Instagramming #29

1. Dinner party times, 2. Wrapped up warm in the boys scarf (again!), 3. Morning routine, 4. I joined the Muji storage crew, 5. Bobbi Brown’s latest foundation offering has been floating my boat this week (review here), 6. Palettes from the patrons of palettes themselves, Urban Decay (post here), 7. I may not have dressed up for Halloween, but here’s my favourite fancy dress from past times, I’ve never felt so schexy, 8. Time to unpack – boo, 9. I died and when to cream tea heaven, 10. Windswept weather wonders, 11. Bumble and Bumble mini’s – oh yes, 12. No need for surf spray though as I braved the English Channel and went bodyboarding (and survived – hooray!). 13. Hunters VS. Sand Dunes (Festival Stud Shorts in Gunmetal if you were wondering), 14. It was a wee bit windy on those dunes, 15. Outward-bound to Devon! 

And if you fancy following me on Instagram my username is ‘ViviannaMakeup’. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!