The Beauty Essentials Haul & Empties Round-Up

…that’s a bit of a product empties too


A beauty haul is long overdue. Can you believe that it’s been about five months since I uploaded one? It makes sense seeing as my spending habits these days lean more towards style investments and home goods (and copious amounts of chocolate chips from Amazon – don’t ask). I try to steer clear of the ‘OMG I NEED IT ALL’ moments in the aisles of Space NK and Boots and instead just visit with a defined list and repurchases in mind. Hence what I’m dubbing ‘The Beauty Essentials Haul’. There’s nothing in here that you wouldn’t have heard of before, but they are all things that I picked up recently and bloomin’ love to use.

Speaking of things I’ve used up recently I thought I’d throw in a little ’empties review’ in this post too because it’s been even longer since I checked in with one of those (like, about three years)…


Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. I go through this stuff like I go through loo roll and I always, always make sure that I have a back-up ready to swoop in and take an empty bottle’s place. Nothing sees off makeup quite like it. There is a new kid on the block though – La Roche Posay’s Respectissime Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover that’s due to be released this month and is a fraction of the price, at £11. It’s less greasy in texture, but still has incredible waterproof mascara removal powers. It’s a definite contender for the Clarins crown.

Pixi Glow Tonic. For the longest time I’ve been skipping my acid toner step *quickly hides before Caroline Hirons comes in to slap my wrist*, but I got back into the swing of things with this and I’d forgotten just how potent, but gentle it is. I have quite sensitive skin, but I don’t find this to aggravate it at all and actually it does a really good job at keeping any blemishes at bay; especially those lurkers that hurt for days before they make an appearance. I’ll definitely be picking up a new bottle.

Marc Jacobs Volume Noir Major Volume Mascara. Now I didn’t technically use it up till the last drop, but things got thick and gloopy and a little bit smelly. Nice. This mascara is the one if you like your lashes to look meaty and for the volume to be turned up to high. I usually go for a more separated look, but actually it was quite fun to layer up my lashes to their fullest potential. The only downside? Boy does this smudge, and for that reason I’ll be looking elsewhere for my next mascara purchase.


Escentric Molecule Molecule 01. It’s very rare for me to use a perfume up. I’d say I actually only wear it about once or twice a week, so bottles last yonks with me. I somehow managed to spritz my way through this though as it’s my favourite scent and has been for years. There’s something a bit woody about it, a bit masculine, yet clean. If some perfumes make you want to vom, then give this a go. It’s light and doesn’t make me want to wash it off immediately (after puking), so for me it’s a winner.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. Haha! Am I really going to talk about this again for the 187th time? It looks that way. I’ll keep it short and sweet, but basically whenever I apply this I feel like it’s a miracle worker. It smooths out my complexion, adds radiance and evens out any redness. You’ll hear me go on about it in the video below and the fact that I purchased not one new bottle, but three. That’s how serious I am about this stuff.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. I actually found a little compact of this hiding behind one of my beauty drawers, so thought I’d get round to using this cult classic up and I have to say I really wasn’t that impressed. The coverage is insane, but the finish is heavy. I got through it by using it on blemishes, but really I feel like the Estée Lauder Doublewear Stay-in-Place Concealer does a much better job and feels more skin-like when I apply it. Sorry Bobbi, I’m siding with Estée on this one.

Right, so those are my recently used-up beauty bits – now for the haul… 

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • charlotte samantha

    I loved reading this post, there are so many essentials I need to pick up I tend to leave everything until I really dont have anything left then panic and head into boots!


  • Is that Bumble & Bumble shampoo SLS-free? Since it’s clarifying I guess it is… Those tweezers look good! I never liked Tweezerman tweezers, too thin. These seem more like my thing.

  • Love those Boots cotton pads as well (actually the bigger oval version of them!), I also find them extremely soft on the skin!

  • Philippa

    I really like glow tonic too – it works so well!
    Philippa x

  • So many gorgeous products! I need to try the NARS eye primer soon 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • I need the It Cosmetics CC cream in my life asap haha ♥

    Amy //

  • Lisa Autumn

    I feel like you’ve been talking about the Oribe Spray since I know you haha.. but you are so right! Such a life changing product!

    xx Lisa

  • Jen

    You may have sold me on the shampoo and tweezers… xx

    Jen | affecionada

  • really really need to get me some tonic!

  • lucy prosser

    I really want to try the It cosmetics CC cream now.. you’ve talked about it so much so I’m definitely getting it when I next go to NYC!

    Lucy xoxo

  • There are just far too many things here that I need to try…… *insert money flying away emoji* X

  • I just love empties! They are such a great idea! I have been wanting to It cosmetics CC cream for ages now…should probably get on that!

    Cat //

  • Those cotton pads are my absolute faves too, it’s something about how the stuffing doesn’t poke out of the sides!

    – Natalie

  • Judith

    You’ve mentioned the It cosmetics CC cream so many times. I am really intrigued but unfortunately we also have a hard time getting it in Germany. Great post!
    – Judith

  • Jasmine Jonas

    Love this post. I’ve only ever heard great things about the Pixi Glow Tonic, definitely need it ASAP!

  • I love your love for that cc cream! I want to try it!!

  • Ieva Braziulytė

    Whatever you’re doing, Anna, drop it now and go to Google Ryan Gosling Golden Globes. You’re welcome xxx

  • Nice Post , the IT cosemtic your skin but better CC cream is mine favourite too.
    It really hydrates the skin from the inside and give a glowing complexion.

  • Victoria

    I recently got the Dior Diorissimo eau de parfum and not only is it the only perfume that lasts on me from morning until evening, but it also compliments me perfectly! I am quite intrigued by the it cosmetics cc cream, but it´s not available where I live

  • I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar water to take my eye makeup off and I love it. Can anyone tell me how it compares to the Clarins one?
    { Katie Actually }

  • Real Issue

    I love these products, definitely going to give some of them a try!!

  • Kate

    NARS is coming out with a primer, and it has your favorite term in it “radiance” aka GLOW!!

  • I so need to try the IT Cosmetics CC Cream seeing as you love it so much!

    Cass | CassandraMyee