Back to Black: My Wardrobe Basics

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more monochrome…


I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to talk about my favourite topic when it comes to fashion – good ol’ black. You know that whole ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour’ slogan, I’m so behind it. There’s something about black that just makes me feel sophisticated, put-together and a little bit polished, but not overly so. I’ve been this way since I could dictate my own clothing choices; I think it’s an innate leaning, with a bit of the ‘Posh Spice’ affect thrown in. So here it goes, my monochrome wardrobe basics, a.k.a) the easiest post ever to put together… 


Here’s a shocking fact for you – I only own one black coat, well two if you count my leather one. I feel like that’s because I wear so much black that sometimes I like to break it up a bit with my jacket choice. Sometimes I don’t though and don black head-to-toe and that’s cool too. On those occasions I wrap up in my Whistles Erika Faux Fur Collar Jacket, which works as a great little two in one. Keep the blue collar on and it gives you a bit of contrast, but take it off and suddenly things look more casual and the fit a little more boyfriend. I love it. Annoyingly it’s sold out pretty much everywhere, but this REISS number is a good dupe.



Whenever I think about what jumper I want to wear in the morning I always get sad when I realise that all my black ones are in the wash. I think I need to realise that it’s silly me buying any other colour (aside from grey and navy because they make me a bit sad when they’re in the wash too). Equipment do the loveliest cashmere pieces –  I love the Sloane Jumper and the Asher one too – but they’re pricey, investment pieces. & Other Stories do some fab dupes for like a third of the price. This Cashmere Jumper from them fits beautifully and washes well too.




I live in some kind of black trouser; be it a denim or leather. On the odd occasion I’ll rock out a blue denim, but for the most part I stick to black. Quelle surprise! Jean-wise I love the Topshop Leighs for a lightweight summer option (LOL!) or the Acne Studios Skin 5 which are a little thicker and therefore hardier. I’m actually wearing a pair of leather trousers from ZARA in this post that I picked up about two years ago now. A pricey purchase, but I wear them so often and I love how I can wear them in a pretty casual way by pairing them with trainers or really dress them up with heels (on that rare occasion that happens about once a year).



I love trainers. I like to walk a lot (mainly to avoid feeling like a tinned sardine on the underground), so whilst the boot options in my wardrobe are comfortable; nothing beats trainers once we’re reaching the 15,000 steps in a day mark. I find that black trainers are your best bet because they trick the eye into thinking you’re wearing something much chicer on your feet. The Nike Roshe Runs are my favourite because they feel like slippers and don’t have too much branding going on, but I’m currently all heart-eye emoji over this New Balance pair.




I never thought I’d be one for fancy bags, but I must admit that I’ve been well and truly sucked in and I eyeroll at myself at least once a day for that fact. Recently I’ve been reaching for the Saint Laurent Tote Bag all the time because it’s a bag with Mary Popins-esque powers and has the ability to carry everything and anything. Although the Saint Laurent Monogramme Tote is a great choice for everyday when I need to carry around the essentials with me, but not the kitchen sink. I also can’t stop thinking about the Chloe Faye. Will someone please talk me out of it before I do something stupid. Please and thank you.


Photos by Lauren Shipley


  • I’m on the hunt for the perfect black coat but because I’m so short, it can be hard to find one that fits right! Thank you for the recommendations Anna.
    – Ambar x

  • theblackblush blog

    All black is always my favorite! Love this coat!

    The Black Blush

  • Yup, you got lots of black, but that’s good, you can’t go wrong with black!

  • I love the leather look pants, I really want to pick up a pair! x

  • You have a really great selection here Anna, and very classic

    Mel ★

  • Janine Heini

    great Post, wonderful black pieces!

  • Carolina Calpurnia

    You can definitely never go wrong with black, nice post!

    Carolina 😉

  • All black is always my favourite to wear! So easy! Xx

    Lucy x //

  • Pragati Siddhanti

    I so agree! Black is an all time favourite! I loved the shoes and the bag!!

  • I really like this all black look, becaus it’s sporty 🙂 just like my style – event though I was always Scary Spice 🙂

    xoxo from Cologne,

  • It’s always good to have wardrobe basics and I have to say the way you put them together they no longer look basic at all. I would never usually think of myself as one to wear literally ALL black but you’ve changed my mind. I love your take on it. Thanks for this post!
    The Pale Tails
    – Beckie x

  • Love a good all black outfit. I recently found that the only work trousers I wear are my black ones, so I threw away all of my other ones, because there was no point really. I want to upgrade mine through. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to buy good quality plain tailored trousers?

