Burberry Complete Eye Palette

I’m pretty sure there’s not one beauty obsessive out there that hasn’t got a much coveted item from Burberry’s beauty line on their Christmas list. Me? I’m crossing my fingers for their eyeshadow in Rosewood. Although I’m not that I need to add much more to my eyeshadow arsenal after giving their new Complete Eye Palette* a test. Out fresh for the festive season Burberry are stocking their counters to the brim with six new palettes each containing four new colour combinations. With everyone and anyone raving on about their eyeshadows it was only a matter of time before they packaged up that goodness into some bumper palettes and I for one am not complaining. I’ve been dusting on the rosy nude hued, Pink Taupe No. 07 palette…

Each offering contains four shades laid out in order of recommended application – an illuminating base, two blendable colours to add structure and a liner to define. Now Pink Taupe, may look a little neapolitan ice-cream in the pan, but blended out onto the eyes it adds a subtly tinged pink hint of taupe – I guess it does what it says on the tin then! I followed the Burberry authority and took the lightest biscuit shade at the top of the palette all over the lid – it has a hint of their shade Pale Barley about it FYI. Then I blended the gold toned pistachio (which is surprisingly easy to wear) through the inner corner side of my socket and blended it out to the dusky pink in the outer corner. I took a touch of the deep brown through the outer corner too and lightly drew a line on the outer third of my eye with it. Simples. Although this might not have appeared like my usual palette pick on first impressions, I actually rather like the combo; the more coffee-coloured nude quad, Mocha, is another one worth checking out. The quality is exactly the same as the other shades I’ve tried – super blendable, no fall-out and a metallic but not frosty sheen. An added bonus is the luxe pouch included and the three mini brushes, two off which are actually useable which is quite a rarity in these ol’ palettes.

It looks like these will be sticking around as a permanent feature in the Burberry beauty range, so no rush. Plenty of time to save up those pennies for the big splurge of £40 it will cost you to take home one of these babies. Seems pricey, but considering one single eyeshadow is £23 for 2.5g of product and you get more than double the product – 5.4g – in the quad it’s not a too bad deal. Girly maths at its finest.

*PR Sample


  • Strawbry_Blonde

    Such a pretty, subtle eye. I love eyeshadows that add definition without looking like you’re really made up… just lovely!

    Nic x

  • I have rosewood and love it worn it every day this week! This palette looks so pretty on you the colours are gorgeous!

    Ellie xo

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    What a beautiful pallet, I’m super tempted to pop one of these on my Christmas list.

  • This looks like a lovely palette for day time, I really need to try some of their eyeshadows, they looks so luxurious! x

  • This looks so beautiful on! I have one Burberry eye-shadow and I adore it, it’s unlike any other eye-shadows I own xo

  • I love girly maths like this! Very tempted now but trying to cut down on the spending… x

  • MonochromeMagpie

    Anna! Do you know where there is a Burberry beauty counter in London? I’m such a newbie at picking out colours to suit me so I need some help and I really like the look of this palette x

  • Ambarina Hasan

    Looks sooooo pretty on you… subtle yet defined!
    Ambarina xXx

  • Emily

    This palette is so gorgeous!!

  • Helen S

    very nice…. although I can’t get hold of the range up North! Love your blog and your Youtube channel!

  • abeautyromance

    Looks like such a lovely palette!! The colours are gorgeous! Love you blog too!!!! 🙂 ♥

  • Eleanor

    this palette looks absolutely beautiful, so sophisticated and classy. The shades all look really muted and subtle but so so lovely, I really really want one of these palettes!
    Eleanor x

  • Katie Fawcett

    simple, but stunning! I love the look of these Burberry palettes 🙂

    Katie xo

  • katherine.parkes

    this palette looks incredible! x

  • Karen Chin

    Wow what a beautiful palette! Love the natural shades it offers and packaging is gorgeous as expected 🙂

  • Luxe.

    Really pretty and natural shades!x

  • Zoe Kennedy

    Burberry Eyeshadows are a favourite of mine, I really, really love the formulation. I just did a post involving some Burberry items on my new blog! If you have time check it out!

  • I really want some Burberry make up but none stocked where I live and is pretty damn pricy

  • i just got this, and i’m SO excited to play with it. i just LOVE burberry!

  • Anna

    gorgeous palette! looks so good on you too.. i always covet burberry products haha xx

  • Anu

    It’s so beautiful !! Not sure if it will work for my skintone though 🙁