The Slightly Smokey

Today I’m re-serving up a look that featured on the blog just a week ago – I know, yawn – but this time I dredged out my camera, flipped on record and filmed myself slapping the good stuff on. Nothing groundbreaking as usual, but a somewhat slightly smokey eye is a bit of change for me and a warm welcome to the eyeshadow arena. Now I still wouldn’t class myself as a daily wearer of the stuff, but recently more often than not I’m inclined to dig out a palette and dust a shadow on, and MAC Soba has been top of the pile. Subtle enough for daytime use, user friendly for an eye makeup noob like myself and a deliciously nutty golden brown that combo’s pretty darn well with my green peepers. I’m sold.

Select to watch on YouTube for all the extra information, product names and bumf and who knows maybe you’ll be rocking the single(ish) shadow smokey eye in no time.


  • Leah Rolfe

    This is a lovely make up look. I will have to give it try. Hope it turns out well for me 🙂 x

    • Let me know how you get on! :) 

  • Strawbry_Blonde

    Love the look of the Aerin blush & Mac lipstick – will be checking those out. The mac soba looks lovely as a liner too – I really like a soft shadow as liner, so much more flattering than  a hard pencil. 🙂

    Nic x

    •  Nice tip – I’d never think of doing that! Will give it a go :) 

  • Sonia

    I love this look, It’s a simple yet a really lovely smokey eye! Will have to try this shade 🙂

    • Thanks! :) 

  • Looks gorgeous 🙂 x

    • Thank you! 🙂

  • Pippa Jones

    this colour is really pretty on you really suits your skin tone! 🙂

    Pipp xx

    • Cheer hun :) 

  • claudia

    hmm, I think that eyeshadow colour makes your eyes look a bit tired and sick :/
    ohh, but that ponytail really suits you! and you’re even prettier without make-up 🙂

    • Ah thank you! 

  • I think I need patisserie in my life! xx

    • It’s a beaut 😉

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Loved this, your eye makeup is so gorgeous!

    • Thanks! :) 

  • Brianna Larson

    Beautiful! I love how your makeup is always so lovely and natural. Your tutorials are always so helpful to me!

    • Ah thanks – glad they come in handy :) 

  • Keeping Dixie

    This looks lovely! And was going to say Sand in the BB LWEF would surely be too pale (I tried it and it made me look like a ghost whereas as Warm Sand is spot on and I think we’ve the exact same skin tone). I’ve never tried Jemma Kidd but strongly recommend C’Caille Future Skin – a 50/50  Alabaster and Vanillla blend (for Winter, plain Vanilla come summer) which gives gorgeous, glowey, medium coverage perfect for peachier / neutral tones, Sisley Teint Eclat in nude+1 (the closest to J Kidd I can imagine) and also By Terry Cover Expert in 8 (my latest). 8 might seem odd / way too high up the scale but after much testing, again it’s neutral, fair / to medium and matches my skin perfect. Happy hunting! 

  • You eyes look much prettier!

  • Charlotte11

    You are seriously making think twice about MAC Soba! It looks gooorgeous on you! It’s such a nothing color in the pan but man, you look so pretty. I’m trying to save up my pennies for Burberry shadows (Pale barley, if it ever comes back in stock…)

  • Lauraemilymua

    Love this video, and so happy your experimenting more with eyeshadows as they really suit you! If you have a chance, it would be amazing if you could do a video showing how you film and edit your videos unless you already have done! xo