This Leopard Is Changing Her Spots

Whistles Spot

From a very young age I’ve had a thing for leopard print. I think it must have been triggered by Mel B, but it followed me all the way into my teenage years where I begged my parents for a faux fur leopard print coat for Christmas every year (my begging never got me anywhere, but each winter I see one for sale in Topshop and still swoon) and purchased every spot-covered accessory possible from boots to boob tubes to belts. My leopard loving came to a head at Uni where it seeped into my interior choices and in my room I had printed cushions that matched my leopard print laundry bag perfectly (you can spot it all in this video). I was obsessed. But you know what? It’s been awhile since I last purchased something with my favourite throwback print on and I think I might, maybe, but out of that phase. Though I do still love a spotty pattern, so when I saw this Whistles Mini Loop Print Shirt, I picked it up without even trying it on. Living life on the edge… 

Thankfully my risky purchase paid off and ever since I’ve basically been refusing to take it off. I’ve even made a conscious effort before filming videos to remove it because I wear it that much. Wear/wash/dry – repeat. This shirt is an interesting one because it has slits up the side till about waist length (don’t worry, it never exposes belly or in my case, muffin top), but it does mean that it’s a good one to tuck because you can have it long at the back and then just shimmy the front bit in. The length actually is something to mention because it’s pretty darn long. Great if you’re leggy, but if you’re shorter then it’s something to consider – though it could look pretty good with some thick tights or leggings underneath.

I’m having a bit of a thing for shirts at the moment. They’re just very clean and simple and easy to dress up or down, but with a patterned splashed across it, it’s something a bit different and it’s making my whole ‘jeans and T-shirt’ uniform a little more grown up.

Now if I could just get my hands on a leopard print shirt….. JOKING…. nawt.