The Rainbow (Wash-out) Ombré

Double Photo Test

Me? Experimenting with colour? In my hair? It took three years to muster up the courage to take my first dip into hair dye and join the ombré crew so it’s fair to say I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to changing it up. But behold the wash-out (phew!) rainbow ombré, a method even a hair noob like myself can master in minutes.

I’ve had these Anastasia Hypercolour Brow & Hair Powders* (from Cult Beauty) gathering dust in the back of my drawers for months but after a recent bout of festival fever and the idea of some subtle pastel pink tips bouncing around my brain for too long I finally cracked them out and streaked them through. A sophisticated hair chalk-esque compact that you drag through your locks, blend with fingers then secure in with hairspray for a tint of temp colour that stays in place till you wash it out. Sound a bit fiddly? Let Fleur show you. She may be using a different product, but the technique is exactly the same. My take home tips?

  • Keep baby wipes nearby as things will get a little messy. On reflection marigolds may have been a good idea. 
  • If you want to go the whole hog, then apply one colour on all the tips and re-go over streaks of hair with a different colour for a rainbow look. I used the pink all over then worked through my other shades.
  • It’s worth noting that some powders have more drop out that others, In The Pink was awesome – no complaints – and barely any fall-out, but the darker more bluey toned shades went everywhere. Execute in the bathroom or on some newspaper like you’re a puppy being toilet trained.
  • Fancy leaving it on overnight but aren’t up for the resulting tie-dye pillow? Whip your hair up into a bun, lay a flannel over it that you don’t mind messing up and secure in place with a hairband – worked for me!

An edgy lock look you can rinse out when the urge for a (in my case) brunette bonce, returns. Now that’s where it’s at.

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  • It looks super lovely but I don’t think I could handle the fall out.

  • Maddy Cane

    It looks lovely but so messy to actually do! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • yourdailybreak

    Looks great on you! Wish I could be more experimental with my hair. The mid-length, layered black hair has been going strong for the longest time haha xx

    Your Daily Break

  • It look so amazing! Especially in the summer time! So so sooo pretty xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • Roshni K

    My sister and I have black hair and do not want to bleach it to colour it, this kind of thing is perfect for us!

  • Anya Cross

    This looks so good! I’d be far too scared to try this!

  • Stef

    Wow!it looks so cool!very brave!but at least it’s not permanent!:)

  • gemma alexander

    These look great, my dip dye could use a touch of colour, for the day maybe! I’ve always been a tad worried about ‘wash out’ products, just in case.

  • Alissia

    Cool idea, but I don’t think it’s for me x

  • Megan Young

    these look fab! I’m always up for hair experiments, I get bored easily!!

  • Alice evans

    This looks so good! The pink has to be my favourite 🙂 x


  • Mabel Eugenia

    I use hair chalk all the time! I just did my entire head pink and it’s lasted for 3 days! My hair is really weak/damaged/dry so it pretty much never looks dirty or unwashed lol.


    Life of Mabel

  • Brenda

    this looks really cheap

  • Georgina Walsh

    I’ve just spent ages trying to dye my sister’s ends pink for her to no avail! how convenient that I’ve just seen this I’ll have to tell her about it – the colours look really good in your hair, handy that you can wash them out too!


  • GirlAboutTownLP

    Wow love it 🙂 nice work

  • Celina

    This looks so fun! They seem perfect for parties or festivals. 🙂

    Celina | The Celution

  • Emily Allen

    Been wanting to get my hands on these for ages thanks Viv, xx Emmi

  • Amy

    Sounds so cool! I’d love to give these a go sometime x

    Amy |

  • confessionsofabeautylover

    They look amazing, want to try the pink one! x

  • Jayne Emma

    I’ve done this before but annoyingly the colour washed out on my clothes which wasn’t fun): xx

  • Kati Palin

    Looks awesome, I’d make a right old mess though!

  • Eloise Allan

    Wow I love the look of this , you’re so brave doing that , I’m the kind of person who strays away from bright colours especially with hair but how you applied it like ombre makes me want to try it regardless of not going to any UK festivals this year *tears*

    I know some brand such as Topshop have made Chalk looking pastel coloured sticks for the same use in the hair with one particular pack having a gorgeous mint and duck egg blue which would look great on Blondes.

    Love your blog Vivianna and thank-you for replying to my tweet @mystylewarrior it made my day!

    Eloise xo |

  • Claudia

    I really want to try this

  • Lauren B

    ahh I love this! I would love to do it 🙂


  • Zara

    Argh this post got me beyond excited!! I really want to try this for a weekend, but so scared it won’t wash out in time for work on a Monday :S
    Darling Zara – London Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Pippa Jones

    Look amazing tho! Definitely something give a go!

    Pipp x


  • Y asmina

    I think this will be perfect for my weekend a t V fest, because I’d like to look cool and hipster-ish for that, then go back to normal afterwards haha!