The Weekend Post #45: Because Mondays Suck

By mid-afternoon on a Sunday the Monday blues set in. It’s cold, and quite frankly I would quite like to spend the next four months snuggled under my Christmas themed duvet set in a onesie with a fluffy tail on the back. But alas the world of work calls, so I thought of a few pick me ups I’ll be giving a go tonight to try and put a glamourous spring back into my step. What Monday blues, eh?

First stop, a boiling hot bubbly bath filled to the brim with whatever bathtime treat I’ve got hanging around (see last weekends post for that). Then it’s time to slather on a silky smooth moisturiser and after giving the This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream* a go, I’ve moved onto the Skin Deep Youth Elixir*. I love a good dose of nourishment fresh out of the bath – I whip on my pyjamas (*ahem* onesie) straight  after to lock in the moisturise. A nice blow-dry will also be sure to make you feel like one pampered princess on Monday morn. Two products I’ve been incorporating into my routine are the Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Oil Free Volumiser, which does exactly what it says on the tin and the Living Proof Weightless Styling Spray* which helps keep my elbow-aching inducing blow dried locks in place.

You know I adore a good face mask and my flavour of the month is the Clark’s Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask*. I’ve found this to work wonders on my congested chin (luverly), but for a much cheaper alternative, give the Origins Clear Improvements one a chance. Finally – who doesn’t love a glitter nail? You? Get out! A well placed digit of glimmer goodness gives you something to stare at on the bustling sardine-packed tube tomorrow. I shunned my usual flecked polishes for a glitter nail on crack this week – the Ciaté Sequin Manicure in Tutu*. A dish of chunky silver, red and pink particles that you roll you nail in to achieve the ultimate ring finger accent. But beware, you will be finding glitter particles in some strange places for the next week (I found a piece under my armpit, don’t ask).

Right I’m off to turn my frown upside with my Monday morning transforming routine. Just might need to have the hoover on standby for that glitter nail…

*PR Sample


  • alyoops22

    This is just what I needed. I’ve got some serious Monday blues this evening and knowing how much work I still have to do for tomorrow isn’t helping one bit, but I might go and have a luxuriating shower first to put me in a better mood…somewhere there is some productive sense *i think*



  • avmademoiselle

    Ohh mondays…I feel the same and also does Garfield!!…lovely post.

  • Luxe.

    I seriously hate Mondays, I’m going to pamper myself tonight to try and prepare myself!x

  • Tasha

    Sunday night pampering is my favourite time! hair mask, face mask, body butters, the list is endless!!

  • Line

    Sounds like a nice routine, I really want to try something from This Works 🙂 x

  • Emilie Garnes

    You’ve gotten me inspired to do some pampering myself (as always)! Hahaha, I recall finding glitter everywhere myself after some glitter-nail experimentation…

    Your blog is my favourite Anna,

    xx Em

  • VanityInsanity

    I love these weekend posts! And glitter nails are my fave!!! xx

  • thebeautyheroes

    the glitter nail accent sounds lovely ! xx

  • Harriet Olivia

    Oooh deffo want to try that Ciate sequin nail I saw swatches and it looks gorgeous! XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I’ve just started out and any comments or followers would mean the world to me <3

  • IvanaAndBeauty

    Love your headline. Made me laughton this early, not-so-good monday mornig. The post is amazing as always :).

    Ivana, xoxo

  • Beth Bradley

    Mondays do suck! Might have to give the volumiser a go!

    Beth @


  • Wow that glitter! So pretty! Have you posted a pic of it before? I’d love to see it.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Selena

    Can you give a review of the Skin Deep Youth Elixir?