Something To Do This Weekend: The ’90’s and ’00’s Quiz

Take a competitive walk down memory lane…

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Seeing as the first Newton Arms Pub Quiz went down so well – THANK YOU, YOU LOVELY LOT – I thought it would be rude not do another one for you. And seeing as I end up in an hour long walk down memory lane whenever I mention yo-yos, Bop-It, hair crimpers or Sunny D, it feels like a nostalgic late ’90’s and early ’00’s quiz is just the way that I’d like to spend an afternoon. You too? Well, you’re in luck because here it is. Why not put on some jellies, snap on a plastic choker and put Spiceworld on in the background. You’ll be zig-a-zig-ahh-ing through the rounds in no time…


The quiz consists of five rounds; two Q&A rounds – one for general knowledge and one for TV, film and music, two picture rounds – one for toys and games and one for one-hit wonders, and one music round.

The total points available is 60.

This quiz is pretty U.K based – so if you’re overseas then it might be best to make your own or adapt my questions. Give it a go – everyone loves a bit of nostalgia.

ROUND ONE: ’90’s & ’00’s General Knowledge – Questions – Answers

A good starter round that covers historical events, sports and a bit of everything. 

ROUND TWO: The Picture Round #1 – ’90’s & ’00’s Toys & Games – Questions – Answers

You either had them or wanted them, but can you remember what they are called?

ROUND THREE: Film, TV & Music – Questions – Answers

Because who didn’t watch Top of the Tops every Friday night? 

ROUND FOUR: The Picture Round #2 – ’90’s & ’00’s One Hit Wonders – Questions – Answers

You know the song, but do you know the artist of these one hit wonders?

ROUND FIVE: The Music Round – ’90’s & ’00’s Bangers (use this playlist) – Questions – Answers

A tricky one to play if you’re playing on your own, but if you’re playing in teams the quiz master just needs to play the linked up playlist on Spotify. Play just the first 10 seconds if you want to make it really hard. Give one point for the name of the artist and one point for the name of the song.

Photo collages scanned in fresh out the memory box – I used to have them up on my wall in my childhood bedroom.