The New York Beauty Haul: Glossier & Sephora

SPFs, new lip colours and *that* palette…


Take me into a Boots in London or a Space NK in Brighton and although there will be a few things, perhaps even a couple of repurchases that I could throw into my basket – but overall I can be pretty restrained when it comes to beauty buying these days. Especially compared to the heady early blogger movement of wanting to own every single MAC Eyeshadow. I used to be ravenous for the stuff and could easily make some kind of fort out of my makeup collection. However now I’m a little bit more mindful when it comes to stocking my basket and like to do so only with items that I’ve previously used and loved, or ones I know will fill a gap in my makeup market. Of course this all goes to poop whenever I’m away and in beauty stores that aren’t so readily available in the U.K. Take me to a Sephora and I can ramp up my V.I.B status in 5 minutes flat. Take me to a Glossier and well, just take a look…



If you couldn’t already tell I’m pretty buzzing about Glossier launching in the U.K later on in the year and have taken it as my personal mission to try everything and feedback with reviews nearer the time of what’s worth the hype and what’s not. I know – taking one for the team. This was my fifth trip to the showroom (during my last trip to New York in April I visited four times – mainly to buy things for every person who I know on Instagram), and once again it didn’t disappoint.

Much of my haul consisted of back-up buys which should hopefully keep me going until the U.K release. It’s fair to assume that these all fall into the ‘worth the hype‘ category; the Milky Jelly Cleanser (for a no-fuss, fresh feeling cleanse), Balm Dot Com (I want one for my car, handbag, every room of the flat), Super Bounce (hello dewiness!) and the Priming Moisturiser Rich (probably one of my favourite products they sell).

Between these five trips I’m surprised that there was anything left that I hadn’t tried, so I basically wiped the shop clear of anything left on their stock list. I picked up a Coconut Balm Dot Com, which is perhaps one of the dreamiest lip balms I’ve ever smelt. I also grabbed the Generation G in Zip – a rusty red – and Like – which is a pretty mauve. The Invisible Shield SPF35 was top of my list and so far has not disappointed. Seriously, how have they made a clear, gel-textured SPF? Amazing. At the last minute I made the snap decision to buy the Boy Brow in Clear and I’m so happy I did. I love that it requires zero precision and keeps my brows looking fluffy. Of course a trip to the showroom wouldn’t be complete without a Glossier Sweatshirt to cement my status at the ultimate fangirl.




It was a similar story in the aisles of Sephora. There were a few things that I knew I wanted to pick up. I hadn’t managed to find the NARS Soft Matte Concealer in the shade Vanilla in stock over here, but I knew it was something that I wanted to try because everyone has been raving about it. I also really wanted to give the Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray a go as I’m a big fan of the original version. Lily and I freaked out when we found this bumper Blendercleanser Solid Pro as it was HUGE. And I also threw in the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer in Baked in my basket because I knew that I lacked a cream bronzer in my stash and have heard good things about this one.

It’s been a long time since I’ve got excited about hair. It’s just not something that I really bother with when it comes to styling, although I’ve found a new appreciation for the brand IGK. I hope we get it over here soon as not only are they some of the best looking bottles I’ve seen, every product I’ve tried warrants a repurchase. This time round I picked up the Beach Club Texture Spray and the Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo. The former gives a soft grip and slight matte-ness to my strands and the latter mops up grease without a hint of white.

On the final day Lily and I found ourselves in a Sephora with the only real intention of topping up our SPF using their samples and taking full advantage of the air conditioning, however we asked the sales assistant if they just happened to have the Urban Decay Heat Palette in stock and they did. It was as though a tiny chorus of angels all sung at the same time. Now, I have to say that initially I was not into the idea of this palette. I’m trying to be a bit more minimal these days and not give into the hype, however once I saw this in person I was sold. I’m a lover of warm browns and this palette is stuffed with them. Plus, there’s a decent amount of mattes in there and those are what I’ve been reaching for day to day so far. I’ll check in next week with my thoughts…


Photos by Yours Truly/edited by Lauren Shipley


  • I’m reaching desperation levels for the Urban Decay Heat Palette, and those IGK bottles are just stunning. Get me to the US!

