Creamy Colour

Yes, naughty me – sticking my grubbing mitts in products pre-shoot again. But how would I resist when this chorus of creamy colours landed on my lap? The face forecast for the coming months reads a glowing affair with slick textures reigning, powder being dumped for its creamier counterparts and sandblasted complexions in abundance. I’ve already tried, tested and got the full-size of my favourite dewy foundations and highlighters, but cream blush is always a bit of a rocky territory for me. Too much product, blended practically up to my eyeballs, all cumulating in an Aunt Sally look. But with a mirror-side session dedicated to blusher blending and application alone I think I may have finally mastered the art (dab on with a brush, then whip out your fingers and blend, blend, blend – easy when you know how, eh?). So with the technique sorta down I put on my reviewing hat to give you the report on a trio of luxe rouges hitting aisles this Spring…

The punchiest of the pack is YSL’s Créme de Blush in 9*, on counters now; a true cream-to-powder finish in pepto pink. My pet peeve is that you can’t fit a brush into it’s tight little container but as it’s so damn pigmented a light fingertip dipped in and patted onto the cheeks is all you need for the right amount of cheeky colour. Making an appearance mid-February is AERIN’s Multi-Colour For Lips and Cheeks in Freesia*, a gold-flecked coral that has a sense of NARS Orgasm about it (big news – AERIN is being rolled out into selected John Lewis stores very soon). This shade definitely leans more to the sparkle and less to the colour – more of a souped-up very rosey gold highlighter in my books. Slipping into stores this weekend is Benefit’s newest release, Fine, One, One*. Benefit bill this as a 3-in-1 contour, blush and highlight, although I find the ‘contour’ shade to be too peachy for definition. However, striped on and blended out this creates a subtle warm glow on the apples, much akin to their Coralista shade. I just struggle to get visions of roll-up deodorant out of my head. Just me?

The final results. Seasoned cream blush gurus stick with the pigmented pop of pink from YSL. If you’re in it just for a bit of sheen then grab AERIN’s offering, or test out Benefit’s latest release if you fancy a sheerer texture with a newbie friendly application. Me? AERIN is my pick of the bunch, I’m never one to turn down a bit of creamy glow, me.

*PR Samples