Making My Own Max Factor Lipstick and One For You

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As part two of the Max Factor ‘100 Years of Glamour’ celebration here at VDM (you seen part one? An Audrey Hepburn inspired look), they invited me down to their lipstick labs along with Ruth (who doubled up as photographer for this post – thank you!) and Lily and it was just a dream of a day. Being a science nerd and a lipstick lover, trips out don’t come better than this.

The Max Factor lipstick story starts a while back in 1928, when Max Factor created Lip Pomade – a gloss to put a stop to the actress’ licking their lips on set to make their pout look shinny. These were followed by this True Colour Lipsticks in 1940, which appeared very much like how we see lipsticks on counter today. Now there are more than 12 formulas in the line providing everything from liners to glosses and long-lasting stains to double-ended lipsticks.

I’ve compiled a list of things I learnt from visiting the Max Factor labs. One – everything is way more fun when wearing a lab coat (especially one with your name embroidered on it – thanks Max Factor). Two – lipstick making is not as easy as it may seem. Starting with a melted down wax/oil base, you add in pigments ranging from red and yellow to deep navy and black – yes black! – until you reach the right colour, level of pigmentation and texture before cooling it on a mould, breaking it free and slotting it into the tube. At one point when trying to create my nude option it looked like I was mixing a beaker of mud-like putty. Thirdly – when the lipstick has cooled and it’s released from the mould it’s impossible not to let out a little squeal.

Being informed prior to the trip that I’d be able to create three shades I already knew what I had in mind – a trio of shades that constitute my perfect lip colour wardrobe. So first up I attempted a bright orange toned red. A ’50’s shade with an ’80’s twist and fairly matte texture. It didn’t come off too far away from my original idea, but it did have a sheerer texture which made it a more everyday lip option. Then I went for a nude. A mix of beige, brown and pink (which is actually a mix of white, yellow, red and black pigments), I ended up upping the white pigment in the formula to give off more of a ’60’s Bardot vibe and add something new to my pre-existing lipstick collection. Having taken advice from Max Factor’s Global Shade Designer, Rebecca Parton, for the previous two, when it came to the last one I freestyled and ended up with a peachy pink – ah common’, you know me. With a glossy formula and a shade not too different from my natural lip colour, just with an added dollop of coral I foresee this being a shade that’s added to my daily go tos.

So here’s the exciting bit. A few extra never-to-be-released tubes of my favourite shade ‘Peach Babe‘, the final one I created, have been rustled up for a little giveaway. Just comment below with what colour you’d mix up if you had the chance to visit the lipstick lab and what you’d name it. Puns and play on words warmly welcomed. I’ll randomly pick the winners next week at midday on Tuesday 2nd September, drop them an email and announce it under this post. Simples. Time to get your makeup thinking caps on…

UPDATE: Thank you for all your entries – some fab names there. The winners are: Ala, Cadence, Nueyork, Jennifer and Emma and they’ve all been contacted.


  • Irene

    I would creade a matte, dark purple shade and call it ‘Plumtastic!’

  • Honor Whitfield

    I always play scientist with makeup! I have a MAC blusher that I love as a lip colour, so I ground it down and added it to vaseline, its my favourite lip balm ever! I’d make a matte rose-pink lipstick and I’d call it “Dusty Rose” – great post!

  • Melissa Haack

    I’d either make:
    a dark fuschia/berry and call it “un-berry’able”
    a bright pink and call it ‘hot, haute, hot”
    or a my lips but better dusky pink, nude and call it “pink of health”

  • I love the color peach babe! I think I’d make a berry-colored shade named Virgo. I always just feel better in berry-colored shades.

  • This looked like such a fun day, I can think of nothing better! I’d either make a slightly mauve/browny toned pink and call it “Your Lips But Better” or a deep, dark red and call it “Vampy”.

  • I would create a matte orchid shade to match my favorite Essie nail polish ‘Splash of Grenadine’ and name it ‘Y-Orchid-ding me, right?’ just because I’m a huge pun person and I absolutely love that color! *dreaming about it already*

  • E jwoody

    Lovely lipsticks! I would make a peach shade and call it Just Peachy, a bright red and call it scandalous and a Nude lipstick called Blogalicious!

    Great post 🙂

  • Even though peachy pinks are my fave, I think I would create a peachy-browny nude because it’s hard to find one that suits my skintone! I have no idea what I would call it, probably something paying homage to a tv show knowing me…

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Eline

    Such a great experience, must have been amazing! If I could ever design a lipstick it’d probably be a peachy colour called ‘Peach, please!’.

  • hdotxo

    I’m obsessed with deep reds and they’re usually festive so I’d name it something like Winter Red or Very Berry Winter

  • Maria Bio

    orange-red definitely! Have to think the name now.. 🙂

  • Esmee B

    If I could create my own lipstick I would choose a pink berry tone with a little shimmer/teeny tiny glitter particles included but still very matte and I would call it ‘Here’s to Teenage Memories’

    Esmee x

  • Cassie D

    I would do a natural, matte lip colour that is similar to my own lip colour but a bit more pink rather than brown – and i would call it…. pomegraneat??? hahaha

  • Tanja Logar

    I would make a perfect red like Fifth avenue from Essie. Wouldn’t be fun have the same name on your lips and your nails? 😉

  • Love your lipsticks!! I would do a hot pink with a touch of red/coral and call it spicy flamingo.

  • Marine de Menten

    I would create a bright red christmas shade and I would name it Rudolph! 🙂
    I love three of your lipsticks! Good luck on the Bloglovin’ Award! I voted for you!!

  • The peachy shade looks gorgeous! I would love to be able to go in a lab and create makeup. If I could create a lipstick it would be a sheer berry shade with a hint of shine and I would call it Berry Glazed.

  • I love nude lipsticks! The kinds that would blank my lips out – I don’t know why but it’s just so pretty! I’ll name it ‘Nudist’. (; Love all your colours toooo!

  • Anna Eisenbruková

    I would make a Plum-Pink toned nude (MAC Syrup inspired) with more of a satin finish and I would probably call it Plummy Girl.

  • my lipstick would be a mixture between a nude and a peach color and I would name it Wallflower! 🙂

  • Katerina Zacharopoulou

    I’d attempt a sheer rose-plum colour and name it Antique Rose

  • Manasvi

    Something along the lines of a Brown-Pink with a hint of plum which would be perfect as a nude but with a hint of colour for more darker skintones like nc42. I would probably call it ‘Better than Natural’.

  • Grace O

    I would choose 1) the perfect blue based red (that’s long lasting)
    2) the perfect mlbb lipstick – similar to MAC Cosmo. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Jana

    I would name mine “Plum Intended” – a shade perfect for autumn. A lovely plum which isn’t too purple and you can either wear full on or just dot it on as a lip stain. Perfect for a combining with a bit of gold on the eyes. 🙂

  • Maren

    I guess I would create a matte, neutral pinky shade but with a twist of a dark purple/dark berry undertone to it – perfect for an everyday autumn look! 🙂
    And I would name it “inplumspicuous”

  • Olivia Baker

    I would probably make a nudey pink shade and call it Duchess as I’m constantly lusting over Kate Middleton’s makeup and her very sophisticated nude
    lip. However in all honesty when let loose in a lipstick lab my idea would most likely go out the window in favour of getting to play around as much as possible!

  • I would make quite a sheer peachy nude shade and since I’m from Newtownards in NI I would call it Nude-townards

  • Beth Brown

    I would make a bright pink (like topshop Brighton rock) and call it paparazzi pink
    Thanks Anna, Beth 🙂 x

  • Mads

    I’d create a deep-berry-coloured matte lippie – a limited release edition just for males who want to wear lipstick themselves every once in a while. I’d call it… “boysMENberry” (sounds like boysenberry, get it Anna?). X

  • Kirsty

    I would create a dark red for the winter and name it darker then the red carpet

  • Roshni Mistry

    I’d create an orange toned red too and call it ‘Scarlet Fever’, which would be PERFECT for the Summer…that has just gone.

  • Ok, this thing is amazing. And these shades you created are just gorgeous, I’ve been creating lists of names I’d give to my lipstick since you, Lily and Ruth posted the pictures on instagram -lame, I know, but a girl can dream right?- and in the end I’ve come down with two names for “my” burgundysh brownish dark red: Plaid Shirt Days or Winter Is Coming -GOT jokes, even more lame, I know I know.
    Letizia x

  • Izabela

    It would be Raspberry shade called Raspberry Blush 🙂

  • Frodo

    Sounds like a fab time! I would make a berry peachy colour. Something similar to what I wear all summer long, but with a bit of a berry undertone to make it even more fall appropriate. I would probably name it something like “neverending summer”. I`m not sure if it would look any good, but I like the concept. A MLBB fall edition.

  • Gorgeous shades! My creativity is definitely going to fail me… I’d definitely want to create a nude – you know those peachy pinks… I’d maybe call it “signature” … I’m still looking for my signature lip colour!

  • Mandy

    I would pick an MLBB shade that is a tiny bit more berry – Berry Nice ( or is that name already taken? )

  • nicole elise

    I would create a berry pink and call it ‘sweet zing’

  • Alice

    I’d go for a pinkish berry colour with a matte finish and I’d probably call is ‘-A’ after my name

  • Katie

    I would have a orangy-nude with a slight sheen to it, nothing to glossy and nothing to matte, i’d call it sorbet

  • Vee

    I would make a sheer bright raspberry – like the effect you get after eating a cherry ice lolly! And I’d call it Cherry Bomb. Man, why doesn’t this exist in real life already?

  • Katherine Furness

    I would make a brave purpley/pink and it would be called ‘Viviviolet Does Makeup’, in honour of your blog 😉 x

  • Therese

    I’d make a deep semi-matte burgundy and I’d name it Lady and the Vamp!

  • sophie brewster

    Hmm. I think a mauve toned nude, as I can never seem to find them! Maybe be slightly tongue in cheek and call it Nude Mauve-y. 🙂

  • Emma

    I would created a berry matte lipstick for autumn/winter and name it mulled wine

  • Kristina Georgijevic

    I would make cherry one. I’d call it Vintage Cherry.

  • Cece

    I would make a very very dark cherry/blood red which also would be matte and it would be called ‘B+’ (B positive is my blood type ;))

  • lefkothea

    Maybe I would mix it with a hint of red to become more “night appropriate” and I would name it “Summer Love” 😛

  • Elle

    I’d choose coral or red shades, a bit glossy, and I’d call it: red ocean fireworks! 🙂

  • Isobel

    Hmmm well I love a good creamy sheer nude, I shall name it bird’s & bee’s or a bright dark pink with the name kiss me quick 🙂 xxx

  • Lina

    I’d like a vibrant cheeky pink and call it pink-pong 😉

  • Annie Marshall

    I’d create a bright hot pink and call it bubblegum! 🙂

  • Flora Dunster

    Ooooh I’d probably go for a nude too, to be honest. I can never find one that doesn’t look chalky, lip tars are a pain, and mixing a pink lippy with foundation is even more so… A perfect nude would be such a dream!

