Escentric Molecules

You guys are always chippin’ in, asking for updates on products that have had a mention on VDM, and the one I get asked to give the low-down on the most is the cult classic Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 fragrance. I picked this up way back in September and now have spritzed may way through well over half a bottle, so I think it’s time to check back in…

I first heard about this scent through Ruth, and it seemed to be bit of an underground Beauty Ed favourite. Containing only one molecule, hence the name – Iso E Super, a deep and musky molecule works as an effect, supposedly combining with your natural pheromones to create a unique alluring fragrance. Sounds sexy, right? Well after reading some of the hi-larious and raving reviews on Cult Beauty (watch out, you may end up choking on your morning coffee), I took the plunge. At the time I was into my super sweet and sickly scents, so this was a U-turn in the opposite direction. When you first spray it there’s an overwhelming alcohol haze, however when it dries down it turns into something different; something a little dark, slightly sexy and completely different to anything else I own. Now I haven’t experienced any funny business as the reviews suggested but it’s nice to mix it up and wear something a little more sophisticated for once. It’s very subtle, people tend to notice it more on me than I do myself, but then days later I’ll get a whiff of it on a scarf that I wore with EM – such a strange one. But the one thing I really do love about this scent is its simplicity means that it’s great for layering – worn under STELLA it’s pretty gorgeous.

The verdict? It may not have had the ‘sexualé prowess‘ desired effect on me, but it’s a grower and one that when it’s sprayed its last spritz that I will log on to repurchase – I need my musk people. I have the travel refill size which is £27 from Cult Beauty, but there are more pricey fancy travel box and larger size versions available for real EM lovers. I’d say it would make a nice Christmas pressie too – a little cheeky story, a bit of novelty value and the curiosity of creating a unique scent. So, who wants to pounce on me?