Valentine’s Day: 3 Plans, 3 Looks

It’s clichéd but I just couldn’t help myself. Valentine’s Day – love it, or hate it – has crept up on us and whatever your plans are for the next few days, I have a beauty line-up to call to the frontline. Just think of me as your big sister, sitting you down and primping you up for the night ahead with an added pep talk or two tossed in. A night in, casual date or the whole souped-up evening dinner affair; here’s a makeup menu for them all. And I’ve been there, done all three and had the date in Subway (which most definitely falls into the ‘casual’ category and will never be repeated), so here’s my V-Day edit…

First up, something for all no matter of your relationship status, and the beauty ritual that I’ll be partaking in tonight – is the four-product pamper. No more, no less. Just a quad of treats that will leave you smooth, soaked and glowing in as little or as long time as you fancy. Enjoy with a Ryan Gosling film rolling in the background for ultimate enjoyment. Meet my new dreamy bathtime companion (not Gosling, unfortunately), Life NK Drift Away Milk Soak*, milky tub goodness with a bit hit of lavender-induced relaxation – then get scrubbing with Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. When you finally muster up the energy to exit, pat dry then slather on the Perricone MD No Sun Tanner*; a gradual tanner so good, and so pricey, that I save this for special occasions only, and tonight ladies it’s being whipped on. For the finishing touch butter up your feet with Soap & Glory Heel Genius, slip on some socks, then into bed.  Ahhhh. A bit of R.G and pampering, why can’t every evening be like this?

If more of a casual date is on the cards; cinema, ice skating….Subway, in my experience, they why not plump for something flushed and flirty. A dewy tint to the skin, a veil of colour of colour to the cheeks and a good effort on the lashes; an everyday look with a twist of peach. My favourite. Start with a buff-in of Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser, then add a touch of brightness under the eyes with Bobbi Brown’s Corrector, a coruscating compact, AH-mazing. Get to work on the cheeks with a light dusting of Benefit Hoola*, and finish off with punch of a pinky peach bang on the apples, I used Tarte Amazonian Clay 24hr Blush in Blissful. Flush done, ramp up the flirty factor with a hefty zig-zag of a volumising mascara like Lancome’s Hypnose Waterproof Mascara and quickly whiz through the brows with Hourglass’ Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. On any sort of date you want lips to be low-maintance, so a slick of Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Orange Tulip needs minimal upkeep and smells rather tasty if anyone comes close. Oh er.

You’ve got a keeper on your hands if your evening is due to be filled with wining and dining  (I’m doing a round of applause at my laptop right now), and to celebrate the occasion I vote that this kind of event calls for a bold lip, with some subtle eye work and a long-lasting but cakeface-free base. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation*, fits that bill and covers nicely leaving little need for concealer, but a quick dab of Origins Plantscripton Anti-Aging Concealer* to brighten doesn’t go a miss. An evening affair needs some contouring, so blend Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sculpting Powder in Medium under the cheekbones, and their Celestial Highlighting Powder in Candlelight over the top; this combo are rocking my cheek makeup world at the moment. For eyes I grabbed the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette* and blended W.O.S all over the lid, Naked 2 in the crease and Faint winged out at the lashline and then layered on some of the d.j.v Beautenizer Volume Lash*. Sticking with the low-upkeep lip theme, YSL’s new Rouge Volupté Shines* pack some pigment with a juicy, kissable (eh, eh!) texture, the shade 9 gives a glossed fuchsia finish.

In or out, casual or the whole hog, or just a night in for uno – I’ve got your back beauty-wise. With my evening pamper ritual sorted, I may be accounted for in the romance department, but the big question I’ll be pondering tonight is which Gosling film to break out to accompany my little routine…

*PR Samples


  • Annablush

    Love these posts from you! Looking gorgeous x

  • Three fabulous looks – I love them all! OH and I are off to the cinema tonight so I’ll opt for something akin to #2 methinks. 🙂 x

  • Nisi

    Totally love your 3 plans, 3 looks posts! I guess I would go for plan A this year.^^.

  • Glitterishallsorts

    All 3 looks are lovely although I think No 2 wins for me!

    I love how professional your photos look! They always make me lust after the contents of your make up bag! 

  • your hair is so beautiful! love the casual look 🙂

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    You’re looking seriously fresh faced and lovely in the casual look Anna plus I adore the bright YSL lip in the date night look. Beautiful little post as I’ve come to expect and love!


  • Sophie Brewster

    Ahh, I wish there was posts like this when I was single. Who doesn’t want to be encouraged to have a pamper and a ryan gosling movie sesh? x

  • gleepface

    Lovely, I especially like the sound of the four product pamper. I literally have no idea what I’m doing myself… I doubt the boy has anything planned, I was impressed enough to receive a text, but it will be a nice surprise if he does! If not, maybe I’ll join you in the tub (oo er, not literally) and pop on some Gossip Girl and a candle or three!

  • Linette .

    You just keep getting more and more gorgeous Anna! Thank you for this lovely post and the Tarte blush in Tipsy looks incredible! Too bad I can’t get Tarte where I live as well.

    I’m hoping to muster up some energy for some beauty ritual pampering tonight – might have to save it for the weekend!


  • Great look!

  • joysteib

    Loving all three looks you sent our way!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Happy VD to you!!!!

  • Myfanwy

    Look number one will  be the one for me tonight  🙂 Great post and you look lovely in all three pictures!


  • Maddy Cane

    Definitely getting out the Gosling DVD’s tonight, what would a single valentines be without him? xxx

  • Millie

    Great post!!! 🙂 ♥

  • Miranda Feneberger

    Love this! I did a Valentine’s Day post myself about what guys really think about V-Day over on my blog today as well!

  • Katie Fawcett

    Great post! I’ll be watching The Notebook! *le sigh*

    Katie xo

  • and kate

    I am loving this post, really great advice. *Off I go to buy the Life NK Drift Away Milk Soak* ha 🙂
    Happy Valentines Vivianna!
    Kate xo

  • Very nice Viv.  Thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of it. Loved your perspective and take on a valentines day post. Though I am not in the dating category anymore but reading ur post reminded me of my college days 🙂

  • Anna Garcia

    Great post as always Anna! I’m afraid Mr. Gosling will be with me tonight that’s why he’s unavailable for your evening, sorry! (I wish!) Hope you have a great time with your boy 🙂

  • You pull off the natural look and vamped up look both effortlessly. I am very jealous! 

  • Tudyellis

    Great reading! You do have a way with words and I always find something new and exciting 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Big hugs from Texas!

  • jess

    love these different looks, i will be having the pampering night tonight 😀

  • Anna

    I love your “3 Plans, 3 Looks” posts, please keep doing them.

  • marie.vermandele

    Wow Anna, you look stunning in these pictures! 🙂

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Love the sop and glory scrub and that YSL lipstick looks gorgeous! You look so pretty Anna! 

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  • Yanksgirl613

    love these looks. thanks for the diff options my fav is the last one with that bright lip! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Pippa Jones

    aww that colour on your lips look lovely, Really do love soap and glory. The Heel Genuis has been amazing with my feet! I dont know how they do it. 

    Pipp xx

  • Seana Monahan

    love your posts like this anna! 🙂 And you look gorgeous as always 🙂 xx

  • You honestly need to apply to a beauty magazine to have your own section! Your writing is amazing and hilarious! 

  • katherine.parkes

    these are one of my favourite features you do, you look so nice in all three! I tend to have pineapple hair in my pampering one 😉 haha x

  • Mika Avila

    Please make a video version of this for this Christmas/NY? 😀 It would be lovely!