CHANEL Christmas & ‘That’ Palette

It’s fair to say that I’d been stalking the CHANEL counter staff at my local beauty hall in anticipation of their Christmas cosmetics drop. I’d seen the pictures. They looked dreamy. I saw the Lisa Eldridge Tutorial where she used the limited edition eye palette. I felt minor heart palpitations coming on. In fact I wasn’t too fussed when I first spotted the offering on my Instagram feed. There was a flurry of heart-eyed emojis passed between Amelia and Lily on WhatsApp, I was the one who remained indifferent. But when Lisa’s spotlight shone on it, I was sold and the hunt was on.

It ended not too long after at the Covent Garden store (FYI they had the exclusive on the collection a week before it was rolled out onto counters – something to note for next time), where Amelia picked up one and in Lily’s absence I picked up two. One for her, one for me. There were plenty of squeals and a few flaps of excitement and boy were they justified. Sure the overall collection is a beaut; a matte rouge lipstick and the highlighter particularly caught my eye – but the Ombres Matelassées de CHANEL Eyeshadow Palette in Charming is just jaw-dropppingly awesome.

Palettes are definitely having a moment right now in the beauty world, so I’ll let you in on why this one is different and why it’s the one I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for.

I mean, firstly, it’s CHANEL. So it goes without saying that the whole thing is aesthetically pleasing; arriving in a fancy little case all enclosed in an embossed compact with a quilted patterning on each shadow. Inside there are five shades, all neutral – just how I like it. In terms of finish they’re a bit of a tough one to describe – the central bronze colour (the one I’m sporting on my lids in the pictures above) is most certainly a shimmer, but the other four are more matte with the tiniest hint of iridescence to them. There’s a pink laced beige (which I’m sporting above as an inner corner highlight), a medium brown with a tinge of gold (I popped that in the crease), a darkened cocoa and purple undertoned grey which adds somethin’ somethin’ to the mix. Everything just works so well together and I think the reason why it’s managed to weasel its way into my heart because the colours just fit so well with my colouring (if I say so myself) and tastes. I think it could well be my perfect palette. Woah Nelly, bold statement there.

You know what else differentiates this one from the pack? The price. I’ll let you find that one out for yourselves, but if you’re still up for a piece of the palette action after the shocking discovery it’s best to have a scout around on counter. Last time I checked there were still the odd few floating around. I’m telling you, this ain’t one to hang around for.