Urban Decay – The Palette Patrons

Urban Decay are fast becoming the palette patrons of the makeup world. Naked, Naked 2, umpteen Book of Shadows, and the recently released Smoked, easily take up at least two thirds of the space of my eyeshadow drawer. Well here they come again, this time with three six-panned eyeshadow palettes based on the brands ‘ingredients’, complete with a mini Lip Junkie Lip Gloss. Say hello to the Feminine, Dangerous and Fun Palettes*…

The first thing that struck me was the packaging – it reminded me somewhat of a softmint. Hard on the outside and squidgy on the inner. The sleek, wipe-clean zippered pouches get a thumbs up, but I wasn’t overly keen on the cardboard interiors. However when I read all the bumf and realised the eyeshadow compartment can be removed and turn the cute cases into a little wallet I was somewhat appeased. Each palette contains six reformulated shadows, five from the existing line and one new shade. Feminine (purple palette) leans more to the soft and sultry side with shimmering neutrals to smokey hues, Dangerous  (black palette) contains deep jewel tones and seductive nudes and Fun (turquoise palette) lives up to its name with experimental and quirky colours. The formulas are buttery and blendable as always with just a few shimmer-loaded shades that got through quality control – Bordello I’m looking at you. The Lip Junkie Lip Glosses are a nice touch, but none of the shades really stand out to me and I think a mini eyeliner or primer would have perhaps been a better fit. Fun has to be my favourite packaging-wise, but it isn’t too difficult to guess what palette a simple eyeshadow lover like myself would gravitate towards…..Feminine of course. DUH! Although a mix of all the neutral shades featured across the three palettes would make up the perfect everyday ‘grab’ mix for me.

When I posted a preview of these on Instagram, views were mixed. If you’ve already got a pile of Urban Decay palettes stacked up in your stash then you don’t need to add to it with these, however pretty they are. But if you’re a UD newbie, then perhaps it’s worth looking into it; although the original Naked Palette will always come up trumps for me (plus it’s the best value for money). The Feminine, Dangerous and Fun plattes are available now at all the usual Urban Decay outlets, for £25. Can you pick a favourite?

*PR Samples


  • These pallettes are so cute!

    • I think it must be the packaging – that’s the first thing I thought when I saw them 🙂 x

  • I think I like the packaging a lot more than I actually want any of the palettes haha. I do love my Naked Palette though so these would be cute christmas presents I think xo

    • Haha – yes I think a few of my mates might be finding these under their christmas trees 🙂 x

  • I feel like the combos of colours in all three of these palettes are really same-ey. Couldn’t imagine myself purchasing all three! x

    • Ah no you definitely don’t need all three. And I see what you mean – there seems to be a green, purple and a few neutrals thrown into each palette. The Naked still reigns supreme for me 🙂 x

  • lipstick fridays

    They all look fabby xxx mmmh but I cant pick a favourite ! oh well they will all have to go on the christmas wishlist ha ha xxx

    • Haha – that’s going to be one hell of a Christmas list 😉 x

  • louweevil_bella

    I like the look of the feminine pallette but i dont like the packaging much, plus these are the same pallette names and colours as from their first release (in packaging the same as their black pallette, like Naked without the velvet). Repackaging always seems a bit daft to me.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging I have to say – it seems pretty bulky! Perhaps check out their Vice palette – it has 20 new shades 🙂

  • Eleanor

    ooh I really like the look of feminine and dangerous, my christmas list seems to be mounting up quite quickly! haha!
    Eleanor x

    • Haha mine too! 🙂

  • barb brussels

    With the exception of the Naked palette, whenever I look at UD’s eye shadows they seem so well…ugly.but only on your eyelid do they become what they truly are. Perfection!

    • Haha so true – gorgeous consistency, but sometimes OTT packaging. I still LURVE the Naked one 🙂 x

  • On The Dressing Table

    The only thing that stops me from writing these off completely because of the gimicky packaging is knowing how great UD eyeshadow quality is. i am with you on the Naked palette being unrivaled x

    • Haha – UD, Burberry and NARS hit the nail on the head when it comes to eyeshadow and high five to a fellow Naked lover! 🙂

  • These look pretty nice, but I’m not sure they’re something I would really need as I already have a lot of the shade I would want from Urban Decay. I do think these would make really cute Christmas presents for cousins or coworkers though! xx

    • I agree – cute christmas pressies for others if a great purpose for them 🙂 x

  • Desperatly wanting a naked palette!

  • lynnsay

    Beautiful palettes, apart from the cardboard packaging on the inside! Love your blog Anna!

  • Love these as they are so cute, but not really any shades I don’t already posses, so I think I’ll be giving these a miss… might buy a few as pressies for friends though. I have Naked (original) and considering Naked 2, but think that might be overkill on the duplication front!

    Ambarina xXx


    Love the shades, not the packaging though.. Love your blog Anna! x

  • Beth Bradley

    These are great, perfect for on the go!

    Beth @

  • Katie Fawcett

    Urban Decay keep hitting the ball out of the park with all these eyeshadow palettes. These are beautiful!

    Katie xo

  • The shades are nice but I’m really not sure about the packaging… I think it would really annoy me. xo

  • thebeautyheroes

    they all look so pretty ! but feminine would definitely be my favourite ! xx