  • Michaela

    I’d do a dark tan nude colour and call it ‘sunbathe’ or a dark burgundy colour and call it ‘bonfire’ and would be matte shades because matte is my fave finish xxx

  • I’d go for something between Creme Cup and Plumful…I’m thinking ‘Mission Pinkpossible’ as this kind of shade is so hard to find!

  • Brown Nudes are probably my most worn lip colours but I love peach-pink colours so I’d be more likely to make one of those and call it ‘So Peachy’ 🙂

    Sophie | Sophlizbeth

  • Marianna Papagiannopoulou

    I would create a nude pink lipstick like the one you have in the middle there!!!!
    Pastel and nude tones look better on my skin that red.

    My email is
    I hope I win because the colours you created are amazing!!!


  • Samantha Au

    i think i’d go for like a pinky-browny nude! kinda a “my lips but better” kind of color!

  • I would make a peachy orange-red shade, and call it gingernut. Yes, I would name a lipstick after a biscuit, I love both!

  • Mariska

    What a dream to make your own lipstick! I think I would go for a red with an orange undertone and call it Dutch Dream, to stay truth to my roots 😉

  • LibiSimpson

    I would create a dark burgundy lipstick with a cherry kind of undertone that would be perfect for winter. I think I would name it “Dark Nights”. 🙂

  • Peter Easton

    I would do a peachy colour similar to yours cos it’s lush and I’d call it…”my favourite”,. SOPHIE Ford

  • aina

    Oh my, that shade looks gorgeous. I would make fresh orage-red-pink matte colour and call it morning dew.

  • Claudia

    Love all the shades above, so pretty!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  • Sandra

    I would probably try to create the perfect nude shade for me, as I struggle with finding one, and call it Lips Speak. The name probably sounds way better in my head than it actually does… 😀

  • Courtney Greenhill

    I would make a matte true red lipstick and call it ‘bulls eye’ as when you hit the target at archery its usually red!

  • Sophie ♥

    I am all about the pinky nudes at the moment so something between Peach Blossom and Patisserie by Mac & I’d call it Peony. x

    Sophie | Nana Wintour

  • Alicia Fernandes

    I would do a matte Fuschia type pink and call it Sweet Sixteen because I think it would be the perfect birthday girl colour specifically when your turning sixteen!

  • monique

    a pink classic 60s matter called bb pink

  • This looks so much fun! I would want a my lips but better colour and call it ‘Lazy Days’ or I would want a more coral colour and call it ‘Summer Perfection’! x

  • Sara

    This must’ve been so exciting! How did you only stop at making three!? I would make a pink-brown everyday nude and call it, ‘in the nude’!

  • I’d want a dark shade with the perfect balance between a burgandy and an oxblood red – the ideal between purple and brown – in undertones for fall and winter. And probably the rest of the year round because if I could find that shade it would never leave my lips. Semi-matte finish to look both classy and approachable. Name? Good Girl Gone Vamp.

  • Jade

    I would make a peachy-orange shade and call it zingy tang

  • Pebbles

    Ohhh think I’d have to go with deep but wearable berry/wine colour, and call it ‘Love You Berry Much’.

  • Sara Welin

    I would make a lipstick that is in a shade that is similar to my own lipcolour, but in a matte finish and call it Matify Me.

  • Nee

    Jee, I would love to make my own lipstick, it looks so fun! I would probably be boring and make a your-lips-but-better nude as I would wear it constantly or a moisturising red lippie with dark undertones like Rimmel 107. I would call the nude ‘My Perfect Pout’, because, it would make my pout better and I would call the red maybe ‘Vixen’ or something daring sounding. Nee x

  • lippylikes

    I would go with a bight Orange and call it Uv Bin Tangoed

  • Oceane Booth

    i would create the perfect fuschia pink colour lipstick and call it ‘Valentine’

  • Like you I would make a coral lipstick 😀 Hmm, name? ‘Coral me away’ xx

  • Becky

    i would love a deep Red shade and i would probably call it Deep valentine xx

  • What a cool experience.

    Emma Be Beauty</A

  • Ilona Tint

    I would create maybe a dark matt purple, plummy colour, been loving those very much as the autumn gets closer, but there arent that many nice matt colours around. For the name i would go for “Craving The Nights”, weird but i like it!

  • Vicki Hawley

    I would love a day at creating my own lipstick. I would probably make a semi matte retro blue toned red maybe on the berry side, and call in vivid vintage. Thanks Anna x

  • Wan-ru Hsieh

    love all three shades you created,especially peach babe!
    i would create a berry red lipstick (kind of like mixing rebel by MAC and Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 09) and name it “Dubonnet kiss”. which can be daytime appropriate when dabbed in and nice to wear for a night out.

  • Awww this is great, love the shades and thanks for the opportunity to win one. I would like to create a wearable plum shade that can suit everybody and look good day or night…I would probably call it ‘DessTiny’, something like ‘destiny’ but containing part of my name and also if you separate them, you see ‘tiny’ like having a tiny beauty weapon in your purse, just playing with words… 🙂

  • Adriana Boltryk

    HI Anna:) I would make Bloody Mary lipstick with the most intense red ever:) jealous:))

  • Lavinka

    i would love to create my own lipstick. mine would be a red with a blue undertone.

  • Britt Jade J

    I would make a light pink and call it Pink Panther

  • Mafalda Beirão

    I would definetly do a nude peachy color and i’ll probably name it Bare Lips.

  • Jana S.

    I would make a peach one because I haven’t found the perfect one yet 🙂

  • Pooja Parekh

    Love the shades you created!
    I’d create a pinkish brownish nude colour and call it ‘Sweet Cheeks’ as it would be a pretty everyday lipstick to wear.

  • Martyna Jelf

    OMG so jelly you got the chance to do something so amazing!!!! If I had a chance to experience making my own lipstick it would be in the most luscious autumn colour and I would name it Berry Nice! xxx

  • Ruthie – Christina

    I would make a cranberry colour and call it Cosmopolite

  • Belle

    I’d definitely do a blend of a pale pink and peach and call it pink mauve! Ps. I really enjoyed your week vlog, Anna.

  • Lily Cameron

    i would mix up a pinky nude and call it The Perfect Nude 🙂

  • Sandra

    love your colours! mine would be a soft coral pink called summer sunset

  • Kim

    I’d mix a pinky-red and call it ‘Cherry POP’ x

  • Johanna

    I’d create a lipstick colour that makes teeth look really white, like a red with a blue undertone
    Wouldn’t that be amazing?! :And I’d name it “Straight off the red carpet” 😀

  • Andrea

    Mine would be the perfect red – not too blue and not too orange, and I would also name it The Perfect Red!

  • Almost Insiders

    If I had the chance probably I’ll try to pick the perfect shade of red mixed with something pink or purple and I’ll call it “WonderRed”.

    Love your videos!!! 🙂

  • Orange based shades suit me best so I’d probably created an orangey pink, but muted and matte, and I’d definitely call it ‘Orange You A Sight For Sore Eyes’ x

  • Beth Revill

    I would mix pink and black to make a deep pink and call it ready for autumn x

  • Gaëlle

    I would create a pretty raspberry colour and I’ll call it “Berry Kiss”. x

  • Lilli

    I’d make a coral shade that would pair perfectly with my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Ice Blue as I’m yet to find the a good complimentary colour. For funzies I’d call is Frozen Reef 🙂

  • Tatjana

    I would aim for a matte/velvet texture and a deep slightly darker bloody red tone and call it Dita von Helsing.

  • I am insanely jealous of this Anna, it looks like soooo much fun, stuff like this is right up my street! I think that I would mix up a musky dark pink colour and call it Autumn Musk – it would deffo be an AW shade!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Caroline T

    I would make a perfect peachy pink colour, and I would call it “Peach it” Haha

  • Kalisha Bhanabhai

    I would make a maroon colour and call it chestnut xx

  • I’d create a juicy, mauve-y hue with a slight pink undertone (nothing too purple), of a medium coverage and velvet-y finish and I’d call it P(l)ump Up The Jam! 🙂

  • Bailey Martin

    I’d make a rose pink neutral colour like one of those my lips but better shades that I could slap on without having to look in the mirror and I’d call it, ‘pinot grigio blush’ after my favorite wine and it’s pretty rosey pink colour

  • I love all of the lipsticks, especially the last one! If I made one it would be a coral called ‘Catching Coral’ 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • Tuva

    I would make a nudy-light pink, a lipstick Twiggy and I would love. It would be called “Rouge Roulette”.

  • Eline

    I would do a very red coral with a little bit pink an call it “Sunset under the Cuban sea”.

  • asweetiedaisy

    I’m a science nerd too…in another life I’d like to be a sort of cosmetic chemist! The brightest fuchsia pink lipsticks are my weakness so I’ll mix the next best one! 😉

  • sharon

    Id pick a rosey slightly reddish pink to suit my olive toned skin and name in “rogue in paris” and wear it on special dates with the boy 🙂

  • I love a good red, I’ve been loving more orange based ones recently so I’d go with that in a matte finish – and if naming lipsticks was my job (which I wish it was!) I’d go with ‘Right Said Red’ – because when wearing it there’s a chance I’d be too sexy for my shirt/lipstick/cat… well a girl can dream?

  • I’d make a bright red with a matte finish and I’d call it “Rendez-vous à Paris” 🙂

  • Helena

    definitely would be a peach – something that pops out on with tanned skin but also looks mlbb in the winter, I’ve still not found the perfect one (yet)! Think I’d call mine ‘MelbaMarimba’ x

  • Paula

    I would either make something very simmilar to your Peach Babe (maybe a tad more orange) or a really bluetoned muted neonpink that goes in the lightplum direction (don’t know if that colordesription even makes sence to anyone besides me, haha. But I can see it clearly, really : )

  • Sammy Cardoso

    I’d probably try and do the perfect nude for me or just a very dark berry red, I’d call that one ‘Very Berry’ and the nude one ‘Mine’ simply because it would be perfect for my skin and my taste. 🙂

  • Alicia S,T.

    I would definitely make a deep dark berry pink! Actually i’ve been looking for something like that lately and it doesn’t exist, all of them are too bright or fuchsia. The name would be…Forest Spy

  • Alejandra

    I´d pick a peachy pink because in my opinion is suitable for all skin tones, if you´re pale or tan is a beautiful beautiful option!!

  • Kellyk11

    I would possibly rustle up a pretty, slightly sheer plum shade and call it PLUMp it up 😉 I love your weekly vlogs! x

  • bori

    I would mix colours like nude and peach because I love these colours! 😀 I’d call it “Nudety Peach Bum” if that makes sense haha

  • Camilla

    I would make a brown nude that is a bit like Kylie Jenners lip colour but a bit lighter and I would call it KindOf90’s

  • 5ocue

    Without this London weather, i feel like some ‘bloody-red’ slap on my lips to make me ….more human. I would have called it ‘Bloody Flesh’!

  • I’d create a nude pink with the smallest addition of red, so it still comes under the nude category without being a wash out colour. I’d name it Beach Walks .

  • JessicaSalamon

    I’d make mine a purple with a tiny hint of burgundy, and a bit of a sheen. I’d call it ‘Purple Rain’ x

  • I’d definitely make a deep vampy red with a matte finish of course to fit autumn and i’d probably call it “Red My Lips”- ah i do wish making lipsticks was my job! xo

  • Caroline de Vries

    Definitely a beautiful coral/pink for summer and I would call it SWEET CAROLINE!
    Kind greetings from Caroline from the Netherlands.

