Nails Inc SS13

After having a peek at what Nails Inc have in store for the upcoming months last night, I’m not really sure where to start. Gone are the days of sticking to releasing trend-led colours named after London landmarks and streets, Nails Inc are stepping it up a gear, hopping on the nail effect express and bringing more than a handful of innovative and new formulas, texture and techniques onto counters. Stick on skulls, leather, feathers and concrete? Where to begin…

Let’s start with the stand that had the biggest gaggle of beauty bloggers gathering around it all eagerly Instagramming away and my personal favourite – Feather effect polish. Now when I think of feather fingers, I think of Lady Gaga-esque long wispy craft-shop, terribly impractical feathers stuck to the beds of your nail, but not this new effect from Nails Inc, no no. It’s a new formulation containing tiny feather-like particles, almost like long strands of glitter, blended into a range of pastel shades. My love for them also has nothing to do with the fact that one is named after my favourite place ever – Brighton. But we’ll have to wait till March next year to get our mitts on these. Boo. Other notable upcoming releases are their garden themed SS Trend shades (spot the Essie Mint Candy Apple dupe!), new formula Top and Base coats, stick-on Crystaltastic nails embellished with real Swarovski crystals and Bling it On Neon glitters. The other that caught my eye was a new Concrete textured effect due to launch this December. Available in four shades, I was drawn to the neutral taupe one obviously, these are supposed to leave a rugged effect on the nail. From what I could see it seemed like a normal polish formula with some kind of grit added to it, I like my nails to look super glossy and I’m hasten to apply it for I can already anticipate the pain that will ensue removing it. But hey, I’m up for the challenge.

Some interesting choices there from Nails Inc, I’m not so sure gritty nails will ever catch on, but I can definitely see us all next spring fluttering around our feather fingers. You with me?