The Weekend Post #51: Halt, I Need Salt

Taking a nice long soak in the bath all in the name of research for a ‘Weekend Post’ is pretty much my excuse for indulging in a brimful bathtime nightly despite the water meter in the flat. My bad. But this week it’s been all about the salts – soaks and scrubs to be precise and surprisingly it’s a beauty stone that has been left unturned on the blog until now. Now my research doesn’t just stop at bathtime, after some strange search results on Wikipedia (how professional) it turns out that high quality salt soaks can do quite wonderful things; mineral-rich Himalayan salts (the key ingredients in the soaks I’ve been testing out) can help to draw out the days toxins and boost blood circulation. A small handful into a hot bath, a 20 minute stay if you can handle it followed by allowing yourself to dry naturally to let the salts fully do-their-thang, simples. So without further-ado here are my top three salt soaks and scrubs…

Soak salts-wise there’s been two floating my bathtime boat. First up the Fig+Yarrow Pink Love Salts*, which is easily one of the cutest tubs that sits on my shelves. When sprinkled into the bath these dissolve to leave a scent that’s the perfect balance of fruity and floral, and heads-up – they are the boys favourite (I’ve even caught him red-handed using them here). But if you want a mini massage/therapy session/something that will send you to sleep without about 10 minutes of using them, then the Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts* are where it’s at. The mix of lemongrass, juniper and geranium in these salts gives off the most knock-out scent and the crystal combinations give the bath an almost tingly feel; not Original Source Mint Shower Gel tingly, if you know what I mean, but just like a wee lil’ massage. The mini sample size I have of these are being well hidden from the boy and saved for special occasions. Soaks aside, I do like a nice salty scrub and the Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub is my slougher of choice at the moment. The fine salt grains offer a gentle exfoliation, without too much oily residue left behind; I have grand plans to fill this cutsie jar with homemade jam when it’s finished.

As is a bit of a regular theme with beauty products that I love, these salty treats seem to be more on the pricey side. I did do a quick scout of the Boots bathing aisles to root out some cheaper alternatives but all I found were some very bizarre packaged pink crystals that were so Grannie smelling, I think even my Grandma would turn her nose up at them. I’ll keep searching and if next time is more fruitful you’ll be the first to know. But for now, lets get scrubbing and soaking…

*PR Samples