  • Cris Rajic

    How exciting Anna! If i created a lipstick shade this would be a pinky tone your-lips-but-better. I love the three lipstick you created, very good choices but if I had to pick one this would be the peachy one, “Peach Babe”, well done babe! (as Mark would say hehe)

  • Bathilde Stevenson

    I would make a reddy plum colour, like you’ve just eaten boysenberries, and I would call it ‘lips for boys n berries’ haha

  • But thank you so much for the giveaway Anna! Really appreciate your generosity xo

  • I’d definitely make a deep vampy red with a matte finish of course to fit autumn and i’d probably call it “Red My Lips”- ah i do wish making lipsticks was my job! xo

  • Zivile

    I would create my perfect plum shade – not too dark, but very rich. I really need something like that for this autumn.

  • I would love to do this! I think I’d make a deep, vampy red – like if you bought a tube of fake blood for Halloween – that almost black/purple red. (Description has got it sold, I’m sure of it.) And I think I’d name ittt…Bruised Blackberry. Again…name is completely selling it!

    God naming make up shades is hard! Hats off to those guys!

  • But thank you so much for the giveaway Anna! Really appreciate your generosity xo

  • Niamh

    I’m a real wimp when it comes to bold lips but I would love to create a lovely bold pink – somewhere along the lines of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Olé Flamingo, but in long wear lippy form. I would call it Brave because maybe then I would finally step outta my comfort zone and wear the flipping thing!

  • Carmen

    How cool is that?!? I would have been super excited as well! Given the opportunity, I would create a “my lips but better” shade that I could wear any day. I think I’d call it… “Good lips day” or “MaCAroon” (Ca being my nickname) 🙂

  • emily couture

    sounds like an exciting trip and wonderful colours of lipsticks 🙂

    emily xx

  • Allana Wilks

    Id need a nice autumn daily colour as i wear pretty much the same dark nude everyday. Id love a purple/nude colour 🙂 but i do love that 3rd colour youve created!

  • I always find it so hard to find the perfect Nude colour so I think I would try create something that worked with my skintone, a true made to order lipstick. So of course I would have to name in “Made to Order”

  • Rameesa Din

    Pink and a peachy looking nude called A Peachy Fantasy

  • Katarina

    Absolutely love the colors you’ve created. I think I would create a really creamy, peachy pink nude shade, the perfect “my lips but better” color, and then actually name it “My Lips But Better” because I can’t believe I haven’t already seen a lipstick named that, when it’s such a used phrase! xx

  • Isi

    that is actually a dream of mine! and this is a shade I would choose as well. Maybe I would call it P(r)each? or something 😛

  • Camelia Neaga

    I would probably create a nude shade with some peach in it. The Peach Babe looks great and it is really you.

  • Megan Latham

    I’d make a hot pink and call it ‘Victoria’s not so secret’

  • Emma Bradford

    I think i’d make a purple, rich plum and call it ’Schlurple’ xx @MissEmmaLou_

  • Zivile

    I would create my perfect plum shade – not too dark, but very rich. I really need something like that for this autumn. I would name it “Autumn Kiss”

  • Bethan Turner

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for this post after seeing Lily’s and Ruth’s posts. If I were to make a lipstick I’d make it a vibrant pinky coral colour and call it Reef (as in coral reef)

  • Megan

    This looks so fun, I love all three of the shades you created! I think I’d make a peachy coral shade and call it “Coral Me Maybe”!

  • Emily

    I think I would create a coral based nude! I haven’t seen many of those around – maybe a lipstick version of Coralista blush from benefit. Maybe call it….Coral Reef or Candid Coral 🙂

  • Kate Richards

    I would make a nude color and call it “Never Nude” mixing two of my loves, lipstick and Arrested Development!!

  • sarah

    Love your lippy colours and your lab visit id make a nice creamy not too dark berry called winters glow to warm me up

  • This looks mega fun Anna! If I had the chanche to make my own shade i’d probably make either a very orangy red or a pinky peach nude too *twinzies*!
    I’d probably go for the perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade and I’d call it something like..
    Better than Nude maybe? Cheeky, innit? hahah x

  • EvaBBlogt

    I’d make a matte deep plum lipstick “perfectly plum”. Looks like so much fun!

  • Lara

    I would create a really bright coral colour and call it Mexican hottie – thought of that as I am currently on holiday in Mexico and still watching all your videos and reading your posts!!

  • Marie

    I think I would create a nice raspberry kinda coloured and name it “I love you Berry much”

  • cafffran

    Love your lipsticks! I’d go for a deep berry red and name it ‘been at the Merlot’! Xx

  • Megan Spencer

    I’ve always wanted a lipstick which matches the exact colour of my favorite drink as a child, panda pop bubble gum! So a true purple toned blue with hints of pink, and the only name I would call it is bubble pop essentric! I would definitely make it a sheer easy to build balmy texture with the perfect stain!

  • Jodie

    I would make a dark rouge red with more blue undertones and call it Parisian Passion as red is typical french but the darkness makes it more seductive hence the passion

  • Just caught up on your vlog, that looked so much fun! (As did the Paris trip obviously!) I think I’d go for a shade to make me look less, erm, pale/ghostly/dead. Probably a nice, versatile creamy/hydrating peachy pink with the name “Alive & Kickin” xx

  • Isidora

    I would make the perfect orange undertoned red, with a matte finish and a long lasting formula and I would call it ‘Commander in Chic’. That looks like so much fun, I would love to give it a shot 🙂

  • xxBeccaxx

    What a fab day out! I would make a pretty fuschia pink and call it SWEETHING xx

  • megan goddard

    I would create a dark berry red, with minimal shine but not completely matte. I would call it “Autumn Berry”

  • Nancy G

    Wow, what a cool experience! I have a ton of coral and nude lipsticks at home because I simply think they look the best on me but I´d love to create my perfect red shade and I would name it “Fancy Nancy”. Love the colours you created, Anna!

  • Oh this is fun! I’d love to see the 90’s brown/purpleish lipstick make a comeback. I’d call it something like, brown is back in town. x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and I would call it Enchante 🙂 anything French is just so dreamy and a peachy pink.. can you ever go wrong? 🙂 xxxxxx

  • Guest

    I would love an orangey red as i miss one in my collection! i would call it Cordova Oranges 🙂

  • Alexandra Popescu

    This is hard… I’ll have to choose between a berry-plum shade called “Autumn’s wine” and a nude-peachy one “Pastel smoothie”.

  • Zebedee_boo

    It would have to be a ‘lip colour but better’ type nude raspberry shade. I have quite dark lips and can’t wear pale nude colours so a dark pink nude that I could wear in the day or on nights out would be amazing. And it would probably be called something like Raspberry Ripple or Chocolate Raspberry 🙂

  • I would pick the colour plum and burgundy and call it Wild Fig for a nice autumn/winter colour (:

  • sarah

    i’d go for a perfect pinky nude, i find it so hard to get one to suit me. I’d have to name it after myself haha naked sarah or something!

  • Alice

    I would do a pinky nude as I think it is really hard to find a good pinky nude. I would call it pude (mix between pink and nude)

  • Katharina

    I would create the lipstick I am looking for a long time now. A mauve colour, a little deeper than my natural lip shade, a perfect mix beetween a rosewood, a cool brown and a hint of purple. I already have a similar shade, but the lipstick itself dosen´t stay on very long and does not feel as good as I like to. The texture would be creamy-matte and rather opaque.
    And I´d call it Tate Modern, just because I love this place and I think it´s kind of a “modern” colour;)

  • Jenna King

    I would creat a corally, peachy shade lipstick because I think it would be quite versatile for different make up looks and I would call it ‘Party on the Peach.’

  • Valentina

    what a great experience you had the opportunity to have! if I could create my own lipstick I would do it by mixing red, purple and blue hoping it comes out a nice plum color for autumn!for the name I would choose “Plumper my lips”..kisses

  • Olivia Shields

    Wow this is such an amazing experience!

    I would probably make a red-toned orange, with this being my favourite lipstick shade and call it ‘fire up’ or ‘fire away’ .

  • Anna Johansson

    Peachy pink colour and I would name it Sweet Caramel 🙂

  • Olivia Shields

    Wow this is such an amazing experience!

    I would probably make a red-toned orange, with this being my favourite lipstick shade and call it ‘fire up’ or ‘fire away’ x

  • Tay

    I like mauve coloured lipsticks for everyday wear, something that doesn’t look overdone but still seems presentable! I’d name it “Bob Mauvey” (chill like Bob Marley but it’s a mauve colour. A+ for effort right???)

  • Abigail

    I would make a dark red/ purple shade and call it FALLing for you because its a fall/ autumn colour… I understand how terrible that pun was… Im ashamed

  • Tamara

    What an amazing experience! I think I’d make a pale blue-toned pinky nude and call it ‘Pure Rose’.

  • This is so cool I want a lab coat now 🙂 I would have a pinky peach colour and call it Rose Pêche as I just love the French language 🙂

  • Sophie

    I’d make a corally, peachy pink shade and call it “strawberry blonde”, delicious! 😉

  • Emma

    I’m a nude lip kinda gal, so a nice Mac Patisserie style nude but a tad darker and I’d name it ‘Undress those Lips’.

  • Bruce AndBoons

    I would most likely make a creamy salmon with a hint of nude colour and call it ‘Spawn-taneous’ 😉

  • Charlie

    I’d definitely make a similar peach, maybe a bit more orangey and it would be called ‘Peach To Meetcha’

  • Megan Mabes

    I would do a deep plumy fall color and call it Berry smitten! I know, so cliche.

  • Daria Koipish

    Wow, that’s cool thing to do! I would go for a pale peachy-rose color. I think I would call it “spring blossom” 🙂

  • Flora Barrett

    Wow! That looks amazing, how cool to have your own bespoke lip colours! I’d make a bright plummy pink, and call it plumkin

  • Mandy Bajwa

    Love all three colour!! xx

  • charlotte rollin

    such a fun idea and looks like you had an amazing time! I’d go for a nude ‘your lips but better shade’ and call it Girl Next Door 🙂

    charlotte from x x

  • Emma and Emily

    I would make a very natural pinky beige colour similar to my lip colour in a more matte texture with a long wearing formula and call it “Bitten beige” I would call the brand “Like Your Lips” I would do lots of nude shades for all different skin tones!

  • Emma and Emily

    This is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen! I would love love to get the chance to make lipsticks!

  • Andreia Ribeiro

    I would make a nude, definitely, since i’m still working on the courage to go out with something slightly sexy on my lips 😉

  • amy

    i’d make a dark berry colour called midnight dream!x

  • Sophia Asvat

    I would make the perfect magenta pink to match new purchases and call it “magentalman” 🙂

  • I’d try to create my perfect red because I’ve not yet found one that suits me. I’d call it Lovely Red Thing!

  • I still haven’t found a burgundy/brown shade that suits me. So I would go for that colour and call it “Marrakech Vibes”.

