Top 5 Highlighters

A ramble about highlighters has been up there on my ‘to film’ list for a very long time. A dab of shimmer on the cheekbones is now a daily given in my routine and despite my reluctance at having to narrow it down to just a handful of products for these ‘Top 5’ videos, the ones that I love fitted the restrictions perfectly. And that never happens.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links and info (there’s not an essay in the info box for once!), and as a mini Youtube survey I’d love to hear what videos you’d like to see next? I’m hopefully going to have a little more time to film videos in the future (oooooh exciting), so what do you fancy? More tutorials, favourites, TAG’s, hauls (my wallet weeps), chatty vids? Hit me up, I’m reading and waiting with a pen and paper!


  • Tori

    more tutorials! 🙂

  • Katie Fawcett

    Love these types of videos. I have rose gold but may be tempted into ice gold! I really want Dior Amber Diamond because it’s such a cult product.

    Katie xo

  • anon_fashion

    Great video! Highlighters aren’t something I’ve used before, but recently I’ve really REALLY want one. They seem to really enchance makeup! Might pick up one of these 🙂


  • marie.vermandele

    I’d love to see tutorials and hauls! 🙂

  • I love your tutorials 🙂 xx

  • so_oh_phee

    I love watching your hauls and general chat videos 🙂 Ooh, and a make-up storage video with your amaze MUJI purchases!

  • Christine

    Anna I literally love your make up tutorials as we have such similar taste in make up style! A cheeky haul here and there wouldn’t go amiss either 🙂 other than that I just love reading your blog and watching your videos, so whatever you feel like filming, you’ll always have a viewer in me!

  • Joysteib

    Simply love all your videos but if I have to choose I would say your hauls are my favorite next to your skin care videos!!! 🙂

  • babywarren

    I really like your favourites and hauls videos. You’re lovely and they’re very useful : ) Like your chats too ; )

  • This post gave me a long wish list…. Great video as always Anna 🙂 xo

  • Beautyincrisis

    Oh I love all your videos and I enjoy so much watching them! Highlighter can be tricky for me cause I’m not a shimmery girl at all..but I’ve been thinking Amber Diamond for so long…it might be perffect for holidays 😉

    I also love your hair like that!!

  • abeautyromance

    Great post, love the video too!! I really need to try the Dior highlighter! It seems amazing! 🙂 ♥

  • caroline

    anna pleeease an updated makeup collectionn and favorite lip products!

  • Ariana

    Can you please do a tutorial of your smokey eye look using the Nars Pleasures of Paris palette?

  • Ting

    I can’t wait to try the Becca that I’ve ordered. Glad to hear that you like it x