Instagramming #35

1. A super lazy face with my current favourites, 2. When will he learn that he’ll never be able to use my fancy bath salts without me realising? 3. Red lip time (video here), 4. My iPhone now has an Instagram pimped home, 5. Bedtime beauty stash, 6. Fire & Stone is d’bomb for pizza, 7. A half-arsed attempted at nail art (post here), 8. Here come the girls – when my friends from home met my blogger mates – n’aaaawww, 9. A birthday card for a special someone *cough* Lily *cough, 10. Went to see Viva Forever this week and have since been listening to the Spice Girl albums, no skipping, on repeat, 11. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends – and fit in with our black and white theme, 12. Homemade pizzas (again), 13. In bed, listening to – you’ve guessed it – Spice Girls! 14. I’ve been ombréd – video coming up tomorrow! 15. Essie’s Leading Lady is such a beaut. 

And if you fancy following me on Instagram my username is ‘ViviannaMakeup’. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’m having a mini-Christmas this weekend with the boy as we’re spending actual Xmas Day with our families this year, so I will no doubt be patting my food-filled belly and singing while watching Elf in about t-minus five hours…