Shade-Shifting Base Mixers for FREE


News of a beauty brand making the foundation purchasing process that little bit more easier is like music to my ears. And when there are freebies involved? Well, then I just had to share. Illasmasqua are pretty kick-ass when it comes to beauty innovation and this time they are really raising the bar. You know their Skin Base Foundation? I’ve used it in the past and got on with it pretty well – though it was purchased in my OTT fake tan days so unfortunately it’s not a formula that’s currently in rotation. Well, from today if you pick up a bottle in Selfridges, not only will they help to colour-match you up (phew), they’ll throw in a mini tube of a Skin Base Mixer colour correcting formula picked out for your personally tailored to your complex concerns. Sweet deal, non?

There are three on offer: Amberย a yellow toned liquid to even out olive skin tones, Terracottaย a warm rose to blur pigmentation (though I’ve been quite liking it as a buff-looking blush), Chestnut a deep cocoa shade to add depth and White to lift and add brightness. Given my past experiences with miss-matched foundation shades I reckon that the White one will come into play the most for me, meaning that a teenie tiny amount into previously orange formulas will mean that I will no longer look like a candidate for Snog, Marry, Avoid when I wear them. And I have to say that dayum these things are pigmented. They’re not not some kind of wimpy colour correctors that blend into nothing on the skin, these things really to alter the hue of your base. I’m still trying to get my swatch of Chestnut off the back of my hand. True story.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation comes in at ยฃ32 from Selfridges and I think this offer is just the push I need to re-purchase a non-faux glowed appropriate colour. Ladies who always end up with the same colour matches at me – what shade do you come up in this?