My Blogging Kit Must-Haves

Purple dressing gown optional…


This March will see my blog have it’s seventh birthday. How mad it that? Over the years a lot has changed. I’ve gone from a false lash wearing, fake tan addict who loves all things leopard print, to a slightly more minimal makeup wearing, black clothing addict who loves all things leopard print. When I got thinking about my must-haves in my kit though, not that much has changed. There was a shift at the beginning when I ditched my little pink point-and-shoot for something a little more hardy (and less pink), but since then although I’ve upgraded the odd piece here and there – the majority of it and the brands that I love have stayed the same. So today I thought I’d share the tools I use everyday that go into creating The Anna Edit…

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. All you really need is a camera, a laptop and an internet connection and you’re good to go. Picking the right camera is a tough one though. I had the Canon 600D for years (now discontinued and replaced by the Canon 700D) and it did me well for YouTube videos and blogging photos, but I recently upgraded to the Canon 5D and it’s all kinds of amazing. It’s pricey though and an investment so if you’re starting out I’d recommend something like the Canon 700D or the Canon G7X which is what I use as my vlogging camera. It’s takes beautiful quality photos, especially when you take into account that the lens isn’t interchangeable and the flip-out screen is great for if you need to see yourself when you’re filming and for taking selfies. I highly recommend. One thing you might need too is lighting. I don’t tend to use it that often, but it does come in handy for lighting photos and videos, especially in the winter when the sun comes out to say hello for about 10 minutes a day. I’d recommend the PhotoSel Softbox Lighting Kit if you have the space to store them or the Manfrotto Spectra LED Panel if you need something compact. For a tripod you really can’t go wrong with Manfrotto’s offering – I’m currently using their 290 Extra 3 Section Tripod. If you are thinking of making videos then it might be worth investing in a microphone to clean up the audio a little. I love the RODE Pro Compact Directional On Camera Microphone which is easy to use and takes out excess noise ‘fuzz’.


TECH TOOLS. Laptop-wise I could quite honestly marry my MacBook Pro. I have an iMac that comes in really handy with editing and selecting pictures, but I spend the majority of time tapping away on my laptop as I love to move around as I work. You can often find me upside down on the sofa with my laptop on my belly. My spine loves me. My advice would be make sure you have a computer with a fast processor, plenty of storage and keep all your pictures, videos and back-ups on a hard drive – I tend to use the Lacie ones. I also recently purchased an iPad Pro after hearing Lily’s raves. I’m still trying to get my head around it, but using it with Procreate can create some really cool effects in videos and photos. Plus it’s really fun to play with and prop up in the kitchen when I’m following recipes or watching videos. It’s a want, rather than a need.

SCHEDULING AID. Although I’m slowly converting to a more digital way of life organisation (I only got into the swing of iCal last year), I’m still a notepad lover. It’s where I store my video ideas, to-do lists, editorial calendars – the whole shebang. I’ve tried them all and love these wide-page pads that aren’t particularly easy to find in the UK. Appointed are my favourite notebook brand and luckily now the UK-based Quill stock them so I no longer end up with a shipping palaver every time I order. They’re amazing quality and I find a pad lasts me a solid six months, if not longer. I dare you to take a look at the Appointed website and not swoon – it’s minimalist’s stationery porn.

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • I take my pictures on a Nikon, simply because my husband alrady owned one, and i have to say I miss the flip screen for filming.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Liena Snow

    Great post Anna! Thank you so much for sharing these tips, I have recently started blog and YouTube and it is so, so exciting! Love your blog! xx

  • Thanks for all the recommendations! x

  • We’ve got the second generation iPad but I really want the iPad Pro – mainly for the procreate! So incredible! xx

  • Thanks for the recommendations, Anna! I’m looking to upgrade some of my blogging kit so this is a great place to start. Should anyone have any recommendations for good lens for a Canon 600D, I’d love to know, too! Oh and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that works best with pen and paper – I can’t get my mind around planning on my phone just yet! xx Tess Alexandra

  • Thank you for sharing all of your recommendations! I would love to see a review of the Canon 5D – I feel like all bloggers are picking it up nowadays!

