The Lipstick Called ‘Anna’, That Should Be Called ‘Kylie’



I cannot even begin to explain to you the levels of excitement I experienced when I realised that in the new NARS Audacious Lipstick line-up, there was a colour called Anna. Seriously. No words. It was as though all of my dreams had come true. I’m not sure I’ve ever stumbled across a lipstick in my name before and when I realised that the colour was actually really nice – of course a complete afterthought because I was going to buy it either way – well then my hysteria levels hit the roof. Let’s talk about it.

You guys have been nudging me in the direction of these lipsticks since they arrived on counter – you enabling lot, you! There’s 30 shades in total, each with a creamy, opaque finish and housed in some of the sleekest packaging I’ve seen. They’re a great release and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that a purchase of another shade would occur in the future.

But how about Anna? Well Anna is unlike any other lipstick that I own. Mauve-y with a purple undertone, it’s like a ’90’s nude which looks best on me with a decent level of smokey eye going on. It’s what I can imagine MAC Syrup to be like and a colour that I picture Kylie Jenner to rock – I feel like they missed out a major marketing trick there. It’s made a change from my usual, more mainstream nude shades and I’ve enjoyed wearing it slicked on heavily in the evenings and patted on during the day. The formula makes it so wearable too as it’s long wearing enough to satisfy my no touch-up needs while giving the lips a nice coat of moisture. No complaints.

A lipstick that I love, that has my name on the end of the bullet? I’m one happy chappy indeed.