NARS One Night Stand Palette

So palettes seem to be having a moment in the beauty world right now, if you can’t already tell from my compact-packed Instagram. First the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette I oded to on Tuesday and now this offering from NARS, lets just say my cheeks are going to be well blushed-up, bronzed and highlighted for the next few months. So in the second instalment of palette porn this week I bring you the NARS One Stand Palette; a limited edition, Guy Bourdin collaboration, released as part of their Holiday 2013 collection. Six powders: one bronzer, one highlight, four blushes clubbed together in a makeup grid that’s quite honestly drool-worthy. Hubba hubba. Being a bit lacking in the NARS blush department, coupled with the fact that I’m a sucker for anything billed ‘travel-friendly’ I patiently joined the pre-order queue and when it arrived yesterday, well let’s just say my Dad piped up, ‘So are you just going to stare at it all day?’ Yes Dad, yes I am. So lets run through the contents:

Devotee Highlighting Blush – I dub this a ‘wet look’ highlighter. Wiped over cheekbones it imparts a unique gloss-like look, unlike anything else I’ve tried. I actually like this best as an inner corner highlight – it’s like the less yellow, but still striking sister of MAC’s Nylon. A nice ‘topper-offer’ for any of the blushes in this bunch.

Mistinguette Blush – this looks terrifying, but is surprisingly one of my favourites from the four apple shades. Cool-toned, bold and bright it blends out to be surprisingly subtle giving a babydoll blush. Paired with a balm and lashings of mascara I’m tempted to say this will be hauled out a lot next time I top up my tan.

Orgasm Blush – me and Orgasm don’t really get on and still, two years down the line since I first tried it, there’s no love lost between us. I find the shade a wee bit shimmery and ruddy for my complexion but it’s a best seller for a reason. I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

Laguna Bronzer – ahhh Laguna, my old pal. The only bronzer I’ve ever repurchased. It’s a nice addition to the palette and I’m happy to have it clubbed in as part of the complete cheek set. Not too shimmery, not too orange, not too heavy – it offers up a kiss of sun in one quick sweep without the outdoor frying.

Deep Throat Blush – my favourite NARS blush shade from their permanent line-up. My original pan of this has been misplaced into the hands of a mate somewhere along the line so I’m happy to have this on-hand again for a quick dust when I’m in the mood for a light pink cheek, with a pinch of peach.

Goulue Blush – if Orgasm and Sin had a blush baby, this would be it. With the rosy shimmer of Orgasm and the purple undertones of Sin, it’s a good picking for an autumnal nod of colour. Though it’s one I’ll reserve for my braver blush days as it’s definitely the most pigmented of the pack.

It’s currently exclusive to Space NK in the UK and for the grand total of £45 you can be part of the back-order crew (more stock is expected early December). Is it worth the wait? I think my days worth of thigh-rubbing yesterday says it all.

P.S) I’m without my fancy dancy camera today but if you’re after swatches Beautezine has ’em down.


  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    This is just perfect with so many shades I’d love to try – I think I’ve got one of my first items for the X-mas wish list :o). Xx

  • harleanrose

    seeing this over & over makes me want it that much more haha. it’s also such a good value for six great shades!

    xx harlean rose

  • Mika Avila

    Ooh I can’t decide between this one and the Hourglass palette. </3

  • Shrutilaya

    I must have both! But I have no access to either πŸ™

  • Eline Boot

    Incredibly Pretty!

  • Océane D

    This releases tommorow in France! I haveeee to have it.

  • As I don’t own any of the Nars blushes nor highlighter nor bronzer, this has become a perfect palette for me!!! Already joined the queue… eagerly waiting…

  • I’m sad this is limited edition, or I would have saved up for it. Beautiful palette.

    AmeliaRose | Beauty Blogger

  • claudia

    Love this palette, need to try out some colors!

  • Cassie

    I want to try this so bad. I wish it wasn’t so expensive πŸ™

  • Kristin

    Okay I’m drooling

  • This palette is so pretty! Well worth the money, I’m gutted I can’t get my hands on it now! I’m so glad you get Laguna in it, I’ve been wanting to try that bronzer for too long x

  • Thanks for the link love πŸ™‚ Glad you like the palette just as much as I do… It’s such an amazing palette!

