The Simplest of Red Lips

Red lips have become a hot topic on the blog recently – in fact I was discussing with some of the other blogger ladies the other day how it’s either a nude or a bold lip-wise these days (I need to rectify that sparse in-between void that’s in my lipstick collection ASAP, but that’s a whole nother post). But today I’m seeing red, so as I haven’t done a tutorial in a while as I find them both petrifying and a pain in lé bum to film in equal measures that I’d suck it up and try and get back into the swing of applying makeup en film. And here it is – probably the most simplest red lip tutorial you’ll ever see – containing only seven products last time I counted. And you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed it, my makeup skills may not stretch too far (quite ironic for somebody fully immersed in the beauty biz), but expect some more tutorials hitting your inbox soon!

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links and product bumf and I hope you enjoy me rambling on, a small musical interlude and yours truly getting lipstick on my socks – you have been warned…