The Skincare/Makeup Hybrids




It’s almost like for a while I forgot about the amazing ‘not skincare/but not makeup’ product category. Complexion enhancers that do the job of skincare, while leaving a veil of tint on the skin that mean that foundation and concealer application are negotiable. Having used my original hybrid find, Origins Vitazing, down to the last helping and taking quite literally years to repurchase it, it’s been a while since I’ve used them on a daily basis. But they really are so good – making no makeup makeup days (sorta) a thing of the norm – that I thought it was time to revisit my favourites for any newbies round these parts…

The Sunkisser One (not pictured because it’s all used up – boo) – This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle. If I instantly need a bit of oomph in my complexion then this is the one I go for. Most skincare items that offer up a hint of tint can come up a little orangey, but this pump squeezes out a hue of caramel that naturally peps up all skin tones. In the summer I slick this on with a dab of concealer, mascara and lipgloss and I can easily be out the door in five minutes with a few seconds to spare to make sure my pants are on the right way (it happens more often that you think).

The Original OneOrigins Vitazing Energy Boosting Moisturiser. Gawd this stuff is good. There’s just something about applying a thin layer of this all over my chops that just makes me look healthy. Energy Boosted? Only a quick boogie to Beyoncé can do that. But more radiant and glowy? It delivers on those counts. It smells good enough to eat and I promise, promise that my skincare routine will never be without it again. See it in action here.

The Does-It-All OneGarnier Miracle Skin Cream and Miracle Eye Cream. There’s really not much to distinguish Garnier’s line-up from the Origins one aside from the fact that it’s half the price and perhaps comes off a tad bit pinker in tone. The Miracle Skin Cream is fab – no complaints and it acts in a similar way as the other two aforementioned complexion cheerleaders. But the Eye Cream does need a little extra moisture beneath it to stop it looking too dry – but to its credit it does a good job of unloading and lightening the load on my under eye bags. See the Skin Cream in action here.

Whether you use ’em to beef up your base prior to foundations or smooth them on alone – it will make you wonder what you did before you found this awesome category of hybrid beauty.