‘Pharmacy’ Hauling

I’m half tempted to plan a trip to Paris under the guise of a ‘romantic getaway’, with the sole purpose to pay homage to every French Pharmacy ever mentioned by Lisa and Lily. However I’m pretty sure the boy’s clicked on to my makeup-madness ways and would be able to see the word ‘Bioderma’ written all over my face. So I’ll have to make do with what’s on my doorstop pharmacy-wise and my favourite for a Parisian style perusal brimming with skincare, niche finds and few miscellaneous treasures is Zest on Broadwick Street, London. It’s got that secretive hush-hush feel about it, the staff are up to their eyeballs with knowledge and I’ve never seen shelves ache so much under the full range of La Roche Posay (yep even that bloomin’ Effaclar Duo), need I say anymore? Here’s what I picked up on my most recent jaunt, egged on by Lily of course…

I will admit that I toyed with the idea of L.R.P’s much coveted Effaclar Duo in my basket, but being that I suffer with more isolated breakouts, I plumped for Effaclar A.I, a souped-up on-the-spot zapper. I’ve been testing it on a big bruiser and as the boy pointed out, “that spot has been there for four days”, (romantic getaway cancelled, indefinitely), so I can’t say I’m overly impressed thus far. But perhaps I chose it to work its powers on a particular toughie. Spot two in the list was filled by the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, another blogger-led purchase. Gawd I love a good face mask. I’ve only slathered it on once since its arrival but it seems like a good for everyone, cleansing and hydrating mask combo – I’ll keep you updated. The best of bunch is most definitely the most unsexy of the pack. It’s a soap. I’m not sure I’d ever have such strong feelings towards a foamy good, but I do believe that the Dr.Bronners Magic Soap is quite frankly, magical. It’s a bit too squeaky clean for bathing activities, but for brush cleaning this knocks the socks off anything else I’ve ever roped in. The miscellaneous treasure is well and truly found.

Pencil it in. Zest, Broadwick Street, your next lunchbreak. But just remember it’s our little secret. And P.S) They also have a website for any non-London folk. Shhhhhh.


  • Oh my I do love a good face mask and that manuka honey one is one like I haven’t seen before. I’ll might have to do a sneaky online order! x

    • I’ll let you know how I get on :) 

  • Babywarren

    here in italy laroche posay is very popular, and for all the good reasons 🙂

    • I’m not surprised, good quality products that aren’t too expensive :) 

  • Katie Harness

    I thought you could get Bioderma online? I came upon the line and others like LaRoche Posay in Barecloona, but they are quite pricey. The 500ml Bioderma everyone uses was 19,20 euros! Whaaa?? However, I think my curiosity is winning this game and I will buy it once I get done with my 4 euro spanish brand cleansing lotion that doesn’t do too bad of a job. I would like to make a list of Pharmacy buys and see what other Barcelona pharmacies have!

    • Yes I get mine from an eBay seller but it’s much more expensive than buying it abroad :) 

  • Gita Bončina

    I’m still waiting for my Manuha mask to arrive, can’t wait to give it a try :)! And I’m pretty happy with the LRP Effaclair Duo so far… We’ll see :). 
    Lovely post!


    • Thanks hun – glad you liked it :) 

  • Rebecca Adlem

    I use the Dr Bronner’s Soap to wash my brushes. No nasties and it lasts for absolutely ages – can’t beat it! x Becky

    • It is INCREDIBLE! :) 

  • Agreed, Dr Bronner’s is a fantastic brush cleaner! I only have a little travel sized bottle and have nearly ran out, sob!  I bought Effaclar Duo the other day and I’m not sure on my thoughts so far… I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the A.I. once you’ve tried it out a little more!

  • Agreed, Dr Bronner’s is a fantastic brush cleaner! I only have a little travel sized bottle and have nearly ran out, sob!  I bought Effaclar Duo the other day and I’m not sure on my thoughts so far… I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the A.I. once you’ve tried it out a little more!

    • I’ll keep you updated  once I’ve tested it out on this bruiser a little bit more :) 

  • Liora Tamam

    I really want to try the antipodes mask! heard loads of good things about it! xx

    • Can’t wait to get a bit more use out of it! :) 

  • joysteib

    Love how you blog along with little tidbits describing a product that will indeed tempt us to the core!!!  Keep it coming for I find it quite informative yet “amusing”!!!! 🙂

    • Haha – glad it makes you smile hun :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    These look really interesting! Will have to let us know how it goes!? 🙂

    Pipp xx

    • Will keep you updated! :) 

  • Sharon

    Omg!!  Going to London in the next month & will take a trip there.  Are the prices overly hyped than the French prices.  Great post .. 🙂

    • They’re aren’t too bad – about the same price as LRP as Boots :) 

  • I got the Effaclar AI and it’s beaten down some of my red bad boys really quickly! It’s a shame you haven’t had much luck with it.x

    • I’ll keep persisting! :) 

  • Fragmented Splendour

    Gah, I Love Dr Bronners soaps for cleaning brushes, the best! Also particularly good for clarifying the hair when out of the “good” shampoo (according to my boyfriend) 😉
    Need to get my paws on the mask, but keep forgetting to make an order! 

    • Ah will test it out on my locks then! :) 

  • I so approve the use of Dr. Bronners for brush cleaning, that’s all I use it for!  That’s the most effective use I’ve found for it so far.

    • It really is so good – really impressed with how thoroughly it cleaned them! :0 

  • claudia

    I bought the A.I. for the same reason you did! but the Duo actually works as a targeted spot treatment as well, you don’t HAVE to put it on your whole face, at least I never do. I find the Duo really effective on little spots, whereas the huge, hurting ones.. well, I’ve actually never found a proper spot treatment for those! nothing seems to really work on them.

    • Haha oh gawd those big thudding ones that hurt – know that feeling! Might have to pick up the duo then – thanks for the tip :) 

  • Cupcakesandcherries

    I love how brutally honest boys are- Chris will say ‘you’ve got a spot on your chin’ and its like- thanks, I KNOW

    • Haha! Men, eh ;) 

  • Tashweisz

    Do a girls shopping weekend in Paris!! 

    • I would LOVE to do that! :) 

  • Joycegalugbo

    Dr Bonner soap is really great. I love the rose scented one, it’s great for your skin.

    • Ah didn’t sniff any of the other scents, next time ;) 

  • sarirah

    Ah, Zest. I really should visit this store someday. I order online from them all the time, they have such great deals! 🙂

  • Can’t believe I didn’t know this was there. Oh payday <3 Really want to try the Effaclar Duo, shame you haven't been very impressed yet with the Effaclar A.I.

  • Danielle Barbeau

    I want to try this Antipodes mask so badly! I have their cream cleanser and am in love with it. I never imagined a cream cleanser to cleanse my skin so well (can I say cleanse one more time in this comment?) I could always use a bit of hydration to my neverending dry skin…luckily a health beauty store near me sells Antipodes–planning a visit as I type this!

  • Zucker Zeug

    dr. bronner ´s soaps are really awesome!!try the one with eukalyptus