The ‘OMG It’s So Hot’ Fail-Safe Uniform

Stripes, ruffles and the obligatory black piece…


You’ve heard my hot weather ‘I don’t like dressing for summer‘ spiel a million and one times before now, so I’ll spare you that introduction this time. However today’s post is all about my go-to summer uniform, for days when you start to regret that didn’t buy a fan the last time the weather was tuned up to ‘melting‘. Not being the most natural summer dresser, I think I’ve found a way to modify my outfits that I usually wear in the cooler months to something more summer appropriate, just by adapting fabrics and thickness of items to pieces that don’t make me produce umpteen litres of sweat per day (and require little to no leg shaving because I am the world’s laziest oaf). Here’s my current favourite outfit to grab from my wardrobe…



A t-shirt might seem like a odd choice for sweltering weather, but hear me out on this one. Although a cami might seem like a more weather appropriate choice, I like a t-shirt because they cover my shoulders and therefore keep me better covered from the sun because I tend to turn a vivid shade of beetroot after approximately two minutes of sun exposure. I just go for loose fitting ones in comfortable fabrics that don’t hug my body too tightly or cling under my armpits. This Weekday High Neck T-Shirt is one I’ve had for years, but is still one of my favourites due to the round-neck cut and cap sleeves which I just find to be extremely flattering. Word on the street is that there’s a store opening on Regent Street very soon. WHOOP.




The obvious bottom-half choice during the summer months are shorts or a skirt, but as someone who is constantly worried that they’re flashing their ungroomed bikini line to the world and can’t be bothered to shave and faux tan their legs every other day, I’m just more comfortable in trousers. The hot weather hack here is just to go for thinner fabrics that don’t make you feel like you’re inner thermostat is being racked up to ‘roasting’. These Topshop Stripe Ruffle Peg Trousers fulfil that brief. The fabric is right on the thin side of the thickness spectrum and there’s a bit of ankle exposed too, which keeps a bit of air going through you but only requires a couple of inches of shaving in the morning. My tip would be to size up in these as the waistband hits right in the bloated spot. Noted.




There’s no denying that sandals are the coolest option for your feet in the summer. You get a bit of wind between your toes and there’s less chance of your feet completely ponging by the end of the day. I can’t say that my feet are my greatest assets though and if there’s a way of donning a sandal, without my veiny feet that resemble long boats, hanging off the sides then I’m way more comfortable in my footwear choice. These Topshop Holiday Cross Strap Leopard Print Sandals are the perfect compromise. The wide straps cover a large proportion of my feet and although they do require a pedicure as your toes are on show, I don’t feel like things look too ‘boaty’ whenever I wear them. Just mildly so.




Now the design of your bag doesn’t have much impact on your body temperature, although in theory a smaller bag means less weight being lugged around, therefore leading to less energy being spent and smaller sweat patches. WIN. As someone who only owns black bags, bar the one that I’m wearing here – this Whistles Double Zip Cross Body number – it’s a nice way of adding colour to outfits. This one in particular is a good’un because it fits everything I need in it; my keys, a lipstick, my phone, my mini purse and my vlogging camera – just about. The red makes me feel all summery and because my wardrobe is primarily blue, black, white and denim, it pretty much goes with whatever I wear (which at the moment is whatever is clean, girl got some serious washing backlog – you know what I’m doing today!).


Photos by Lauren Shipley