Clothes Shopping Show & Tell

Additions to the beauty stash I make on a basis so regular I’m not sure I’m willing the share the true figure; but wardrobe additions? Well they don’t happen so often. Mainly because I absolutely despise trying clothes on in changing rooms, so I’ll stalk the store, pick out a few things I like, decide that it’s silly to just judge the sizing by eye, put them back on their displays and exit empty handed. There’s a reason why I’m a beauty blogger, see? But over the past weeks and with the warmer climate of Milan pending I picked up a few items from my favourite haunts – ASOS, Zara and Topshop namely – that I’m really pretty chuffed with. All worthy additions that you’re going to see me wear on repeat in the coming months. That white Zara Jacket is already due its first trip to the dry cleaners…