be one that I didn’t have to sweep up off the kitchen floor in a million and one tiny pieces. You get the gist. It’s for this reason that I’ve never trusted myself with a pair of white denim jeans. Of course I’ve always wanted to channel Liz Hurley vibes and give my outfits a little taste of French riviera chic, but I was convinced that I’d drop a jam doughnut right in the crotch on their first outing.

Thankfully I haven’t been proved right (yet!), but they do definitely require a wash after just a few wears. Unlike my other denim which I don’t even want to tell you the last time I gave a wash – but, that’s a good thing, right? It’s worth the extra spin-and-drys though because I absolutely love wearing them. They make me feel all grown up – ‘Look Mum! I’m wearing white!’ – and they give a lift to my otherwise dark and kinda dreary wardrobe. This is about as summery as I like to get.


As they’re a slightly ‘out there‘ piece compared to your usual styles of denim I’d suggest picking up something from the high-street first to road test the idea and see how much use you’d actually get out of having them in your wardrobe. ASOS is always a good place to start isn’t it? I’ve heard good things about the ASOS Lisbon Skinny Mid-Rise style and they look lush on the model – plus you get to pick waist and leg length which is always a plus in my books. If you’re after a similar style to what I’m wearing here, then you might want to check out the Jaeger Frayed Jean, which come in an off-white, which I actually think might be a smidge cooler than bright white. Of course if boyfriend-fit, vintage inspired denim is more your thing then it’s all about these & Other Stories Raw Edge Jeans. & Other Stories is a real gem for denim. The sizing is a bit of a pain in the ass to your head around, but the styles are chic and rarely duplicated and the pricing is spot-on.



If you do fancy investing a little more then may I point you in the direction of the Acne Studios Cropped Slim-Leg Jeans? I’m loving a good cropped fit jean at the moment as they sit perfectly on top of ankle boots, exposing just the right amount of bare leg (an amount that only takes 10 seconds to shave). Worn in the fresh spring air, you don’t feel chilly, but you don’t end up looking too wrapped up either – it’s a nice little nod to the season. The fit of these are just right too. They’re not boyfriend fit in that they’re particularly baggy, but they’re straight-cut making them skimming and slimming, despite the cut-off hems. If skinny is more your style then the FRAME Le Skinny de Jeanne Mid-Rise Jeans are like wearing leggings. They accommodate a food-baby extremely well, let me tell you. Although if you want a real on-trend piece for the upcoming months you could always give the DL1961 Hepburn Crop Wide Leg Jeans a go. I love them, but I’m pretty sure Mark’s eyes would pop out of his head (and not in a good way) if he saw me wearing them.



When it comes to styling white denim, I like that you have two options. You can either go down the ‘wear it with darker colours’ route and let them doing the talking, or you can pair them with something white on top, a black boot, belt and bag and look so fricking cool. That’s my dream outfit combination right there. In fact ‘chunky cable knit’ is already on the winter capsule shopping list for later in the year, so maybe next April I’ll be rocking my dream outfit combo?

In terms of caring for them, I try to look at what I’m sitting on before I plop myself down and put a coat between my butt and the surface if possible, I wash them on a delicate wash, inside-out, on a low heat and wouldn’t dream of putting them in the tumble dryer. I leave them to air dry and then run over them with an iron to get out any annoying creases. Or if I’m feeling lazy I just let my general body heat take care of that. Ah who am I kidding – I do that all the time! A bull in a china shop who’s also extremely lazy. Man, I’m such a catch.

Photos by Lily Pebbles