The Slightly Smokey

Today I’m re-serving up a look that featured on the blog just a week ago – I know, yawn – but this time I dredged out my camera, flipped on record and filmed myself slapping the good stuff on. Nothing groundbreaking as usual, but a somewhat slightly smokey eye is a bit of change for me and a warm welcome to the eyeshadow arena. Now I still wouldn’t class myself as a daily wearer of the stuff, but recently more often than not I’m inclined to dig out a palette and dust a shadow on, and MAC Soba has been top of the pile. Subtle enough for daytime use, user friendly for an eye makeup noob like myself and a deliciously nutty golden brown that combo’s pretty darn well with my green peepers. I’m sold.

Select to watch on YouTube for all the extra information, product names and bumf and who knows maybe you’ll be rocking the single(ish) shadow smokey eye in no time.