  • Grace

    Such a gorgeous palette. I need this and Fairy Kiss! πŸ˜€

  • Sophie

    This looks incredible!



  • Jocelyn

    I feel the same way about orgasm blush. I keep trying to make it work since I spent money on it but I don’t think it’s meant to be. Beautiful palette, but I already own two shades so I think I’ll spent my pennies elsewhere:)

  • rachel

    omgosh!!!! This might be my favorite fall palate i’ve seen so far. SO jealous.

  • Emma

    Hi Anna,

    What a gorgeous palette, I can’t wait to get my mitts on one of these! It was lovely to sit in on your workshop session on Monday at the Next Blogger Network event.

    I’ve included this post in one of the top 5 links I love this week on

    Again, thanks for this and Monday – I’ll be sure to tune in very regularly.

    Emma xx

  • Elodie

    I really want this palette. I don’t own any NARS products but they’ve been at the top of my list for quite a while now. This would be PERFECT. I hope Sephora (France) carries it within the next two days because then I’ll be able to get 25% off it. πŸ˜€

  • Michelle
  • Maddy Cane

    So pretty, I love all the shades in this! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD



    Got this at Space NK this morning- they actually had to unlock the door to let me in! It’s gorgeous, and will be coming with me wherever I go from now on. I’ve wanted a blush palette for a while but they’re not that common ready-made.

  • I was staring at that picture for a shamably long time :p it is a gorgeous looking palette though I’ve never been keen on how shimmery orgasm is too especially with my oily skin but there are some seriously gorgeous shades I want to try in this, fingers crossed they are not sold out at christmas :p xx Emmi

  • Sylvia

    Love a good blush palette, just wish NARS included colours other than their most popular ones (since I already own them in singles)! #makeupaddictproblems


  • Daniella

    great post!



  • This blush/face palette is really making beauty headlines lately. Been seeing it everywhere. I love the face that it has blushes a bronzer and a highlighter all compacted into a neat palettes, but I find the blushes to be to close to the same color to want to purchase the palette.

  • Tarte Tanya

    Thats it I need this!
    I love NARS blushes/bronzer and just based on the portability of this makes this a no brainer.
    Lovely review!

  • Lyndsey

    Ahhh, your blog makes me want to buy everything you photograph!

  • Allie H

    Love all the names! Think I will have to try this am intrigued by most shades x

  • PeonyandPeach
  • Kimberley

    Tempted to get this just for that Devotee highlight, it’s gorgeous!


  • amy

    i ordered this on back order yesterday and it arrived today! it said expect in december, i dont know what happened but i’m very happy about it! this palette is amazing. xx

  • Brittnee KAO

    I want this palette so badly but I feel like I won’t use most of the colors. I just like looking at it! So your post totally made me laugh.

  • Rachel

    My favourite palette! Use it all the time

  • Rachel

    I’m seeing this everywhere and it is very depressing as it is definitely one of the most beautiful palettes I’ve seen but I have no money! Very jealous πŸ™ Rachel x

  • Sybil Mae

    I just received mine in the post and oh my… it’s gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  • La necesito!! Pero en Sephora estaban agotadas, tengo que esperar a que las repongan para tenerla!

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  • Claudia

    I’m seeing this everywhere and it does look pretty but I’ve seen swatches and they look just like the Danmari palette which I have so I think I’ll have to miss this πŸ™

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  • Priyankae

    I’m dying to get this palette. But I can’t find it on the EU’s Nars website. Maybe it is special addition to Sephora only? I’m in Sweden!


    • Elena Boselli

      If you are still interested I can sell you mine!! I have swatched it just once!! Let me know!!!

      • Carmena

        i want it if you still have it!

        • Elena Boselli

          I have already gave it away !! I’m sorry!!!!

  • Niha

    I have this palette and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with it. I was expecting the blushes to have great pigmentation, considering it’s NARS, but they barely even show up on my skin. I have to really coat my brush with the color just to get a little payoff. It’s not worth the money. I also bought the Tarte holiday blush palette and it is so much better compared to this one. I barely need one sweep to get a lot of color payoff. You’d be better off investing your money on the Tarte palette.