  • Louise

    Dear Anna.

    You are KILLING IT content-wise lately. Really enjoying your website! So lovely to use.
    Do you know WHEN in the year Glossier launches in the UK? And do you know if they launch at the same time in Denmark? I want to throw out all my beauty and makeup and just have only glossier stuff. Haha!

  • ella ryder

    Ahh I need to visit the US asap! Love the sound of the Milk Jelly Cleanser – and everything else.xx


  • I’m originally from the US but have lived in the UK for the past 7 years and I am obsessed with Glossier. I used to tweet them with fairly frequent regularity begging them to ship to the UK – dreams do come true! x

  • These stuff is amazing 🙂

    Miki xx

  • I really really want to try the Glossier SPF! It sounds so dreamy.

    Lynnsay x

  • I am the same, show me a Sephora and I can easily spend a years savings in half an hour.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • I’m so glad Glossier is coming to the UK x


  • Nadia Sabrina

    Such dreamy photos! And the packaging of IGK products is just out of this world!

    Love from Indonesia,

  • Lyndsay Tilston

    I love the original Hangover Rx primer as well, so curious to hear your thoughts on the setting spray!!

  • what do you use to get that little scroll bar thingy with the glossier products !? also, now I have more or less of an idea on which products to try from them ! i have yet to purchase anything from them b/c I’m not sure what to try first !! really want to try the boy brow..

  • Abz Kellett

    I’m trying to stay strong and resist the urge to buy the next Naked palette but it just looks so beautiful I think it’s going to happen!

  • Rachel Akey

    Gutted Nars are starting to sell in china so will no longer be cruelty free as this concealer was next in my list to try

  • Heard such good things about Glossier!!

  • So happy Glossier is coming to the UK. I cannot wait to try out some of their products to see what the fuss is all about.

    Blog | Instagram

  • I just cannot wait for Glossier to make the move across the pond! So many things I want to try out!

    Beekeyper – Latest: Beauty Pie Superstrobing Drops – gimmick or gimme?

  • Loving all the stunning photography lately! x

    Millie |

  • Oooooh that hangover primer.


  • So envious of this amazing haul, I need to go to NY so badly!


  • Bernadette

    I am so keen on trying out that too face setting spray as well as the hang over primer itself!

  • Emily Bates

    Out of all the beauty products i liked the primer.

  • Lisa Autumn

    My mom will go to NY soon and will definitely give her a list of products to bring back to me.. will put these on the list!
    xx Lisa |

  • Cate

    It was fun watching the vlogs of you guys in my neighborhood! Not too often that non-Williamsburg, BK shows up on YouTube :). Hope you enjoyed Brooklyn Heights, the pilates studio you went to is my fave.

  • I ADORE the hangover primer so that settling spray set my heart on fire!! So jealous of your USA bits, I need to make a trip over I think 😉

    Kate xo //

  • I’m so jealous of anyone who has their hands on some Glossier, it just all looks so dreamy! 🙂 Curious to hear your thoughts on the Heat palette as I’ve had similar thoughts so not sure if I should take the plunge.

    x Stasja daydreamdancing

  • C Leiper

    Fab haul! The Glossier SPF reminds me of the Murad Invisible Shield which came out 2 years ago and is brilliant, though more expensive obvs.

  • Desirea

    The milk makeup bronzer is SO good!

  • annasjotter

    So much Glossier talk and I can’t get my hands on it! One day!…

  • Ellese Launer

    Yasss to Glossier! I really want to try the sunscreen. XO, Ellese


  • Alexa Peikon

    Just placed two glossier orders because of all your products reviews. What size did you get the glossier sweatshirt in/ what is the fit like? It looks like a must have!

  • I can’t wait for Glossier to come to the UK, I want so much!!!

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load