    – Natalie

  • Can’t go wrong with black! A black coat is the best staple! x

  • I love me some black as well! The coat looks great on you, the blue collar is a very classy touch. Who says blue and navy can’t be paired together? 😉

  • I looove all black. This outfit looks so cool paired with trainers! xx

  • I need to stock up on some basic black pieces, I’ve been wearing more greys/pinks recently! I also cannot stop thinking about the Chloe Faye bag, soz for the enabling but it is just so so beautiful!

    Lynnsay x

  • Viktoria

    Wow nice post! All black is always good!
    Visit my blog. I recently started my own blog. Looking forward to your feedback.

  • Such great picks! All black is one of my favorite looks to wear.
    I also feel like Mary Poppins with my tote bag from Zara!

    Sophie // The Tomorrow at Dawn

  • Anna

    This was such a joy to read! I loooved your picks as well, so sad one of the jackets is sold out in my size!

    Anna //

  • Such a chic look but the trainers keep it comfy too! ♥

    Amy //

  • You look awesome and so chic! You can never go wrong with all black 😉

    Cat //

  • Stylish as always lovely!! I always wear black its definitely my comfort blanket but its so easy to style! xxx

  • Rose

    At your request, this is my attempt to talk you out of the Faye. It is a gorgeous looking bag and it would work well with your wardrobe/aesthetic. The downside of the Faye is that it is quite a ‘big bag’ (in terms of bulk and weight) but it doesn’t really fit much. The accordion pleats in the bag and the overall shape means that the things you put in there need to be relatively flat for the bag to keep it’s shape. To put it plainly, it looks good if you don’t have much in it. So, perhaps not the most practical in terms of designer bag choices, and I know you are a practical gal at heart. Cheers!

    • Yasemin Aydin

      Very true! I’ve sold mine as it was so impractical even though it is a beautiful bag. x

    • Just what a I needed to hear – thank you 😉 xx

  • Philippa

    I wear a lot of black too, just so easy to wear!
    Philippa x

  • I wear black all the time! It’s so easy to pair with other colors, but looks so chic on its own. I love pairing an all black outfit with a blush pink scarf or beanie.

    Carrie |

  • Nilla Austin

    Black truly is the best color! It’s so effortlessly chic and goes with everything. I really love that coat!

  • I love black, its my favorite color when it comes to fashion.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  • Black on black on black! Love it. It’s so classic and timeless!
    Katie Actually

  • I love that black bag- just gorgeous 🙂

  • The black everything! Who can go wrong with this color, I really love it. I’m a lot into huge tote bags as well, my only problem is that I carry more stuff around than usual haha 🙂 x

    | |

  • Sandara Rose

    Do your ankles every get cold? I get that the ankle break makes even trainers a little chicer, but real question. Also, how do you like the tote bag?

    • Yes they do! And I’m loving the Tote Bag – a very practical purchase! x

      • Sandara Rose

        Haha part of the reason I love following your blog is how real it is. The bag is beautiful! If it wears well, thinking about getting one for my mom for Christmas next year.

  • Black is so elegant and easy to combine, I love it as base for my wardrobe.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • I love black. I wear black outfits very very often. How you said, I feel very confident and elegant in it 🙂

  • Lucy Birchall

    YES, all black everything, high fives all round. THOUGH I did immediately regret having so many black clothes when I went home for Christmas. My beautiful dog, a short haired Jack Russell, malts profusely on all the furniture, all throughout the house. Cue my black clothes developing a white furry layer. Grim!
    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness, Beauty & Lifestyle

  • As I went through my top drawer recently, I realized that I had two shirts that were not black, white, or grey…and I was okay with that. I’ve definitely moved toward a more monochrome palette as of late! My perfect pair of black jeans comes from Urban Outfitters. I absolutely LOVE their skinny high-waisted black jeans. They have the perfect amount of stretch and the quality is quite high for their approachable price point. Highly recommended!

  • Saskia Ciliberto

    All black everything 😍😍


  • Anita LeBeau

    I love your look! I’ve just gone through my closet and thrown out so many things. I’d like to build more of a capsule wardrobe, something to work on definitely. I’m a lot older and I don’t currently work so I mostly dress for comfort and casual. Living in FL it’s also a mostly one season wardrobe, a few sweaters thrown in, and pairs of jeans.

  • Lisa Autumn

    BLACK is pure perfection… oh yes!

    xx Lisa

  • Black is the best 😉 Love the look and your bag is gorgeous!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • All black outfit never goes out of fashion.
    I loved that overcoat btw.

  • Love your curated selection of black. My kind of wardrobe essentials 🙂
    xx, Marie

  • Great post! As a New Yorker, I’ve learned that black goes with everything haha! 🙂

    Adventures With A |