‘Pharmacy’ Hauling

I’m half tempted to plan a trip to Paris under the guise of a ‘romantic getaway’, with the sole purpose to pay homage to every French Pharmacy ever mentioned by Lisa and Lily. However I’m pretty sure the boy’s clicked on to my makeup-madness ways and would be able to see the word ‘Bioderma’ written all over my face. So I’ll have to make do with what’s on my doorstop pharmacy-wise and my favourite for a Parisian style perusal brimming with skincare, niche finds and few miscellaneous treasures is Zest on Broadwick Street, London. It’s got that secretive hush-hush feel about it, the staff are up to their eyeballs with knowledge and I’ve never seen shelves ache so much under the full range of La Roche Posay (yep even that bloomin’ Effaclar Duo), need I say anymore? Here’s what I picked up on my most recent jaunt, egged on by Lily of course…

I will admit that I toyed with the idea of L.R.P’s much coveted Effaclar Duo in my basket, but being that I suffer with more isolated breakouts, I plumped for Effaclar A.I, a souped-up on-the-spot zapper. I’ve been testing it on a big bruiser and as the boy pointed out, “that spot has been there for four days”, (romantic getaway cancelled, indefinitely), so I can’t say I’m overly impressed thus far. But perhaps I chose it to work its powers on a particular toughie. Spot two in the list was filled by the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, another blogger-led purchase. Gawd I love a good face mask. I’ve only slathered it on once since its arrival but it seems like a good for everyone, cleansing and hydrating mask combo – I’ll keep you updated. The best of bunch is most definitely the most unsexy of the pack. It’s a soap. I’m not sure I’d ever have such strong feelings towards a foamy good, but I do believe that the Dr.Bronners Magic Soap is quite frankly, magical. It’s a bit too squeaky clean for bathing activities, but for brush cleaning this knocks the socks off anything else I’ve ever roped in. The miscellaneous treasure is well and truly found.

Pencil it in. Zest, Broadwick Street, your next lunchbreak. But just remember it’s our little secret. And P.S) They also have a website for any non-London folk. Shhhhhh.