I’ve Been Ombréd

After two years of cowardly toying with the idea of doing something different with my locks, last week I manned up and had them lopped off and ombréd. It’s still low-risk on the drastic scale, but I didn’t cry (pats self on back), and am throughly chuffed with the results. In fact if I could count all the reflective surfaces I have stopped by to fluff my new bonce up in, in the last week I’d need a lot of fingers. New hair, and having coloured hair for the first time is the perfect excuse to indulge in some new haircare products, right? Of course! So off I trotted to make a little order and set down to film a rambley video about my purchases and new hurr for you guys. Enjoy.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra info, product links and bumf and to see my initiation into the ombré crew. I’m proud to finally be a fully-fleged member.