  • Adithi

    Yay! All the shades look awesome! If I were to make my own lippy, I’d make a coral-y pink one, and call it “Stupefy”, because I’m a Potterhead and that spell is supposed to stun, so yeah! 😀 I love you Anna, BTW! You ROCK girl!!

  • Mienelien Able

    I would make a rosy plummy color like MAC’s rebel but a tad more wearable. I’d call it ‘Yummy plummy’

  • Lea

    I would make perrfect orange shade, not to bright, not to pale, just juicy orange. the name would be “Lorange”, because L is my names first letter + orange

  • Drishti Lalwani

    The last shade, which I suppose is peach babe literally looks like a nudey shade I’ve wanted to make for myself since the day I discovered lipstick…

  • daisy walters

    What an amazing experience! Very jealous.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  • Kristina

    I would make a lipstick similar to Mac Twig and name it Spice Gal since it would be very 90s 🙂

  • Emily Davis

    I would make a slightly peachier version of mac patisserie and call it peachisserie.

  • Sunny Rogers

    Oh man, how lucky! I’d love to create my own lipstick. I can only imagine how interesting it must’ve been seeing/doing the whole process! If I created a colour, I’d create an orange/yellow-based deep red – something between MAC’s Chili and Dubonnet. As for the name? Something like, “Caught Red-Handed” 🙂

  • Lucy

    I’d do some form of perfect orangey red and name it ‘orange you glad to see me’, very OPI name right? Haha.

  • These look like amazing colors! I would probably do a peachy-pink that’d I’d call just peachy, which isn’t very creative, but I would still love to make it.

  • Andreea

    I would definitely go for a peachie-pinkish one, since I struggle to find one in stores.. the name? Go Peach or Go Home 🙂

  • Niamh Edmonstone

    I would love to create a beautiful deep dark purple with the name of haunted waterlily xx

  • Alex

    I’d make a medium berry red and name it “Sweet fall” 🙂

  • Elli

    Hey Anna 🙂
    I would love to create my very own lipstick, I always dreamt of a soft rosy-brown shade, a nude shade, but a bit in the starker side. Maybe also with some mauve or peach tones in it 🙂 that would look sooooo soooo gorgeous (at least in my imagination…) the name would be something like “Bare in the dark” or “bare(ly) there”? Maybe something like this.
    But I would also love to win your colour, I do not own one single peachy/corally/orangey shade, but I would absolutely love to 🙂
    Love and kisses from Germany :*

  • catsIview

    I’d like a raisin colored one…raisin smaisen

  • I’d love to create one of those lipsticks that reacts to the ph of your lips to personalise the colour. However, it would be a red lipstick so everyone could always have their perfect red lipstick shade. The name – ‘My Red’ x

  • erinlala

    I’d make a perfect my lips but better, slightly bluey-toned pinky- nude shade that’s not too sheer and not to glossy. I’d call it ‘My Lips But Better’.
    or I’d make a really bright, blue-red that’s not matte but not glossy .I’d call it ‘Emergency’
    Love your choices 🙂

  • Gabrielle Cameron

    I would love to make a matte berry pink purple, as they are so hard to find! i would cal it berry daring

  • helen

    First what a cool experience! Very Jel! would definitely make a nude mauve colour i’m just mad for the whole kylie jenner fuller lip look at the moment! as to what to call it probably “mauve over”. xxx

  • Sam James

    What an awesome opportunity. I think I would mix the perfect coral I’ve been dreaming of, similar to MAC Crosswires but more peachy and I would call it “Dream Come True” or maybe a Hollywood red with a slight orange tone and call it ” Ever After”. This is a hard decision!

  • Chiara

    I’d love to create a lipstick. My lipstick would be a very dark red, kind of burgundy shade for autumn and I would call it “Underworld” because the colour reminds me of the fire which burns in hell, or as someone calls it, the underworld.
    P.S. by the way, love me some peachy lipstick too 😉

  • Alina Bostan

    I would definitely mix up a pinky nude for everyday wear that way I know I would get a lot of use out of it and maybe I would name in “Nudist” (lol the only thing that popped in my head). I love the shades you created! x

    Beauty with charm

  • simin hariri

    I’m always a huge lover of bold red and claret red so I would use red and maybe black to make it darker and name it “bloody lady” and the texture of it could be not so matte and not so sheer or I would do an orangey-coraly lipstick because I really like this color lately (like MAC’s See Sheer lipstick) and I would name that ” kiss at the beach”.

  • Jemima

    I would make a lipstick collection of 5 different shades of pink and call it “Pink Ladies” and each lipstick would be based on one of the pink ladies in Grease. There would be a dark, reddish, pink called Rizzo. A pale, peachy, nude called Sandy. A brighter slightly barbie pink called Frenchy. Not a nude but a our lips but better pink called Jan. And finally a vintagey, hollywood glamour pink called Marty.
    I am so in love with your colour!!!! xx

  • Kelly Gardner

    My lipstick would be a dark pinky red, like magenta but with a bit more of a vampy red side and I’d call it “Victory” just because it seems like a bold colour and for someone who aspires to confidently wear bright colours, it certainly would be a victory to wear it out 🙂 xx

  • nat00

    I’d make a color called Punctuated Peach that would honestly resemble Peach Babe a lot I’d imagine. Love a hint of coral 🙂 And then for my very fair skin I’d want a blue toned classic red which I’d call Rouge a Levres

  • Annie

    Awesome post! I would create a nude shade with pink undertones and call it “Practically Pink” since itll be a practical colour for everyday use 😀

  • Sophie Noble

    I would make a shade similar to MAC’s Syrup but with a little less lilac and call it Rosey Posey 🙂

  • Rasa

    I’d love to create a sheer raspberry shade to wear on warm summer days, i think i’d call it ‘pink sunshine’ 🙂 x

  • Kayla

    I’d go for a dark nude colour 🙂 similar to MAC’s faux shade

  • II’d love to make an orange-y red (bright) matte lipstick and call it ‘Firetruck’ or a dark vampy purple-y red and call it ‘Vamphour In The Dark’

  • Alice Rolls

    I would make a raspberry shade and call it Raspberry drizzle

  • Thanks for a great giveaway! I would make a baby pink shade and call it pink world! x


  • Bronagh Mc Cauley

    I would make a pink raspberry shade and call it Blowing raspberries:)

  • Robyn Clark

    I would call my lipstick ‘Late Night Latte’. The colour would be a very muted coffee brown shade with a hint of pink, perfect nude for a day to day wear 🙂 x

  • Eesti Jupiter

    Hello there, I would create a divine rich cranberry red and call it ‘Jupiter’s Tulips.’ xxx

  • Viktoria Dimitrova

    I would mix orange and pink tones and create a radiant salmon colour. I would call it ‘Koh Samui Sunset’ 🙂

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and I would call it Peachy Keen 🙂 slightly humorous name and a peachy pink.. can you ever go wrong? 🙂 xxxxxx

  • Rebecca Louise

    I love my nude lipsticks. And I’d go for a very light pink, and I’d call it ‘The Impossible Girl’.

  • Sam Noyes

    I’d make a sheer deep pink with a glossy finish and call it ‘Hermoine Granger’.

  • Leanne Kelly

    I would love to create my perfect pinky nude (as I find it hard to get one suitable/perfect for me) and call it ‘nude but prude’

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and I would call it Peachy Keen 🙂 slightly humorous name and a peachy pink.. can you ever go wrong? 🙂 xxxxxxx

  • Sara-Marie Reid

    I’d make the perfect pinky nude, a total your lips but better. I would call it in the nude xx

  • Katherine

    i would like to make dark cherry, ’cause it’s so close to autumn (my fav season).

  • I’d make the ultimate sheer bordeaux with a purpley undertone to set of my green eyes and id call it “mine’s a wine”

    Please come check out my brand new blog. You get a mention and rocky road recipe going up tomorrow!

  • tiaheidi

    I’d love to create an everyday shade, something that actually blends in to your own lip color and enhances it – magically 😉 Color would be similar midtone coral as MAC’s satin Sushi Kiss.I could name it Lippy.

  • Vivien Pham

    I’d make a sheer winey, plummy, burgundy colour (which for me is a my lips but better colour) and I would call it Delicate Poison

  • Catrin Mair Griffiths

    I would probably pick Pink and Orange, to make a warm pink/corraly colour,
    And would name it… A touch of pink 🙂

  • Michala

    If I was given the opportunity, I would make a bright pinky coral and name it “Damsel in Fluoresce” (a play on damsel in distress).

  • I’d definitely attempt to make the perfect nude tone for my skin as I always find it so hard finding one!

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Giulia Angolini

    I think I’d fabricate a dark plum and call it “Vamp it up”.
    Even though it’s a shade I’d rarely wear, I think it would be extra special.
    Thanks for the opportunity, you’re a babe, as usual. x

  • Helene

    I’d make Perfect Purple.

  • Kayla

    I think I’d make a mauve shade and call it something like “Mauve it”. I always thought I’d be a good makeup namer until I actually have to think of one!!

  • Emma West

    ‘Plummy mummy’ a shade of red wine, more high end than a scummy mummy but not as wholesome as a yummy mummy as I only make it to Wednesday before I need a glass!

  • Gigi

    I am green with envy! What a great opportunity! Love the colours you’ve created too, especially ‘Peach Babe’, which is my fave out of the three.
    I have non-existent lips, so usually look better in lighter shades, but prefer more brownish-pink shades or even deep reds.
    If i had my own shade, it would probably be a brownish-pink shade and I’d call it ‘Crab Apple’

  • I’m a big lover of pearly pink lip shades so would definitely go down that route and call it something like ‘pearly dash’ haha xx

  • francesca

    i’d definitely go for a matt, kind of dark pink/fuschia, cause i think those colors suit me really well 🙂 and i think i would name it “ciclamino” cause it’s the italian name of my granny’s favorite flower!

  • I’d definitely want one I could wear everyday so would go for a nude. Maybe name it ‘Dancing in the Nude’… just for fun. x

  • I’d make a dark pink colour and name it “bad girl pink”

  • Laura Oprea

    I would make a bright pink lipstick, something like mars schiap and smash box electric pink and then i would name it after my favourite arctic monkeys song “fluorescent adolescent”
    love your blog anna! you always brighten up my day and have the best recommendations! cheers!

  • Molly

    A cool toned pink called p!nk

  • I would make a berry pink

  • Holly

    An orange toned red, called flame 🙂

  • Joycelyn Steib

    I like coral/peach tones the most and I would call it Simply Summer!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • I would make a light blueberry shade with smudge of pink popshade in it!
    I would call it “IVY”

  • Emily Lupton

    This looks like so much fun! There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh stick of lipstick coming out of the mould. If I had the opportunity I would create my perfect red. A blend of red and pink tones that flatters my colouring because I don’t think I’ve found my perfect red shade yet.

