October Favourites

With my shady internet and getaway to Devon, things have been a little scarce on the Youtube front, but I’m here and with videos now able to upload in 10 minutes, instead of 10 hours (thank you BT Infinity), I’m back and ready to roll with an October Favourites. As I said in the video, this month hasn’t been too much of a jazzy one on the makeup front – so only two beauty bits feature, but of course I found some nail, hair and skincare faves to bump it up. And an accessories favourite, and a book. Ah gawd it’s a long’un.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra information and links, and it may just be worth waiting until the end of my bumper 16 minute video (who knew I could jabber on for so long), as there may just be a little giveaway at the end…


  • That blusher is such a pretty colour, watching the vid 🙂

  • Luxe.

    Love the nail polish shades, especially the darker of the two. And once again I have major brow envy!!x

  • charli

    paul edmonds!!! Your hair is too nice to not go somewhere decent

  • Diane11792

    I can’t even begin to tell you Anna how excited I am that you have a new video up. How I miss your face on youtube. Youtube is just not the same without your little beauty rambles. 🙂 Keep the videos coming.

  • sara

    Burberry Blossom is my favorite blush of the moment. I love Burberry’s blushes, they give a nice, diffused color but not sheer, still very pigmented. Blossom is very coral/pink-y, kind of like Tarte Blissful a little bit.

  • Beth Bradley

    I’ve got a body shop pen which is alot like the essie one but cheaper.

    beth @

  • Guest

    i loved your video! if anyone has a chance maybe they could have a quick look at my blog that I’m starting and maybe a follow. just wanted to let people know I’m here! i love your blog x

  • Libby

    Sally Hansen does a good cuticle pen its normally between £4-£5 xxx

  • My hair was as long as yours until about three months ago when I got it cut to just under my shoulders… and I’m soo happy with it!!! At first I was a bit worried I’d done the wrong thing, but now I don’t think I’ll ever let it grow so long again . I’ve had so many compliments on how much better my hair suits me this length, and as well as my hair looking more alive and bouncy, I feel so much happier!! It had got so heavy and dull, but no more!! Sorry this comment turned into a little essay! Oops! Basically I just wanted to say ‘go for it’ as I think it’s totally worth it! And at the end of the day, if you don’t like it, hey! it’s hair! it’ll grow back! 😉

    love your blog by the way anna! hope you’re happy in your new london pad!

  • Loved the video! Essie Merino Cool is definitely one of my all time fall favorites! xx

  • Katie Fawcett

    Essie wins again! Love love those shades.

    Katie xo

  • thebeautyheroes

    the burberry blusher looks beautiful ! the whistles pouch is beautiful ! xx