November Favourites

Don’t mind me. I’m just goofing around with a product that just so happens to be in my November Favourites edit. Oh yes, it’s that time again. Some raves in this video will come as no surprise: the lip product that I’ve somehow managed to drop into 99% of VDM posts over the pas four weeks, the foundation that’s been top of my rotation and the nail polish that has been sported on my tips all darn month. But there are a few surprises that haven’t been in the spotlight so much including a brush that’s got that whole precision powdering thang down and a cheap as chips brow gel that’s been keeping my unruly bunch in place and you know that’s quite a feat. Oh and in what’s becoming quite a regular spot, there’s a candle. The candle coveting never stops.


  • Alice

    Your lip colour is gorgeous!

    alicekatex ♥

  • Jessica Rose

    I love Nars for lip products…they seem to last well.

  • I really want that Nars pencil. So pretty.

  • So many nice picks, Anna! You’re tempting me with the YSL foundation (Lily has as well!) and Cruella looks so nice on you! It’s one of my favourites 🙂

  • Mika Avila

    Yup that’s it! I am buying that lip color first thing after my class tomorrow!

  • The brush sounds good 🙂

    I’ve wanted to buy Nars products for a long time now, I really want to try their lip products 🙂

  • Natasha

    I love the NARS lip pencils I’ve not tried that colour but it looks really pretty x

  • Faith Warde

    I’m seriously lusting over that NARS lip pencil!

    Girlintheblackhat x

  • Maddy Cane

    Love the NARS Lip pencils, the colour is gorgeous and the formulas are incredible! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Isabelle McWilliam
  • Amy

    Cruella <3 I have you to thank for making me embrace reds. I definitely would like to try and get myself matched to the YSL foundation next year.

    Amy xA Little Boat Sailing

  • Ahh you make me want one of the matte lip pencils by NARs so badly lol they look amazing

  • Sonya

    I love my NARS Dolce Vita!

  • I adore this photo of you! Why are you so lovely? 😉

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    That lip colour looks fab! Have to get myself down to a Nars counter I think….

  • Ella

    Someone pull me away from Space NK! I don’t need ANOTHER Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, but this shade is just so gorgeous…

  • Beautyandtheb

    Can’t wait to try out NARS cruella, looks so gorgeous on you!

    B xx

  • Ellie

    Nars Cruella is sold out everywhere!! This lip pencil I fear will always be the one that got away! 🙁

  • Rachel

    That is the most perfect shade of red! and definitely going to try out that boots shampoo!

  • Ahh Cruella looks so fab on you!! I definitely need to go check it out!! And the polish is just so perfect for fall/winter!

  • I have never bought a NARS lipstick. That color is lush, I’d love to see how it would look on my skin.

  • narine

    I really love the YSL Youth liberator serum foundation! Why can’t we get them for more affordable prices? argh!


  • siska

    you look amazing with this lipstick!

  • Nails of the Unexpected

    This blog has been my lifesaver today! The two products I’ve been looking for have been an easy quick fix for my brows and a deep red lip colour that doesn’t need a lip liner! Great video!
    Erica xox

  • Siti Fatimah

    i love this photo of you!!!makes me happy when i look at it..

  • Zara M

    I just had to have that Nars lip pencil asap, it looks so good on you (crushing just a little bit ).

  • Radhika

    I love, love, love the Nars matte lip pencils! I have Damned, which is similar to MAC’s Rebel, but I think I actually prefer it. I totally recommend it!

  • Bianca Rubin

    Just as Radhika pointed out below, try Nars Damned! Its another amazing color in that line. I also have Cruella, but I definitely reach for Damned when I’m going for a nice fall/winter lip. It’s a pretty deep berry wine and looks absolutely stunning and stays in place for hours . Blue eyed girls should especially give it a try since I find the color really makes blue eyes pop.

  • thelikelylady

    Beautiful shade of red! Might have to have a cheeky purchase after Christmas is over.. x

  • Aleyna Akgul

    The colour of the lipstick is good

  • Anine

    Love this lip color on you!