  • This is fantastic!
    I think I’d make a really 60s toned nudey peach shade and call it ‘Mods and Rockers’ as a little nod to the 60s 🙂

  • gemma caufield

    if i would have a chance to make my own lipstick i’d go for something bold. lately, i’m into strong, pinkish purple, which would be a perfect addition to grayish, autumn colors we usually wear when it’s getting colder (i don’t mind though, i love gray, i guess that’s why it’s so fun to go a little crazy with make up). i’d name it ‘berry bomb’. if in the process it would turned out too dark, i would name it ‘plumsy’.

    i love all the colours you’ve created Anna, this little trip seems like a lot of fun! 🙂

  • alicia gonzalez

    I would make a neutral pink that would enhance my skintone! I would name it Beyoncé cuz yeah!! 🙂

  • Sabiha Ahmed ‘Øx

    I would probably combine nude and pink hues for my lipstick as I am yet to find the perfect nude shade to complement me. It would be named along the lines of cherry blossom 🙂

  • Jess Gostelow

    I’d probably go for a red-pink shade, sort of like a raspberry I suppose, which could be it’s name? The only other thing I can think of is ‘pink eye stink eye’, which probably isn’t the nicest name for anything, and in no way relates to a lipstick. Maybe an eyeshadow? Who knows.

  • KarolineStrau

    I’d create a dark rose colour and name it rose petal pink

  • Carla Barnett Mosier

    I’d make peachy nude that dosent washa me out…call it bubbles!

  • I’d probably go for a deep light pink such as the kate moss for rimmel n.104 or mac mehr. I’ve always been a sucker for deep reds and purples but at the moment these kind of nude shades are my obsession. The name is probably even harder to pick than the shade. I would call it “burning love” just because is my favourite Elvis song.
    Greetings from Italy xx

  • Paige Neave

    I’d definitely be mixing up a bright baby pink, a little in your face bubblegum kinda shade. I’d call it “Pink with a Punch” cause that just sums me right up haha!
    Thank you for this blog post, who knew makin lipstick was this cool! xx

  • Katie Norton

    I would definitely make a brighter but sheer pink. Think a sheerer Chanel’s Paradis, that’s been my go to lipstick of the summer, and probably, the rest of time. I would call it “In the name of love” <3

  • Megan Close

    I would love to make a classic nude, with warm caramel/browny undertones. A classic YLBB shade! I would also name it Starkers! Ha!
    What an amazing experience, I am very jealous! xxx

  • I would definitely pick a peachy nude tone, called Free Spirit 🙂

  • Love all three of them! You created some gorgeous shades!

  • Samantha De Jordan

    I would definitely make a pink, pretty much the exact colour of the top of a Bioderma bottle, and call it Pink Parisienne 🙂 The Max Factor lab looked so cool, I had no idea that’s how they made lipstick!

  • I would create a darker berry shade (esp since we’re transitioning into fall!) and call it Night Vested 🙂

  • Manca

    I would go for a deep rose-red shade and name it “Forever Rose” 🙂

  • hockeygal

    They are all beautiful! I would make a pinkish, my lips but better shade. I would want it to be slightly matte. I would name it Inconspicuous! 🙂

  • Sally @ BarksandBaking

    I’d do a sheer but buildable coraly-pink and call it something literature-related like “spare my blushes” (I’ve been reading lots of Jane Austen and Georgian era stories lately)

  • Emma Reeves-Brown

    I would create a matte based shade. Very similar to the peachy pink but rather than add coral add something to make it have a hint of plum about it so that it could be worn through the colder months. I would then call it perky pink.


  • Sara

    I’d create a similiar ‘YLBB’ colour with peachy undertones and call it
    – “It’s all peachy”

  • jasminecara

    I would definitely go for a berry shade and I’d have to name it berried treasure 🙂 haha I love a good pun x

  • Den Bee

    Hi Anna totally loving ‘peach babe’, I would mix up a lovely ginger glossy colour to match my hair and I would call it ‘ginger tot’ x

  • Hannah Burrows

    Oh my goodness what a dream come true! I’d either make a “your lips but better” shade (so a pinky nude) and call it something like “Lets Get Nude” or “Lets Get Naked”OR I’d make a classic hot, fiery and bright red and call it “It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here” or “Class in a Glass” – gotta love cheesy names xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  • Charley Molloy

    I’m currently studying science at uni and my dream job would be to be behind the production of make up mixing my two loves of science & make up together! I would choose a purpley-orchid shade that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow and call it Barney. (After my favourite childhood program!)

  • This looks like such an amazing experience! I love a good red for Autumn/Winter, so I’d call it ‘Alert’, terrible, I know, haha!

  • I love the peachy pink you created! Very beautiful.
    I would make a dusty rose kind of like a mix of the Mac Patisserie and LORAC’s Vanity, and will name it “the perfect shoe (shyu)”.

  • Lara

    What a great experience!! I would love to make a purplely shade since i have fair skin and love a good rock’n’roll look with a hint of goth. I would cal it “Dystopian Stheno”, because i’m a fan of mythology and Stheno is the kick ass sister of Medusa and Dystopian because, well why not mix Mythology with a bit of a twisted post apocalyptic scene? 😉 xoxo

  • Olivia

    I’d make a blue toned pinky-fuschia, and call it ‘the perfect smile’ or ‘dazzling pout’. 🙂

  • Hannah Louise

    i’d make a red or orange to suit ginger hair and call it ‘Auburn Hepburn’! if only eh!

  • katielouiseperry

    i would go for a beautiful nude shade with just a hint of peach and call it ‘naked truth’ xxx

  • conni boykins

    I’ve been looking for a non-neon purple lip color for ages now, so I’d definitely make that especially since it would finally pull for my warm/neutral skin tone. I’d probably call it Decepticon

  • ella

    I would definitely create a nude shade and call it “gem”:)

  • Anna, what an exciting day!! Loved getting a peek of you guys in action, on your weekly vlog. Incredibly interesting to see the behind the scenes of our most loved beauty products 🙂

    I think I’d want to go for a warm nude, something with a deep pink hue or a peachy undertone. Subtle but killer! As for the name… Silent Siren, Faded Fatale, Killing Me Softly. I’ve got images of Bettie Draper as an undercover agent sleuth… I think someone spiked my hot chocolate… ; )

    Gemma Roberts

  • beautyandthegeekery

    I’d go for either a lovely berry pink something like NARS’ Vivien Audacious Lipstick or a peachy pinky nude along the lines of MAC’s Peach Blossom

  • I would love a nice peachy pink…The name: “Easy Peachy” .. Great experience! The lab coat suit you!

  • I’d love to make my own lipsticks! What a cool experience!
    I’d mix a deep berry pink and I’d call it Bermuda Berry!

  • I would mix the Barry M lipstick in 121 with the YSL rouge volute shine in 7 (as I have been doing recently) to create a lovely berry shade – I’m so not creative I’d probably name it something weird!

    BLOG SALE | The little things in life

  • Daniah J

    I would create a really nice true coral shade and call it Coral Wonder!

  • Raquel

    I would make a deep red-berry shade and call it “Vortex”.

  • I would create a bright, bold red and name it ‘Red-handed’ 🙂 x

  • Charlotte Behan

    I’d love to make a lilac shade called “lilac-lustered” xxx

  • Kiran Sheikh

    I’m in love with nudey-caramel-hint-of-natural-pink-shades as I’ve got a tan/brown skin tone, so I’d create one of those. I think I’d call it ‘Put some clothes on!’, I’d love to create my own lipsticks <3

  • I’d make a MLBB pale pink called Pixie Pink 🙂

  • Fern Dedman

    i’m a peachy, nudie pink kinda gal so definitely something in that region, with a name something like ‘Peach Sorbet’ or ‘Peach Daiquiri’ 🙂

  • Marnie McAdam

    I would make a coral shade and name it Under The Sea 🙂

  • Britta


  • Natalie

    My favourite lipstick atm has to be Soap & Glory nudist so I’d definitely go for a similar shade to that and call it forever nude.. X

  • Lys

    I would make a dark red shade that resembles NARS Scarlet Empress or MAC Dark Side and I’d name it “Dahlia”!

  • ella Jennings

    I would make a deep blue toned marroon and call it blackberry macaroon xx

  • I’d make a sheer, peachy coral with a bit of gloss and call it something like ‘Apricot Sunset’ or basically a name as cheesy as possible x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Ella W-Z

    I would mix white, yellow, red, pigments and name it Sweet Cupcake 🙂

  • Margery Ho

    Gorgeous colors! It looks so fun!

  • Kiran Sheikh

    I’d possibly do a very deep dark red, almost burgundy for Autumn time. It would have a matt-to-satin finish but without shimmer. I’d call it ‘The Salvatores kiss’. <3

  • I would make a blood red shade and call it ‘Snow White’, just to create a crossover of my two fave things – Disney and make up! xx

  • Verity Lawson

    I’d go for a pinky orange, similar to MAC Crosswires and call it “Juicebox” xoxo

  • Lauren B

    I think since it’s nearly fall I’d go for a deep burgandy/wine color and call it “Wine Not?” …because yes. 🙂

  • That looks like so much fun!!
    x Lisa

    A Tiger’s Life

  • Roya

    Hi Anna! I love lilac/pink shades, I also love a sheer color that’s easily buildable. A color that’s easy to pop on and instantly brightens a pale complexion like mine.

    Because my name is Roya, which is a Persian name meaning a dream, I would name my lipstick the “kiss of dreams”. 🙂


  • Shannon Webb

    I’d do a deep red or a pink tone nude but with matt finish for both, i’d name the nude pink candy and the red rapunzel 🙂

  • This looks like a dream come true! I would probably make a vampy colour with just the right amount of red/purple and call it something obvious/unimaginative like ‘Lady is a Vamp’ or ‘Vampira’ (??) -Amy 🙂

  • I love pinky nudes. I think I would name it “Barely There” — kind of a play on words but also descriptive.

    Love the posts!

  • Julie

    I would totally make a bright pink shade call it Bubblegum Pop

  • Lizzie

    without a doubt it’d be a deep purple and i’d call something like ‘vampire kiss’ (thought about this way too much….)

  • Eliana

    I’d mix a deep browny/plummy colour for cool toned skin. I’d name it ‘purple your life’ i think…

  • Adrienne Sapal

    I’d go for a nudey pink similar to Revlon’s JBKBS in Honey. I’d call it “Jump for Joy” as my nickname is Joy 😉

  • I would create the perfect red that would suit a range of skintones!
    Steady, Are You Red-y
    You Red My Mind
    Crim Son Of A Bee

  • Liz Cook

    I’d mix up a classic champagne nude and called it Fizzy Lizzie !

  • Nidia Schröder

    i defelnetly would create a peachy nude shade as well 🙂 i really like those kinds of ‘my lips but better’ shades ! so if i had the chance to create my own lipstick shade i would mix up some peaches and pinkish reds maybe a little bit of a brownish orange shade too 😀 just to try to catch up a perfect every day lip colour 🙂 it should fit almost every kind of natural make up look and people should think ‘wow that girl’s lips over there look really nice’ something like that 😀 is that weird ? 😀 so yeah, something like this 🙂 i prefer when lipsticks have a more decent scent and sometimes it’s fine if they have a friuty touch to it 😀 Oh, and i think i would call it ” peach sorbet bliss ” or ” peach fields walk” 😀 something like that would be fun 🙂 greetings from germany <3

  • Katia H.

    I think I would go for a really nice pinky mauve colour which is not too dark so that it’s suitable for every day and easy to put on in a hurry. It would probably be named “mauvelous” 🙂 I love your vids and your blog btw. Lots of love from Germany.

