Diptyque Philosykos

You know I love my jaunts around generic beauty departments, but sometimes nothing beats the experience encountered at a brands own store. Cue Diptyque; a small but perfectly formed hidden gem (Brook Street in London is my local), laden high with their signature bottled up scents and cordial staff to boot. From the drawers that pull out filled with their candles perfectly lined-up to the little fragrance papers to spritz and test aromas that swim around in the bottom of my bag for weeks after my visit, I pretty much fell in love the moment I pushed open the door. All sound a bit romantic? Well it was. And of course I didn’t leave empty handed. My tastes are a-changing when it comes to perfume at the moment – I’m giving girly scents the short shrift and yearning for something a little more earthy…

With that measure in mind, I ended up grasping a bottle of Diptyque Philosykos and exited the store with it bundled into a bowed up bag. Fresh and figgy with woody base notes and a kick of coconut, it’s got that ‘greeny’, natural feel about it whilst still keeping an elegant and feminine element. I feel like it needs to be paired with a crisp white men’s shirt and a sleek up-do but I’ll no doubt be rocking it in a baggy black tee and a three-day-old bun. Style. It. Out. It’s Diptyques best-selling EDT and I can see why. It’s not something you sniff everyday on the highstreet; It feels grown-up, a little more sophisticated than the rest of my collection. It’s also not the most seasonal of smells, but I’m slapping it on anyway. And with a spritz or two of Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 layered underneath to sex it up a little I’m just about getting away with it.

The deets: Diptyque stockists, £50 for the 50ml of the EDT. Springtime leading into summer scent sorted, but I still think there’s still a spot in my collection for a darker, sexier Diptyque; more suited to the colder months and dimmer evenings. With that in mind, what’s next on the list? I reckon Veloutes, then that’s my Diptyque year-round scent wardrobe sorted. See? I can do streamlined sometimes.


  • Sounds like a great fragrance! Sadly, I don’t have a Diptyque store near me and as much as I want to trust you on this one, I think 50 pounds are to much to pay for a pig in a poke. 

  • Amy

    This is the one fragrance I gravitate to when I’m having a browse in Space NK, but I’ve sadly never picked it up yet. I love how it’s sweet but far from overpowering.

    I might just swing by my local and pick up the solid fragrance for Spring/Summer.

  • That smells so great!

  • makeupaddict-xo

    Sounds like a lovely fragrance! x

  • Î’y far my favorite perfume!!! I love it, really unique!!!

  • You really know how to sell a fragrance!  I’m off to find my local Diptyque now, if only just to have a look around. 🙂

  • Kramer Anne

    Try Do son! It is my new signature scent. Very feminine but still with that interesting edge.

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    Wow the Diptyque store sounds like my kinda place! I love the sound of this grown up scent you’ve picked up Anna – I’ll definitely be taking a trip to Diptyque next time I’m in London.


  • Maddy Cane

    Their packaging is always amazing, really want to try this brand! xxx

  • sara

    MY FAVORITE SCENT. Too bad it doesn’t last long enough on me, both EDT and EDP versions 🙁 So I only have the roll-on because otherwise a full bottle isn’t worth it for me. 

    I do like L’Artisan Perfumer’s fig perfume, created by the same nose of Philosykos (Olivia Giacobetti), that seems to last longer. It’s also even more expensive so I just have a tiny sample I wear for special occasions only lol. I love fig scents! Jo Malone’s is good too.

  • Laura Carless

    I just can’t help but swoooooon over their packaging!

    Laura xx –  Black & Gold – I’ve just posted a review of Topshop’s ‘Big Smoke’

  • Bronzerbunny

    I’ve been obsessing over diptyque lately! I think this one is so interesting, but I don’t like it on me 🙁

  • Linette .

    I’ve got to try this one out next time I’m near Diptyque! Tempted to pick up Veloutes too!

  • Holly

    I have a deep set love for all things Diptyque…

    I have to say my favourite perfume is ‘Do Son’.
    Its gorgeous, sexy, and not so heavy that it limits itself to only the colder months.
    It’s hazy, creamy and indolently seductive… I feel most people would find it hard not to succumb to the irresistible temptation of this scent.

    The most wonderful thing about Diptyque fragrance is that each one smells unique on each woman.