Sweet Dreams

Now before I kick off this post I must put it out there that I’m probably not the best tester for anything dedicated to aiding sleep. I have been known to sleep through fire alarms, burglar alarms (twice) and wake-up alarms, which coincidently happened this morning. When I’m in the world of slumber I am well and truly out for the count. But that aside I was still determined to give the new ‘Deep Sleep’ range from This Works a go. You know how I love my bedtime rituals, so I’ve recently been slotting two of my favourite products from the range into my busy pre-sleep routine…

I only spoke yesterday of my love for oils (post here), so it’s no surprise the new Deep Sleep Night Oil* gets a thumbs up from me. It’s 100% natural, isn’t too greasy and smells simply glorious – lavender and chamomile heaven. My other favourite is the Deep Sleep Stress Less* rollerball, another product packed with natural oils – eucalyptus, lavender and frankincense, that you’re supposed to roll onto your wrists or a tissue and inhale before bed. I’ve been going wild and rolling it all over the shop, applying some to my palms and then wiping the residue on my pillow. Clever. Pressure point pleaser and pillow spray in one. Like I said, I’m naturally a pretty deep sleeper, so I can’t say that using these two in conjunction has really improved my slumber – it definitely encourages some kind of placebo effect. But it’s more the ritual, the sleepifying scents and when I climb into bed reeking of a lavender bush I always have a big fat smile on my face. And that’s always good, eh?

You can pick both up from larger Boots stores or the This Works Website, where there are actually some really good deals on Xmas-present-friendly bundles of the Deep Sleep range. The Candle, Sleep Balm and Bath Soak also sound rather fabulous. Before I even got wind of this stuff my Mum had already requested the Pillow Spray on her Christmas List, so I’m sure that will be winging it’s way into her stocking this year. So all in all i……ZzzzzZzzzzZzzz. I joke, I joke!

*PR Sample


  • Firstkisstime

    Have to try this, just started a very demanding job with odd hours!! xxx

  • Amanda

    I always love your recommendations!


  • barb brussels

    ohhhh, so jealous you get to try all those amazing products 🙂
    but then again, thanks to you & your reviews, we get to learn about many products out there we’d have no clue existed otherwise

  • JoySteib

    I’m not a deep or heavy sleeper so I would love to try this product!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!! 🙂

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    These sound like they’d be right up my street, I’m a terrible sleeper so would love to try something like this *adds to Christmas list*.

  • Olivia

    I have the pillow spray and the roll on scent, they really do work!

  • Suzy Smith

    I will definitely be investing in some of these bedtime treats. I hate being a light sleeper but really Anna, burgalar alarms? Ha ha. SX

  • anon_fashion

    I’m really going to have to try this, Im the worst sleeper ever 🙁


  • Lucy Willis

    Well approximately 25 mins after reading your post I ordered the deep sleep and stress less set for my mum for Christmas and added bonus if you spend over £35 you get a free gift, now I’ll be having that then 🙂 love you Anna x

  • Lou S

    Hi, Anna! just started a new beauty blog and I´ve found your post abour “How to start a beauty blog” soooo helpful!

    Thanks so much for it!

  • Kassie lee

    God I wish I could sleep like you. I wake up when it rains, or when my boyfriend is breathing like a 500 pound man……which is ALWAYS! Might have to give this a try and see if it can put me into a sleep coma. All I’m asking for is one nice night of perfect, restful, sleep.

  • Luxe.

    I love pillow sprays to help me sleep!x