KIKO’s Autumn Drop is a BEAUT

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When it comes to affordable beauty, I think KIKO sits pretty high in the chart. I haven’t tried much from their original line-up, but their limited edition drops are always pretty drool-worthy. Their autumn ’15 line-up is no different and I can confirm that ‘Rebel Romantics‘ is one of their best yet with rich, deep, berry hues and creamy formulas that just make you want to dip your whole face in them. Ever get that urge with makeup too? I’ve tried a few bits from the collection and thought I’d break it down into what I reckon it’s worth filling up your basket with and what it’s worth having a swatch of in-store before you buy. Here are the deats…

WHAT’S A LOVE? I’m always drawn to their lip colours and the ones in this collection are dreamy. The Intensely Lavish Lip Pencils are available in six colours which all match up with a lipstick from the new range – genius. I like these because they’re creamy but long-lasting and because of that slick texture they apply easily without making too much mess. I didn’t even have to use a cotton bud here to clean up like I usually do. In the picture above I’m wearing the Lip Pencil in 06 Melodious Wine and the Intensely Lavish Lipstick in 05 Heavy Cherry. It might not match-up number-wise, but it created a very subtle ombré lip and means that if you have more than one lipstick from the line you don’t necessarily need a fist-full of liners to match. Speaking of liners, I’m a big lover of the Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal in 02 Cuddly Marsala, but I spoke about that earlier in the week here, so I’ll spare you that rave again.

WHAT’S A LEAVE? Personally I wasn’t too fond of the skincare/makeup hybrid items in the collection. Sure the Glowing Potion Perfecting Serum felt nice on the skin and the Eyes Potion Perfecting Serum was cooling on my eyes, but I just never really look to makeup brands for my skincare fix. I wasn’t too keen on the Contouring Pencil Set either. The highlighting pencil was pretty; nice and soft and without too much shimmer, but the contouring side was a bit orangey and I didn’t find it to blend in that easily. Now I’m on the fence with the Metallic Shine Eyeshadows. I’ve used the shade 06 Dynamic Taupe in the picture above, which was a bit too cool for me and it needed some serious work to get the pigment out of it. With a brush it left a nice wash on the lid, so perhaps a good one for beginners? But I really had to get in there with my finger whenever I wanted to layer up the colour. The website has some good reviews for the other shades and there’s one called Strong ChocolateSWOON – so perhaps I need to experiment more with other colours in the line-up. Any excuse for another purchase, eh?