Why Everyone Needs a Liquid Bronzer



Liquid bronzers are a category of makeup I hadn’t really dabbled in before. Powders? Sure I’ve been overloading on those for years. Cream? Oh yes the CHANEL Soileil Tan de CHANEL has been in my stash for years. But liquid? Well I’ve never even thought to try them. That was until I gave the following two a go and I have to say I’m a changed women. Here’s why…

So what we’re talking about here is the BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector and Perricone MD No Bronzer, Bronzer. The BECCA is more of your normal cream consistency with a deep bronze colour and the tiniest touch of shimmer. Whereas Perricone’s offering is a true liquid (and yes I’ve almost spilt the whole bottle in my drawer to prove it) that’s a bit warmer and more true to shade of what we’ve come to expect from powder formulas. So slightly different, but they perform in the same way. 

Function one is as a foundation deepen-er. Great for post holiday ‘my base now makes me look like Casper’ woes or when you want to marry your body and face up on fake tan days. Add a drop, mix, apply, done. The second function is for their original purpose – bronzer. The tricky bit here is application, but I find that shunning brushes and going back to basics with my fingertips works best here. I take a pipette-full onto my tips, dab my hands together and then take the colour over my cheeks, smudging it up onto my temples. This slapdash technique sounds like an Oompa Loompa disaster just waiting to happen but the low-pigment liquids blend in beautifully to make it look like your Casper moment never happened.