What’s In My Bag (again)…

I like to mull over a bag purchase. They aren’t something I pick up impulsively, I can count the bags I own on one hand (a rarity for me), and more often than not they originate from Zara. Which brings me to my fourth ‘What’s In My Bag’ video, my third featuring a Zara tote and the newest addition to the arm candy clan – the Office City Bag. It’s big, it’s cumbersome and it certainly ain’t the sexiest sack out there. But it’s got enough pockets to satisfy my ‘carry around the kitchen sink’ OCD, is nice and light and houses a laptop and an iPad in two carefully concealed pockets; perfect for a lady who’s always hauling her tech around with her like myself. Plus, I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have  said they like my Prada bag; oh how I laugh. It’s love. Need I rave anymore?

To see what’s inside my city case (hint: no kitchen sink, but a shedload of makeup) and for all the links, bumf and info then select to watch on YouTube. Did I mention that I love my new bag? I think I feel an ode come on…


  • Who needs the gym when you carry that bag around all day. Wow, that’s alot of stuff. 

    • gleepface

      Personally I need to go to the gym BECAUSE I carry around a lot of stuff, need to strengthen my poor abused arm muscles!

  • This zarabag is so pretty. I love Whats in my bag videos!

  • makeupaddict-xo

    Gorgeous bag! What’s in my bag videos are definitely my fave as I’m so nosey! x

  • Sarah

    Amazing bag! You made me actually buy it right after the video 😉
    Thanks for the huge inspiration!!!

  • Holly Skelton

    Love this bag,
    I was close to buying this one recently but opted for a nude shopper. I love Zara bags! Holly xx

  • That bag is gorgeous and I can see why people would mistake it as a Prada, Zara have obviously modelled it on one. Also, I love how organised you are 🙂

    Gem x

  • gleepface

    I watched this on my dinner break, so thank you, because what’s in my bag videos are my favourite! I’m going to film one again soon, probably next week.

    I really want this bag now, it looks like you can easily carry around all the stuff I DO carry around. I literally can’t shut my bag and it’s obnoxious. Plus I want a Prada bag, and I enjoy the trickery.

  • Ummm off to Zara…! :) 

  • Stephanie Daniel

    would it fit a macbook pro 13″ in the laptop section? 

    • neonseattle

      i have this bag and i carry my 13″ mb air in there. you could probably fit up to a 15″

  • Laura

    What a gorgeous bag ! And you keep it so organised ! Mine always ends up full of random rubbish!

  • Neonseattle

    i have this bag too. perfect for work and lugging around papers and my laptop

  • Pippa Jones

    Really do like the fact that it had a laptop section. The bag i have now, I just put it in with all the rest of my things, Really contemplating giving this a whirl, Bet its great for travailing!! 

    Pipp xx

  • Ylenia Felici

    can you do a review on the giorgio armani maestro foundation?PLEASE ANNA 🙂

  • Maddy Cane

    Lovely bag and I love your videos too! xxx

  • Georgia

    How heavy is the bag without anything in ? I always find with Zara bags they are heavy before you even put anything in and I always end up with very achey arms. Great video!! xx

  • and kate

    Loving this post, my friend has that Zara bag. It’s gorgeous and is great for University!!
    Kate xo

  • Love the post! I need a new bag so maybe I should pay a visit to Zara!

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I love whats in my bag videos/posts, it must be because I’,m so nosey haha! The zara office bag is gorgeous I’ve had my eye on it for a while, hurry up pay day

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I’m running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  • gosh I love that bag..just the right size for an office bag…isn’t leather but looks like one for sure

  • Laura Carless

    I’ve been lusting over this bag for weeks…tomorrow it will be mine! I am so looking forward to transferring my stash (+laptop) to this beauty!

    Laura xx –  Black & Gold – I’ve just posted a review of Topshop’s ‘Big Smoke’

  • wow there is so many pockets and stuff in this purse, I will agree it isn’t the prettiest but hey if it gets the duty done then it’s more of value. Great video and post

  • I loved watching this video! This is such a wonderful bag to have, it always nice to have a spot for everything.

    <3 Rubiiee

  • Linette .

    Hi Anna, I love your ‘Whats In My Bag’ videos! Regarding wallets, I recommend checking out the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Belle du Jour’ Wallets. I’ve got one and its a beaut! xoxo

  • casey23

    I saw this bag in another blog and fell in love with it instantly. And for sure I bought it.. However I returned it, it was a bit big for me and I wasn’t carrying my laptop or my ipad around with me so even though I liked it very much :( 

  • Glitterishallsorts

    My goodness, i can’t get over how much stuff you carry around ha ha! You must have arms like steel :p

    I think these are my favourite videos to watch, i love being nosey! x

  • loved the video! think i’ll order this bag tomorrow. i also love that whistles pouch – such a great color!

  • Susanne Winkel

    lovely video anna. i have bought that bag too a few months ago and absolutely love it (even though am a bit of a bag hoarder and switch constantly).

  • Jessica O’Keefe

    I love the Ted Baker purses! have you had a look at them? lovely x

  • cecilia mccormick

    monki do a good black purse!
    looks tacky in this photo, but in real life its lovely and really practical! plus only £6!! 🙂

  • sophie

    bag collection!!