Creamy Colour

Yes, naughty me – sticking my grubbing mitts in products pre-shoot again. But how would I resist when this chorus of creamy colours landed on my lap? The face forecast for the coming months reads a glowing affair with slick textures reigning, powder being dumped for its creamier counterparts and sandblasted complexions in abundance. I’ve already tried, tested and got the full-size of my favourite dewy foundations and highlighters, but cream blush is always a bit of a rocky territory for me. Too much product, blended practically up to my eyeballs, all cumulating in an Aunt Sally look. But with a mirror-side session dedicated to blusher blending and application alone I think I may have finally mastered the art (dab on with a brush, then whip out your fingers and blend, blend, blend – easy when you know how, eh?). So with the technique sorta down I put on my reviewing hat to give you the report on a trio of luxe rouges hitting aisles this Spring…

The punchiest of the pack is YSL’s Créme de Blush in 9*, on counters now; a true cream-to-powder finish in pepto pink. My pet peeve is that you can’t fit a brush into it’s tight little container but as it’s so damn pigmented a light fingertip dipped in and patted onto the cheeks is all you need for the right amount of cheeky colour. Making an appearance mid-February is AERIN’s Multi-Colour For Lips and Cheeks in Freesia*, a gold-flecked coral that has a sense of NARS Orgasm about it (big news – AERIN is being rolled out into selected John Lewis stores very soon). This shade definitely leans more to the sparkle and less to the colour – more of a souped-up very rosey gold highlighter in my books. Slipping into stores this weekend is Benefit’s newest release, Fine, One, One*. Benefit bill this as a 3-in-1 contour, blush and highlight, although I find the ‘contour’ shade to be too peachy for definition. However, striped on and blended out this creates a subtle warm glow on the apples, much akin to their Coralista shade. I just struggle to get visions of roll-up deodorant out of my head. Just me?

The final results. Seasoned cream blush gurus stick with the pigmented pop of pink from YSL. If you’re in it just for a bit of sheen then grab AERIN’s offering, or test out Benefit’s latest release if you fancy a sheerer texture with a newbie friendly application. Me? AERIN is my pick of the bunch, I’m never one to turn down a bit of creamy glow, me.

*PR Samples


  • The AERIN number sounds devine! Looking forward to giving it a try at a counter soon x

    • Let me know what you think if you manage to have a swatch! :) 

  • Cherie Ho

    How do these compare to the Stila Convertible Colour? I can’t wait til AERIN pops up in Australia department stores! x

    • The Stila is much more dewier in finish and pigmented that the ones I’ve spoken about here 🙂

  • Petra

    You are one of  my favorite beauty bloger for sure, but why don’t you do a swatches? because somethimes color in the box and on skin is not the same.


    • I’m awful at taking swatches unless it’s actually applied to my face! I used the AERIN one in my last makeup tutorial if you’d like to see it on and the other shades will no doubt pop up on my face soon 🙂

  • Babywarren

    i’d love to see Aerin’s one on your cheecks in a picture! Very curious about the balance between highlighter and blush…

    • I applied it in my latest video! :)

  • Millie

    Great post!! I really want to try the Benefit Fine, One, One! Seems like a really great product!! 🙂 ♥

    • Let me know if you give it a go! :) 

  • Laurathroughthelens

    Lovely review (:  I’ve completely fallen in love with the AERIN one, its so beautiful (:


    • Glad you like it hun! 🙂

  • Please do a FOTD with the YSL blush (or wear it in one of your vids) would love to see it on xx

    • I’ll see what I can do :) 

  • Liora Tamam

    I definitely want to try the YSL blush – looks gorgeous! xx

    • It is! Such a pretty pop of pink :) 

  • If you’re after trying more cream products you should try Max Factor’s Cream Blush (I used Soft Pink) it is abosolutely fannnnnnnntastic and I couldn’t rave about it enough! Easily the best cream blush I’ve EVER used. 

    I’m absolutely in love with that YSL blush, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and something I’d buy right away if it wasn’t for the price!

    • Brilliant – thank you for the recommendation hun :) 

  • ahintofsparkle

    oh my this whole post just seriously excites me ;)..that ysl blush, oh my its a beaut xx

    • Haha bit of a cream blush lover are ya ;) 

  • I have a few of those YSL blushes from collections past, I use the Real Techniques stippling brush and it is perfect! Have you tried any of these with a stippling?

    • Ah that’s such a good idea – always forget that I have that brush! Thanks for the tip :) 

  • I love the way you write, you are definitely my favourtie beauty blogger! AERIN sounds like such a gorgeous brand, my birthdays coming up so I may put some of its products on my list!


