Black & Gold

Lipstick-sock-gate aside, my nails in yesterday’s video were the most popular chatting point in the comments and thank Lord cause I had already planned to pop up a post on it today (gossip: there’s a lot of planning going on at VDM at the moment to make sure there’s some feast of fabulous posts over the festive period – my bedroom currently looks like a glitter makeup bomb has hit) – phew! Black and gold is a bit of a timeless trend and always brings back waves of D&G to my mind so why not lend it to nail art, and when I saw Tiffany D create a monochrome and metallic look I was inspired to put brush to nail and pick up my polishes myself…

Firstly – this is ridiculously easy, if a shakey bakey person like myself can manage to make it look half decent then it gets a number one in the difficulty stakes. I began with Leighton Denny Maneater*, a glossy black, but any cheapie dark polish would do and lacquered on two coats all over the nail. I then took Ciaté’s Ladylike Luxe, a shimmering shinning gold that was recently opened in the Ciaté Mini Mani Month and painted on another two layers, just focusing on the mid-to-tip of the nail – almost applying it as though my nail had shrunk. Sounds tricky, but the size of the brush lent itself to this technique perfectly. On went the topcoat and I was good to go.

The jury’s out on whether I truly loved this look, so I think next time I’ll mix it up and layer the gold underneath with the black on top – living life on the edge baby! But for one of my first forays into nail art it ain’t all that bad. The Queen of fancy nails herself Lily Pebbles, would be proud…

*PR Sample