My Top Cleanser Picks


When it comes to cleansers, I must admit that I’ve got a bit of a tunnel-vision thing going on and we all know that it’s the OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel that I can see at the end. Though I understand that as a beauty blogger with a passion for makeup, skincare, etc etc it’s not the most entertaining thing in the world to be banging on about the same products all the time and while I was having a root around my stash for alternative cleansers I’d recommend I was surprised by just how many there were (/any at all). Turns out there are a few other complexion cleaners that I like to use from time to time and serve as another option for those who might not be the biggest fans of the OSKIA (but really, why? I’m intrigued!).

When my mates who haven’t really delved into the world of skincare before ask for a cleanser recommendation, I point them in the direction of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It’s just a good starter, all-round cleanser that gets the job done in a pretty gentle way and gets the user used to the idea of incorporating a muslin cloth into their routine. It’s the one that kind of kicked off my foray into cleansing and it’s a formula I’ll always feel nostalgic aboutΒ when I use it. The smell! The texture! Ahh memories. I tend to use it these days if I’m particularly spotty or greasy or if I just want a whiff of that old school scent.

The other one that I use from time to time is the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. A slightly grainy, exfoliating formula containing a clarifying and congestion-busting blend that I find best used on days where I’m looking a bit grey around the gills, neat on its own or pumped into my current cleanser to add a radiance boosting hit. If you’re quite dry in your complexion then this would be a good one to try to get your glow levels up, though it’s probably not the best for sensitive skinned gals; hence why I tend to use this as a bit of a bolt on.

A good budget option and the one that I tend to travel with as I find it easy to decant and store is the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. My skin just loves this stuff and appreciates it being part of my travel clan whenever I’m not at home. It’s also a good one at makeup removal, so a nice option if you like to double cleanse. It’s thin and provides a lot of slip on the skin which makes it the perfect candidate to get into massaging the face with. I can stroke my cheeks and chin for a good 15 minutes before I even realise what I’m doing when this on. Perhaps that’s why I have such good results with it? I think I’ve just convinced myself that I need to upgrade this to bathroom shelf status so I get more use of it when I’m at home. OSKIA – you’ve got a new cleansing buddy in town…