    • Ah thank you hun!!! :) 

  • Ooh the AERIN blusher and the YSL cream blush are looking fab! x

    Raves ‘nd Ramblings

    • They are! Both such pretty shades :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    The benifits fine one one looks soo interesting. Is it easy to use? Looks cute.

    Pipp xx

    • Yes easier to use than I thought – a quick swipe and blend does it 🙂

  • abbieelizabeth96

    I’m so desperate to try Fine One One, even though it looks like such a gimmicky product! 

    • Haha it is pretty gimmicky – but after seeing it applied on lots of different skintones I’m actually really impressed at the shade! :) 

  • Ally Roemer

    These are gorgeous!!  Have you ever used RMS Beauty?  Lip2Cheek in Smile is a coral peach/pink color that I think you might like! xo ally

    • No I haven’t but RMS has been on my list of things to try for aaaaages, will add that shade to my list :) 

  • HCChronicles

    Would you be able to take closer pictures of the products you feature?  Sometimes it’s hard to really tell from the aerial perspective.  Interesting products!

    • Will do! I’m working on my photo heavy posts for the future :) 

  • Katie

    Anna, I always love your posts, you write so well and the pictures are always fab. I was wondering how you take those beautiful ‘from above’ photos too? Do you have a special camera set up or are you just a picture-taking-pro who has a built in level tester?
    Katie xx

    • Haha thanks! It usually involves me standing on my tip toes over a lid to one of my storage boxes with all the products blue-tacked to the top of it. Not so profesh. I do use a light though, that I spoke about in this post :)

  • beckysmakeup

    Lovin’  the look of the newest offering from Benefit! 


    beckys makeup

    • Pretty, right :) 

  • Carefreeblondie

    really great post

    • Thanks! :) 

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  • As a cream blusher noob, I think I’d stick to the Aerin one myself.  Looks gorge, yet wearable, unlike my old Stila convertible in Poppy which I just can’t seem to make work anymore.  Looking very forward to February now! x

    • Ah I love the Stila ones too but they are sooooo pigmented – I always end up going overboard! :) 

  • Denise F.

    This aerin thingy looks so pretty!wanna eat it ;P

  • gigi

    love them. they look so pretty. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

    • Glad you like it! 🙂

  • Maddy Cane

    The Aerin blush looks so beautiful! xxx

    • It is so pretty! Just the right colour to sheen ratio :) 

  • Have to say I agree with the deodorant image Benefit packaging. It isnt up to the usual top notch standard. I can imagine myself accidentally giving myself coral armpits with it- oh dear!x

    • Haha that’s the exact scenario I imagined when I got my hands on it too! :) 

  • Charli J

    I’ve been gravitating towards cream products of late!
    Charli @

    • They are sooooo pretty! Bit more of a fuss to work with, but the results are just so gawd-damn dewy 🙂

  • Lilywhiteenglishrose

    the aerin blush looks gorgeous such pretty colours, i had a look at the benefit one but it just didnt suit my colouring 🙁 im having a beauty giveaway on my blog this week!!! 😀

    • It really is – they have quite a few shades of the AERIN blush and they’re all bloomin’ gorgeous! :) 

  • Anon

    Have you tried Armani’s Maestro foundation yet? It is amazing!

    • Yes I have! Think I have the wrong shade which always skews by judgement, but going to give it a go on my paler days :) 

  • Claris F

    oh my gosh the aerin one looks irresistible…!

    -claris xxx

    • Just want to eat it, right ;) 

  • katherine.parkes

    really like the idea of the benefit one, shame the contour shade isn’t more bronzey 🙁 x

    • Yes that’s what I thought, but then the peachy shade does add to a pretty colour when it’s all blended out :) 

  • flushed

    Could you do a full review (or at least post a pic of you wearing it) of Fine One One? I tried it on the other day and wasn’t too impressed because it didn’t really show up on me.

    • Will see what I can do :) 

  • Emma Delfosse

    My first, and therefore favorite, cream blush is the Stilla convertible cheek and lip color in Petunia. It’s a bright pink but very blendable and leaves a nice glow on the cheeks and lips 🙂

    • Ah I have Gerbera – pretty shade, but sooooo pigmented and takes a lot of work to blend out! :) 

  • I have the same problem- I am always much too excited with a new product to not use it before taking photos!

    The Aerin blush look so gorgeous for Spring!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

    • Haha sometimes I just can’t help myself! :) 

  • I would try a M.A.C 130 or 188 or a rounded taklon foundation brush. These and a combination of my fingers patting on the colour have worked well to distribute the YSL crème blush and creating a nice flush.