Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish

Nails Inc Porchester Square. A colour I don’t have to be in any particular mood to slick on, it always hits the spot. A greige lavender, I’ve often touted it as my favourite nail polish ever (a claim I still stand behind) and it is in fact only one of two nail polishes that I’ve ever repurchased (Essie Topless and Barefoot being the other). So when I spotted the best shade of all in a new gel-finish formula it took about a nanosecond to travel from shelf to basket. FYI it’s £14 from Beauty Bay, though I spotted mine on the stands in my local Boots. With promises of a high-shine, self-plumping, hardy finish, I’ve put it to the test over the past week. So how did it fare compared to my ol’ favourite formula?

There’s three points to consider here: application, finish and longevity (it’s not worth commenting on colour, they’re an exact match). Application-wise the original P.S wins; the gel-finish offering takes three coats to get opaque coverage, the other only two, though the brush on the gel-version is miles better – a great cuticle cuddler. The gel texture does win hands down though when it comes to finish. It’s way shinier than the original, I’m not talking ‘grab your sunglasses cause there’s a glare’ shinny, but it’s got a noticeable gloss that the older one lacks. Though I tend to throw a top coat on anyway through habit, I wouldn’t say that it requires one. The deciding point for the longevity category too goes to the gel polish, which lasts a good five to six days on my chip-prone nails before things get a little worse for wear (baring in mind no maverick glove-free washing up is conducted).

So the new gel finish Porchester Square formula wins – as long as you don’t mind whipping on another coat. It’s ok, I’ll take it. 


  • So pretty and wearable!

  • I am glad you did a review of this as I really wanted to try it. I recently got a bottle of Porchester Square and I have to say that I really like it. Although, I think that my all time favorite nude color has to be Essie Sand Tropez 🙂


    Style playground

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    It’s a classic shade and if it lasts longer then wehay! I haven’t tried any of the Nails Inc gelly’s yet, but this has really intrigued me and I might pick up a nice shade of blue next month :o). Xx

  • Ella

    The greige-shaped hole in my makeup collection was recently filled by Essie Chinchilly, but this is DEFINITELY different enough to justify!

    Topshop giveaway on my blog!

  • hayley durrant

    Saw this and was very intrigued… thank you for shedding light on this product.

    On a totally unrelated matter, I think your blog is fabulous and chose you as my Blogger of the week on my ‘Round up of the Week’ blog post. Check it out here:

    Thank you for keeping me updated on the beauty world. You rock!

    Hayley Durrant

  • Phoebe

    I was a little disappointed with the formula, much prefer the original Nails Inc polishes!

  • Heels Forever

    Love this colour, really want to try this formula! xx

    Heels Forever

  • Saskia

    I’ve been looking for a nail colour like this for a while now – so thank you anna! Another awesome recommendation from you

    Saskia x

    Sassy’s Space Blog

  • Alexanda A. Ftouli

    I like the color,I will definately give it a try. A pale nail polish color that I like is the Bourjois’ 1sec in the shade 3 Beige Distinction.

    Love,Sandra |

  • Gemma Douglas

    Lovely shade. I love nudes/greys x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  • Icaria

    I completely forgot about these! I just might pick up this shade since it just might be a nice switch from my usual vampy colors. I’m quite curious about the finish.

  • Sophie

    This is a beautiful shade 🙂



  • Eleanor

    Such a nice colour, and the finish does look great! I’m too lazy to bother with the extra coat though haha!
    Eleanor x

  • MyLushBox Barbz

    Such a pretty colour. I love the Barry M gelly polishes too. They are so shiny and nice. Still not as great as the actual gel polishes though, nothin can beat that amount of gloss!


  • Maddy Cane

    Looks beautiful, I love the colour of this! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Claire Caruana

    I love love this colour and the finish is gorgeous!

    Claire x x x –

  • I’ve been wanting to purchase the original porchester square for ages after seeing your rave on it, however the idea of a longer lasting finish has definitely made me want this version xx Emmi

  • Sylvia

    The perfect taupe grey!!


  • Nicole Jade Faulks

    The bottle is very ‘Butter London’ though don’t you think? It’s a gorgeous shade though, I may have to bite the bullet and pick it up! 🙂 x

    • I thought the same thing too! But i really love gray polish so pretty!

  • I’ve had my sights set on this exact polish for a while. I love it! It’s gorgeous on you. I’ll probably swatch it at my local Sephora (… and then pick up my own bottle).

    xx Lauren
    Dirty Blonde Ambition

  • Eileen Pang

    Have you tried the Collistar one? The Gell effect one is awesome! Really Popular in our asia countries.

  • Hayley

    I definitely need to try one of these polishes. Love this shade though

  • Kimberley

    Love this shade, so so wearable. I’ll take the extra coat for a few more days wear definitely.


  • Sharlotte

    This sounds great, although for £14 I can’t help thinking that there are better nail polishes you can buy with that kind of money… 🙁


  • PeonyandPeach

    Sounds good! I’m glad to hear it lasts longer!

  • Eleri Roberts

    Oooo this looks super luxe! Can’t wait to try it on xx

  • Rachel

    Looks great – love the colour

  • Tracy Timberlake

    oh! this is super pretty! i love the taupish color!!!