  • I’d love to be able to do this! I’d definitely mix up a mid toned purple with blue undernotes! I’d probably call it Purple Rain, because I just love that song!
    Katie xx

  • A Subtle Difference

    The colours you made are gorgeous! I’d make a mid-pink shade with a hint of nude (kind of similar to the Clarins lip perfector in 01 tube colour). And I would call it ‘Pinch me’ or ‘Pinched pink’ xx

  • Linda

    I would go for a tulipwood shade and name it CALL OF BEAUTY 🙂

  • Sílvia Machado

    I would definitely make a bright, full on pinky coral, because god knows I can’t live without that shade in my life x) and it would probably be called “Watermelon gone Wild”.

  • Brittany

    I would make the perfect deep plum/burgandy/brown and call it “October” after my birthday month. 🙂

  • Gillian Pidler

    I would make a pink nude, I’d call it kiss me in the rain.

  • Maddy Martin

    I would for sure go for a dark red/deep purple because fall and winter are on their way! I would probably call it Those Crimson Nights!

  • Denisa Kučerová

    That would be so much fun to spend time there. I think I would create something between red and plum color. The name could be TASTE YOUR BERRY

  • Filipa Paixão

    I would make a dark cherry colour called Mon cheri (my sweetheart in french)!

  • Katja HPunkt

    I would create a really dark red, kind of the red that Kat Dennings wears in Two Broke Girls, and I would call it: Re(a)d My Lips.

  • I think I’d a shade I’d make would be a sheer coral pink called Watermelon Sangria, also very dissapointed that there was no “Pissed of Pink” from Lily 😉


  • Hélène Procrastine

    Thank you so much for this giveaway Anna! I really love the three shades of your lipsticks. If I had the chance to visit the Max Factory lipstick lab, Iwould create a sheer coral shade (which name would be “OK Coral”) and a nude baby pink one (which name would be “Rosemary’s baby”). Have a good day!

  • I’d create a vivid red, a REAL red, not too pinky, not too orangy, just the perfect glamorous red inspired in the 50’s women! I’d call it Dulce Glamour !
    Loved to see your day at the factory too! and of course, I love your blog and videos 🙂
    Many kisses from Portugal!

  • Ells Knight

    I’d have to go with a bold slightly matte shade, something like Mac Morange with a bit more red! I’d name it Tangerine Team xo

  • Anastasia

    I think my shade would be slightly sheer dark red, for a bit of a grunge look. I’d call it “Tangled Up in Plaid”

  • I would make a darker plum colour with some red in it for autumn. I’d name it Plum Pudding.

  • Brit pea

    i’d have to make an outrageoulsy bright matte lipstick similair to bourgeois pink pong and call it “flawless fuscia”

  • i would definitely mix up a shade that is a tad more pink and no shimmer than mac patisserie (which is my fave) and I would name it sandy pink because my name is sandy and it would be amazing to have the perfect lipstick shade have my name in it

  • Lore Vanaudenhove

    I would make quite a neon orange and call it “Orange (Like The Fruit)”

  • Angela Sandez

    I would mix up a nudeish pink color so I could rock it everyday
    From school to party 🙂 i would name it nude-i-tude

  • JulesStyles

    If I had the chance to do this I would have created the best nude lip colour for a deeply pigmented women. It would be called dream nude.

  • Ramona Mägi

    I’d either make a rosy darker nude/natural colour called “Rose from the ashes” or a orangey red called “Blood orange” (I know, sooooo pretentious)

  • I’d create my perfect MLBB shade and name it something like “Persuasion” after my favorite Jane Austen novel.

  • Fabianne

    Great colours Anna!! I would probably make a pinky lilac colour and I’d call it Wake up and smell the Lilac 🙂

  • Noelle Petrowski

    I would make a 90’s brown toned mauve and call it “as if.”

  • Janine

    Definitely something berry that’s good year roung

  • Zoya Ali

    I’d make a browny pink nude and call it Nude Or Die

  • Jessica Sutherland

    I’d like a peachy pink (Bourjois lip crayon Peach on the Beach & Chanel Rouge Coco shine in Flirt, my favourites) mixed together but more pigmented, less sheer called Irrepeachable .. x

  • Lesly

    I’ll mix a nude and pink shimmering shade. And since being a rider, I think I will call it “sunset canter”

  • Jasmin Hind

    I would mix angel pink(610) and bewitching coral (827) from the max factor colour elixar lipstick range to create a perfect pinky orange shade 🙂

  • Tina Mlakar

    Uau! Your three shades are perfect! If I could I would probably buy all three in the blink of an eye. The visit of the max factor lab would be beyond my dreams come true! I could be in there for hours mixing my shades! I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect dark red for some time now and I haven’t found one yet. So I would try to mix a dark red with a slightly violet undertone. But the shade shouldn’t be too dark at the end. I would name my lipstick Parisian night. Because it would be classic but still modern, sexy but still chic, elegant but slightly mysterious. Just like a girl in Paris on a beautiful night.

  • Aislin McLeod

    So jealous of this! Getting to do this would be such a dream come true! haha
    I think if I were to mix up a lipstick shade I’d try and make the perfect vampy purple-red for my very, very pale skin seeing as I always struggle to find one around that suits me. As for the name, I have no idea – Va Va Vamp or something perhaps?

  • naz gurpinar

    Something deep red/brown and name it ‘baroque’

  • Shannon

    I would attempt a perfect pinky peach, suited to my very fair skin, and call it “Peachette”.

  • Lizzie Barnard

    I would make a red/orange similar to Nars red square, also it would have to be matte. I would call it Rosie the Riveter Red

  • teawithlemonandhoney

    Something blue-ish like a red with blue undertone and call it “Envy”

  • Daisy797

    A coral red with a satin finish. Hopefully a version of Chanel’s discontinued Marilyn. The finish of Givenchy Le Rouge please. I would call it “lipped”.

  • Stephanie C

    I love a nice deep red or a slightly softer red and would call it Right on Red 🙂

  • Kirsten Dinwoodie

    Mine would have to be a nude which i think i’d just name after the phrase – your lips but better!

  • Sanne Christine

    I would make a slightly blue-toned sheer red, and Call it “blueming red” 🙂

  • Rebecca Bulloch

    I’d do a red/brown colour probably called something like vampire’s kiss

  • Dagmar

    I’d deffo make a burgundy plum-ish color – Lorde style. Name? Cheshire Cat.

  • phanie

    I would create a orange-coral kind of shade, like morange and crosswires would have a baby and would name it “blow me down”

  • Stephanie

    I would make a peachy nude called ‘birthday suit’ haha! Im so jealous you got to do this! It looks like so much fun!

  • Eleni Papastergiou

    i would create a beigey pink and name it beige museum 😛

  • I would love to make a nude-pink satin finish lipstick and name it Prima Ballerina! x

  • Meg Garvin

    I think I would make a red that is so specific to me that it would have to just be called “Megan.”

  • I’d do a bright pink and call it ‘Fuchsia-istic!’ haha

  • Ine

    I would want to create a berry/cherry shade that has blue undertones and I would call it: Chervolution

  • amy

    Ooooo it’d have to be a berry for me – deeper than raspberry but maybe more sheer. Maybe a touch deeper than Rimmel 107. Probably call it something super dumb like “Berry Nice” or something!!

  • LeeBette

    A full-on, true red (maybe a tad on the blue side, but still universally flattering) with a velvet texture, and I’d name it Russian Rouge-lette. Kinda like MAC’s Ruby Woo, but with a more creamy, moisturizing texture:)

  • Kelly glen

    What a great fun day this looked. Who knew it took so much to make a lipstick.
    I would make a dark raspberry shade and call it Kelly’s kisses.

  • Sarah

    I would make a coral colour, slightly on the sheerer side so I could wear it everyday, and make it quite “orangey undertoney” (yes I have made up my own word whilst making up a lipstick) and then I would call it Eyre Julip xx

  • Nikki Stevens

    I would have to make my perfect nude, the one my lips but better shade that I can’t find anywhere in a semi matte and just name it for me so Nikki.

  • Noelle

    What a neat experience! I’d definitely go for a peachy pinky nude

  • Niamh Edmonstone

    I would create a deep cranberry reddish colour and call it vampire kisses xxx

  • I would make a soft pinky nude with some berry in and the name will probably be like the lamest ever, ‘Soft Berry’ or something like that

  • I’d want a dark blue/navy-type colour and I’d call it naughtycal

  • Niamh Macey

    I would create a really dark, almost-black red and call it “Fangs for Nothing” 🙂

  • Olivia S

    I absolutely love the peachy pink one! For me, coral lipsticks are best so I would name mine ‘Corolivia’ 😉

    Olivia –

  • EricasNotes

    I would definitely try a blue based pink! And a cheeky name like “dhaaaling” (you couldn’t help but exaggerate the a’s when saying it).

  • Zeinab

    Amazing! I’d definitely go for a Pinky Nude and probably call it Barely There Essential

  • Charlotte – PeronsalBest

    Hmmm… definitely the perfect nude! Is ‘naked’ already coined?! Definitely is. My imagination will not win me this.

  • Florence Rosy

    I would create a rosy nude, a wearable my lips-but-better lipstick with a really creamy moisturising formula, great for every day use

  • elizas_pies

    I would create a brown colour with a strong nude undertone, and a velvet feel that comes with a matching gloss at the end xxxxxx

  • Natasha King

    I would create a wearable plum colour which starts of very sheer but you can build it up so it would be perfect for everyone especially as it is now coming into autumn/winter and I would name it plum pie 🙂 x

  • A M Y

    I’d create a black matte colour or something of that nature because I don’t have anything like that in my collection! I love playing with makeup and experimenting with different looks (do see my instagram amzdancexx !) and love that peach you created! I love max factors gold lipstick formula I have the colour rosewood and I have literally gone through about three tubes it is the best and my favourite lippy ever! X

  • Mónica Carneiro

    I would create a really dar vampy plumy red and call it “Midnight Kiss” 🙂

  • Suzanne Watkin

    A peach nude called ‘sex on the peach’

  • Tiffany Robinson

    I think I would go for a classic blue-based red and call it “Brick House”. Because of course.

  • Lauren

    I’d go for an orangey red and name it ‘blood orange’ xxx

  • Shifra Weissberger

    i think i would create a full on matte hot pink… Dunno bout a name.
    The ones you made look gorgeous!

  • Oooooh I think it would have to be a browny, red purple shade that can be worn as a ‘your lips or better’ on its own or over a darker lip liner for a vampy night option – would have to call it…. Brownie Points!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Charlotte Miller

    If I were to create my own lipstick, I would go for a bright pink shade in a matte formula and I think I would call it Royal Rose, and because the word royal has connotations of grandeur, the pink colour would be dark and rich as opposed to a muted pale rose colour. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a unique lipstick, Anna xxx

  • My color would be Tequila Sunrise and it would be a bold orangey coral!