    Lynnsay x

  • Thank you for this very helpful post, it really makes me want a proper camera and convinces me to actually save money for one, I’m so tired of taking all my photos with my iPhone!

  • Top tips. Thanks, petal!


  • I have the G7X Mark II after moving from the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and I’m so excited to open it and compare the two! Thinking of doing a blog post about the olympus pen as a lot of bloggers seemed to love it but I didn’t get a long with it – perhaps due to lots of hype?

  • Love this! I’m also a notepad lover, i’ve got to have loads of blank ones in the house, just in case I feel the need to write something 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  • I’m 100% a notebook person too – that link to Appointed is dangerous!

    – Natalie

  • Super helpful thanks. Would be cool if you could do a post or video on how you edit, I’m completely new to all this! x

  • Victoria

    I “inherited” my sisters old camera and use it for my blog posts; I am ridiculously clueless when it comes to photography but it works for me 🙂 If I should get more serious about blogging in the future, then I´ll probably invest in a tripod for fashion posts and the like!

  • Carolina Calpurnia

    This is going to be so helpful for my new blog, thanks

    Carolina 😉

  • I purchased the Olympus Pen E-PL7 a few months ago and fell in love with it. I’d love to have a Canon DSLR, but for the time being, the Pen works great for me and is easy to travel with! I’ve been drooling over an ipad pro too ever since I saw the graphics Lily made!

    Carrie |

  • Solange Santos

    Great post, the only thing missing is editing software. Can I take a chance it’s FinalCut Pro?

  • Jasmine Jonas

    As a new blogger this post was so helpful, thank you so much Anna! Great timing x

  • This is such a helpful post! Thanks, Anna 🙂

    xo, Liz

  • Polly Daszkiewicz

    Lovely, helpful post! Thanks for sharing x

  • I use canon 650D and sigma 30 mm, and macbook retina laptop, i have to buy rode mic and also thinking about upgrading to other camera

  • This post is a hundred percent useful!!
    Miki xx

  • Allie May Redmond

    This post is so helpful! I’ve been wondering about lights and stuff for ages but never knew where to start! x

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  • As I’ve started blogging not too long ago, these tips are most welcome! 🙂 I’m learning something new every day.


  • Great tips!

    Sophie x

  • Loving these tips, thanks for the post! 🙂

  • I just bought a canon 100d – I’m looking forward to testing it this weekend! I’m hoping it’s not too different to the 700d that is popular with bloggers! Xxx

  • MaryAnn Mascena

    Wish I had read your entry, I could have saved a ton of money! Thank you!

  • are you using the Olympus E-pl8 for vlogging or photos? I see it photographed in a favorites but not mention. I here its a bit better than the canon g7xii

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  • Wildfire Charm

    These are such helpful tips and thanks for sharing a little bit more on the technical side which I find often difficult to figure out. Procreate sounds so amazing, by the way! I think I need to get one. It’ll be so fun to doodle on pictures and videos x

    PS: There’s a iPhone case/ Laptop skin giveaway happening right now on

  • I love that you like taking notes and schedule on paper! I do it too, for some reason I can’t get into digital. Although I love OneNote!! Very helpful post!!

  • Your photos always look amazing, so your camera must be good!

  • Violetdaffodils

    Thank you for sharing this as it was really helpful and useful to read. I love your videos and blog and was curious to know what equipment you use so I’m pleased you have shared this with us 😀


  • I am so tempted to try soft box lighting, thanks for the tips Anna! x

  • Stasi ✨

    Thank you for sharing this, so helpful!

  • Franky Williams

    I’d most definitely agree with your suggestions Anna 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for a good filming light that doesn’t break the bank?

  • lucy prosser

    Ah amazing suggestions 🙂 I think the anthropologie coaster is also essential 😉 I definitely want to get a new camera for blogging this year. Thanks for your recommendations!
    Lucy xoxo

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    I did a whole blog post on the appointed notebook because of your recommendation anna.. check it out here

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    My mac is a staple when it comes to blogging. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’ll have to check those cameras out when it’s time for me to upgrade.

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    I’ve been wondering where your lovely notebooks are from! Definitely popping one on my list of things to buy…

    Such a helpful post for us still finding our feet 🙂

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  • I’ve just started using Procreate and I love it so far!

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