The Healthy-ish Cookie Recipe


Given that my last cooking video was laden with hefty amounts of butter, sugar and all that oh-so-tasty goodness I thought I should even it out a little and purpose a healthier alternative to my all time favourite ‘THE Cookie Recipe‘. So here they are. After multiple batches of testing out this recipe I never want to look at a jar of peanut butter again but I can assure you that these Peanut Butter Protein Cookies are so darn good (just don’t eat five in one go like I did). With a soft, slightly gooey centre and a crispness to the outside, I’ve been having these as a post workout fill-up in the morning and a mid-afternoon snack. They’re not gluten/dairy/completely sugar-free, but they’re protein packed and there are modifications you can make to dial up or down the ‘treat factor’ as you wish which I’ll mention along the way. Ready, set, BAKE.