  • Punky Brewster

    My dream shade would be a peacy nude in a semi matte formula. I would call it Wandrous after one of my fave idol Elizabeth Taylor charcters, Gloria Wandrous (Butterfield8)

  • R Sousou

    I’d create a very matte lipstick with a red/plum shades and i’ll called it “Plumberries”

  • Jo Sutton

    I would create a bold peach (if there is such a thing) and called it “Life’s a Peach” because i’m feeling a bit cynical right now after having jaw surgery haha! Read if you want to find out more 🙂 I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed in the hope that I win this gorgeous lipstick to cheer myself up! Thanks, Anna!
    Jo xxx

  • Katie Campbell

    Anna, Did you get to keep the lab coat? I’m not so sure if I could leave without it.

    Given the chance to mix up and design my own lipstick I think I’d step out of my comfort zone and opt for a berry colour, I’m thinking one with almost a metallic sheen. Sounds scary but given you have complete control of pigmentation, I think it could be a winner! I’d name it “Talking to the Moon”.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! xxx

  • Such gorgeous shades! I think I’d make a mauvey-browny-nudey and call it ‘Am I Kylie Jenner Yet?’. (I can’t help it the girl just NAILS lip colours!)

  • Sarah Hawthorn

    I would make a pinky nude and call it “birthday suit” 🙂

  • Alejandra Naghavi

    My color would be a really beautifull pink, not to light and not to heavy. I would name it Sakura.

  • That looks like such a fun day! I love all three shades that you created 🙂

    I’d make a pinky-purple and call it Rosy Orchid xx

  • Shelby

    So jealous! What an amazing opportunity! I think I would do something similar to Mac’s Chatterbox/snob but make it more wearable! or a perfect nude xx

  • Penny Unwin

    I would create a shiny/glossy dark red/berry colour and call it “Midnight Craving”. I would call it this as it would represent the darker/colder nights, be a good colour for Halloween and would be a colour that would represent the craving of something warm during the colder days.

  • I would mix a pinky nude with slightly brown tones… or taupy tones actually. Something you can just put on that goes with everything and can stay in the purse.

  • rachel

    Id create the most perfect nude lip , the right balance of pink and brown , that didnt wash you out , but made the face alive and natural !!!! The colour ive been searching for all my life ! Id call it. AS NATURE INTENDED !!!! Xxxxx

  • Emily

    I would go with a bright pink with a coral hint to it and name it something like Friendly Flower.

  • LaurenRenee

    I would try to create the most perfect pink, not took bright, not to dull, not over pigmented, not took sheer. I’d call it garden party. Or a super vampy red! And I’d call it midnight rendezvous.

  • Tabitha

    I would make a nude with a touch of red and call it Love Babe 😀
    I never knew how lipsticks were made, thank you very much for showing how <3

  • Susan

    Wow thats a difficult question. I would probably go for a colour somewhere in between a muted down pink and a berry shade. It should be called “Berries and Tea” muted down pinks I could just imagine at a tea party in the victorian age. 🙂 xx

  • Kathleen

    I would make a matte/satiny nude pink color and call it “You look better nude!”

  • Adele

    My lipstick would be a deep purple-y red shade, sort of like mac rebel i’d call it ‘Blackberry’

  • corremoto3 .

    What an amazing experience. I’d love to create a peachy kind of nude. Like what Holly Golightly wears to give the “weather report” and I’d call Champagne before Breakfast.

  • Catriona May

    I’d make a mostly matte but a bit satin dark berry called Mulled Wine I think – Christmas release obviously!

  • Lauren

    What a lovely experience, Anna! I would make a dusty rose lipstick that could pass for both a pink and a nude. I would call it “Time for Tea.”

  • Laure

    I’d either make a semi-matte rosy nude that I’d be able to use as a ‘my lips but better’ shade called Rosebud or a very glossy raspberry lipstick called Raspberry Cream.

  • Tara Warkentin

    A classic deep pinky nude – tea rose!

  • peli tselempi

    really nice…i would like to mix red with orange

  • Lucy

    I think I’d make a deep raspberry, not sure of the name though :/

  • es-jay

    It would have to be a pinky brown nude and I’d call it Birthday Suit

  • Karina Sargo

    I would create a my lips but better kind of shade, the perfect mix of pink and brown, because I’ve never been really able to find one that I really like!

  • nattevind

    i’d have either wearable cheer but deep purple or a nudy matt pink

  • Ria

    A bright orange red, maybe call it A Hue Good Women

  • Millie H

    I’d create a dark matte red and call it ‘Cherry On Top’ !

  • Celeste

    Mine would be a sheered-out rosy-beigeish nude called “Sittin’ in a Tree”

  • Martina

    I would totally make a blue toned red, with a little bit of pink.
    Is the only red that looks good on me, but it’s hard to find, especially in drugstore makeup!
    i would name it “It’s your night, girl”.

  • Lauren

    I would mix a peachy color with a nude and call “Perfect Pick”!!!

  • Erika Magrisse

    I’d probably go with a nude lipstick, with a slight pink undertone, probably in a matte formula. I’d name it Barely Peau (:

  • Kathleen

    A dark plum and name it “I’m berry plummy!”

  • Amelia

    I’d make a super bright, deep raspberry colour and call it “Lush Life”

  • Miia Natka

    Wow, I would love to create my own lipstick shade. I would create one that is in between deep/dark red and plum, as I am missing a lipstick like this in my collection and one my lips but better (nude-peachy-champagne-pink) shade to wear at school. The first one I would name deep Autumn and the second one Push me up.
    Love this (special) giveaway and your lipstick shades, Anna! <3

  • Donna

    It would have to either be a glossy nude with a hint of raspberry pink tones to it – called Berry Nice. Or a velvety plummy red which is not matte but not glossy at the same time…called Plum Me Beautiful!

  • Parie

    Mine would be the brightest pink ever, something that suits all skin tones! and I would call is My Little Pinky!

  • wowowow just thinking about doing this experience makes me excited. I would probably make a very muted down pink, almost a nude, but mostly a pink. and urrrrrrrm i would call it, ‘wink pink’ haha!

  • Martie @ Spunkyrella

    I would create a perfect burgundy-cherry red shade named UrbanDiva and would create a highly pigmented one for a date night and also a more sheer version that has a plum-feel to it called WorkingGal.
    For summer I´d prefer a coral-pink-hue and name it Watermelon Kisses 🙂

    Love your shades!

  • Iulia Lesley

    I’d do a glossy dark red, with just a hint of plum. I’d name the shade Bloody Red 😀

  • Laura

    Blood red – Lady Macbeth? Yes.

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  • basia8727

    a light wearable pink and would call it “light as air”

  • Rachel Byrnes

    I would just probably stick with a nude maybe a peachy one! I would play it safe

  • Coline

    I would love an orangey red as i miss one in my collection! i would call it Cordova Oranges 🙂

  • Ashley

    I would definitely go for a nude (your-lips-but-better-type color) and call it Nuditude!

  • My color will be definitely something peachy pinky nudish… Simply that color I’ve been hunting for years and still can’t find the perfect pastel mix of these shades! And the name? Finally found!

  • Noura Sulaiman

    Ahh this seems like such a cool experience! If i were to make a shade i think i’d try a vibrant purply pink and call it ‘Mad Hatter’, because i love that character and the shade i’m thinking of is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Also, there needs to be an orange-y red shade called ‘Reddy or not’

  • Little dude

    I would do a slightly sheer berry-plum and call it “out pickin'”

  • Anna

    Oooooh this is so hard! It would either be a beautiful pinky nude called “18-2120”, which is the Pantone shade that I would just adore to have in lipstick form, or a bright orange called “Chudley Cannons” because you’ve just got to make a Harry Potter reference at every opportunity!

    • I don’t even like Harry Potter *prepares for appalled gasps* and I still think that’s absolutely genius

  • Love this post! I think I’d have to go for an orangey red colour as I just don’t have one in my collection. I’d call it either Orange Blossom or Orangeaid..

    Shel x

  • A deep plum/berry color and if I could make it smell/taste like berries I’d be in love. Name? “Pump up the jam”

    • Mr.Cool


  • caitlin

    I would love to make myself a true Lilac shade, a very pale purple. Most I’ve seen are too pink. I don’t have a clever name — probably something cheesy like Lilac Breeze.

  • Anna Belle

    Looks amazing! I’d make up a pinky/coral shade and call it sunset…;) xx

  • Christy

    I would make a bright pink and call it barbies dream pout

  • Marta Mura

    I love Paris sooo much! I’ve been there just one time, due to an unfortunate accident: my auntie made a mistake setting the gps and we lost our flight, so we had to spend two days in the city, waiting for the next one! But i was so happy to be there I couldn’t care less ahahahahah <3
    I'll probably go for a bright matt coral, with a little bit of peach in it! And call it "the rabbit's roar".

  • Jeni

    I’d mix a muted coral, my favourite colour lipstick and I’d name it ‘I just coralled to say I love you’ (not sure that would fit on the bottom of the tube though)xxx

  • Kelly White

    I think that I would create a deep rose pink colour! Darker than my natural lip colour but easy enough to wear to the office every day. Looks like an awesome experience!

  • Cissi

    Gorgeous shades!! I think I’d make a berry-pink shade, perfect for fall and call it Berry Kiss. 🙂

  • Love a good pun and ‘Peach Babe’ does not disappoint. I think if I could mix my own I’d go for one with a pH balance that moisturised the lips like the combined forces of Balm de Rose, Carmex and Lanolips, boosted the complexion AND whitened teeth, all wrapped up in a sheer and glossy finish. So basically, I’d create a miracle, and since it would have a personalised pH colour, I’d have to call it Me-racle!

  • A medium blue-toned fuchsia – it’s my signature shade. Called

  • Denise

    I’d probably make a sheer rosy colour for myself, and call it ‘roses are red’! Making your own lipstick sounded like fun xx

  • Gem

    I love a good Peachy Pink too, more on the nude side!! and I’d call it Nude Side of the Moon! Because i love a bit of Pink Floyd.

  • I’d totally be the one making a peachy pink lippie, and I’d probably name it “Peach Pucker” or “Madly Melon” or something along those lines!

  • I’d make a lovely peachy pink and call it “What’s there to pink about?” haha! 😀 xx

  • Emily Juul

    I would probably make a dee, vampy, berry color (kind of like a blackberry jam) and call it “Jammin’ with Bary” .. because it gives me a berry-jam-ish vibe ☀︎

  • Molly Grimston

    I’d make a nude lipstick and call it “skinny dipping”

  • Love this “Blazing Tangerine” shade ! It’s LOVELY ! 🙂

    Love from France, Victoria

  • Lauren Kelly

    As an extreme paley I would love to make a nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look dead! I’d call it ‘alive’, sounds much better than how most other lipsticks would be described…’corpse’ :s

  • Amazing colors, Anna! I love them! I love coral shade so I would name mine Nemo (get it? Nemo lives in a coral! No? okay..)

    Sophia |

  • Betty Button-pie

    I would make the perfect coral as I’m always on the hunt but can never find it. The perfect mix of peachy coral, pink loveliness! I would call it Princess Peach!

  • Amelia Nilsson

    I’d make a bright orange-toned red! Orange toned is the only red I can use since blue toned reds look dark pink against my skin tone. And I’d call it Papaya-razzi 😉

  • Audrey Lucas

    I think I would have to go for a plummy-wine color. In Arizona, the summers are SO hot that I feel very ready for Fall makeup, clothes and food to begin as soon as possible. Bring on the rasp-plum-berry tones!

  • Randi

    I would make a plum color , and call it “perfect plum”

  • Minty

    I’d create a coral.. And call it coral elation

    Love the colours you made- looks like an amazing day

  • Agnes

    Would make a pinky color, similar to my lip color but better and would name it after myself (this is how shallow I am :)).

  • Zoe

    Love the colours you chose. I’d make a deep dark but bright red and call it ‘Stick ’em Up’. (Lip bullet?).

  • Milou

    I would love love love to make a, My Lips But Better kind of lipstick. One that just shows your amazing self!

  • Dani P

    I would make a medium to sheer pinky peachy light coral- I would call it Strike-a-Posy.

    Lovely shades Anna!

  • Libby

    I would create a rich, dark berry shade! Love these kind of shades for the transition into autumn! Absolutely love ‘peach babe’, I’m a sucker for a coral lip!

  • Chelley

    I think I would make a reddish-brown colour it would suit my skin tone.

  • I would make reddy pink shade 🙂 so jealous that you got to do this Anna! xx


  • This looks like it was so much fun! I love the colors you created! I think I would make a berry tone and call it Berry Bachelorette!

  • Kiran Hussain

    Peach Babe is gorgeous Anna! If I made a lipstick I’d probably make a toned-down fuchsia colour and call it Sittin’ Pretty because that how it would make me feel! 🙂

  • SabahAzam

    I would make anything close to MAC’s Cut a Caper! Peach Babe looks like a close dupe y’kno 😉

  • Stephanie

    I would probably make a really unique shade that I could put my name on, like a vibrant but wearable lilac shade!

  • Charlie Beasant

    Is I had the opportunity I would make the perfect in between of a berry and a red and name it “Fully Dressed” x

  • mary

    what – the – whAAAt – you just made the perfect 3 shades for brunettes. as i have lighter hair, but pretty dark eyes i would go for a berry-ish red/pink, with a very soft, nearly glossy formula. i’d name it mar(r)y berry. wow, what a word pun. such amazing. much funny. haha. (as my name is mary, and I’d like to marry my – OF COURSE – favourite lipstick…)
    love your blog! shoutout from germany!

  • Juliane Becker

    I would like to create a matte violet purple color, but not a deep purple but more a lighter more natural purple and I have cero idea what I would call it.

  • You made some amazing looking lipsticks!

    I would make a bright pink with a blue undertone (kind of like CHANEL’s Romance) and I’d call it Poppin’ Pink 🙂

  • Taybah Siddiqi

    I’d have definitely made a mauvey/brown nude in an attempt to get that Kylie Jenner pout! Love your creations though 🙂

  • Kathleen

    Or for a satin peach one it could be called “peachy queen.” I am having too much fun with this.

  • Galina

    Oh my god it would be soo hard to pick one color but I love a good orangey-coraly-red. “Orange-you-glad” would be the name, naturally, because a good coral cheers everyone up!

  • Sophie Bird

    What a fantastic opportunity. I would create a gorgeous regal red which would be perfect for the Winter. The name? “Ra Ra Russian Queen!”

  • Anam Kapasi

    I would totally buy all the lipsticks you made! I would make a browny red colour, like a dark brick (LOL?!) colour, I think it would look so awesome in the winter with black clothing! I’d probably call it Brick Brack? I have no idea why…( Just incase I win – fingers crossed!) 😀

  • I think i’d love a pinky, peachy colour that you can wear during the day and then in the evening top with some kind of lip gloss to make the day time make up more special. But you could also just dab a little on the middle of my lips for an added pop of colour for when I can’t be bothered or in a rush. I think i’d call it Everytime – because i’d want to use it every time!

  • Taybah Siddiqi

    I’d create a vibrant but sheer orange red (mainly because I’m too much of a wuss to wear red lipstick), although I do love your creations! Oh and I’d name it ‘Fireside’ (I had to get an Arctic Monkeys reference in there!)

  • Farhiya Huseen

    OMG Id love to make my own lipstick, if i could make a shade it would have to be a hybrid between a mauve and a plum, somewhere in between. It would be dark but not too in your face.

  • Oh, this is so exciting! Making lipsticks is a dream of mine. I’d probably go for a pale nude shade, because I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Unfortunately I can’t come up with any name for it aside from a horrible ‘Nude Explosion’. … Moody Nudie…? Yeah. Perhaps the explosion one was better…

  • Chelsea Lillinngton

    I’d create a bright, blue-toned red and call it ‘Netflix Red’. Both Netflix and bold lips hold a special place in my heart. 😉

  • RabiyaJ’Cake

    Oooo, I’d go for a pinky nude shade with a matte/satin hybrid (if that’s possible haha), but for an indian skin tone as it seems impossible to find.. and I’d call it Indian delight!

  • Claudia Córdova

    The colors you’ve made are stunning!
    If I had de chance to create a lipstick I would make a nude-peachy-pink lipstick and I would call it “dans la rue”

  • Vanessa

    Gorgeous! I’d go for a coral-y peachy nude with a satin texture. These lippies are lovely. 🙂

  • They all look fantastic!
    I would make veeeery dark redish plummy colour and name it “Kiss&Hell”

  • Vanessa

    Oh, and I would name it “Prima Donna.”

  • ahh lipstick making sounds like the dream! Love the colour you made on the far right!
    i think if i made myself a lipstick i’d make a colour thats easy to wear everyday, like a girl next door pinky colour and probably call it ‘baby girl’

  • Emily

    I’d make a coral shade; I’m currently obsessed with everything coral and am not ready to give it up (even though fall is rapidly approaching)! I think I’d name it “naughty nectar.” I do a lot of chemistry and love the chemistry behind cosmetics. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anna Macrae

    I’d create a pinky-coral, maybe with a hint of sheen that I could wear everyday and still feel pulled together. It could be called ‘Functional but Fabulous’. Fantastic giveaway Anna 🙂
    p.s Sorry for the #toteslame name idea- I was stumped 🙂

  • Lollipop Lips

    Love yours! I would go for a pinky nude one, and call it “cherry blossom” 🙂

  • Sophs Rees

    Lucky girl! I love a pink lip, would have to be a bright shocking pink called ‘Pinkin’ ‘Ell’.

  • Van

    A pink/nude named “Let Them Eat Cake”! An ode to Sofia Coppola’s film.

  • I would make a dark nude shade or a dark red burgendy color. I would call the nude one Jessie’s Girl and the dark red winter berry

  • I would go for a fire-y red. For me go bold or go home when it comes to making your own lipstick, you don’t get to do that everyday!
    I would call it ‘Recklessly red’
    Celine //

  • Guest

    Love the colors you choose to make sounds like a really exciting trip 🙂
    I would create a brown pinkish nude, because I’m currently obsessed with nudes! 🙂

  • Joanna Pina

    Love the colors you choose to make sounds like a really exciting trip 🙂
    I would create a brown pinkish nude, because I’m currently obsessed with nudes! & I could call the lipstick dare to be nude 🙂

  • anaioanaciceoi86

    I would make a peachy pink shade and call it “Peach please…”

  • Andrea

    I would go for a red with blue undertones, a “true red.” I would name it Double Decker, after the bus.

  • Fatima Adam

    Oh my gosh I am in love with the pinky nude one! I would make a peachy pink shade and name it Beauty and the Peach. Beauty and The Beast is one of my favourite Disney films! 🙂

  • Grace Matthews

    I’d make a raspberry pink and call it berry special!

  • Anothergirlyblg

    I would make a gorgeous natural your lips but better shade and call it “on a good day”

  • I would create either a peachy coral or an orange coral! The first one would be “the bees knees” and the second “sweet cantaloupe”

    My Blog: Blueberry segmentS

    My Youtube Channel: Blueberry segmentS

  • Meave F

    Love your colours! I’d make a bright peachy orange called “Bright in the Kisser”.

  • Hope Richardson

    Wow! This looks amazing! I would go for a deep orange or dark nude and call it ‘but better’

  • Rosie Townsend

    A nude much like blankety from MAC, with cool undertones – i recently discovered it on a whim and now its my holy grail! So it would be called underrated

  • Daisy’s Pet

    Hmmm. Cream of Tomato! Colour speaks for itself!

  • Stacey T

    I Love #viviannadoesmakeup I would be inspired to do something similar to Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese & Gwen Stefani “Their signature red lip” – but I’d add a slight gold slimmer, and call it ” Dinner for two” x

  • Michelle Lee

    I’d make my perfect, dark autumn lip. Something brighter than MAC’s cyber but still cool-toned and vampy… I’d call it ‘Snakebite’ 🙂

  • Maggie Cooper

    A deep berry nude or something dark for autumn that would work for fair skin tones. It’s always so hard to find a darker color to wear with my skin tone! It’d be amazing to make one myself! That was an awesome vlog and I’m glad you got the experience!

  • disqus_ZPLPMaCyGT

    I LOVE a good dark burgundy/purple colour! Mine would be called ‘Alligator Snapping Purple’ and would be part of a whole line made up of puns on animal species 😉

    Hayley x

  • Lorena

    I would do my perfect fall lipstick (that i haven’t found yet), a berry mix of blueberries and raspberries… I would call it “berry leaves”… and now i’m dreaming of my perfect lipstick 🙂

  • Limloom

    They all looked so nice ! xxx

  • danamwait

    You did such a great job with the colors you created… I love them all!!! I would have made a coral that is matt and call it “Spot of Poppy”

  • I’d have to make an everyday my lips but better color with a pinch o peach! I’d probably call it “I woke up like dis” lol

  • Clara

    I adore the peach babe and would love to win it! if I had a chance to visit max factor I would make a light neutral brown and call it latte lips 🙂 x

  • AnnaK

    I think I would make a sort of pink toned nude and call it ‘Pink-mented’ xx

  • Soph

    I would create a classic Marilyn red called Perfect Pout, a pinky brown everyday nude called French Fancy and a sheer coral shade called Summer crush.

  • Wendy

    I would make the perfect nude for my skin tone and call it ‘Reflection’ 🙂 xx

  • I’d mix up a true red colour with a rich pink colour, to make a pinky/orange red which would compliment many different complexions and I’d call it ‘Truly Flushed’


  • This is such a toughie…I do have a slight obsession with Tom Ford’s Wild Ginger… So I’d love a slightly softer tone for the day (even though I still sport wild ginger during the a.m. sometimes). I’d call it Orange You Lush. #ithinkishouldpatentthename 🙂

  • Meridian_Hour

    I would create “Everyday Pink” – Pale, Rosy Pink

  • Heather

    I would make a beautiful creamy peachy nude, heavy on the peachy side that compliments fair skin and blue eyes (like me), and call it Peachy Persuasion 😉

  • Faheemah

    Well this is a easy one for me. I would create a Kylie Jenner lipstick. The one she has been wearing. I would add some kind of lip plumper quality inside of it to make lips more plumpy. I would call it MLBB (My Lips But Better)

  • I would make the perfect nude for me: not pink, because it looks terrible on me, probably a little bit brown.
    The name… (In)Visible, Timeless Nude or You But Better 🙂

  • Amie

    I think that I would go for a deep violet reddish shade since fall/ autumn is just around the corner and deep colors would look quite lovely and I would call it “deep in love”. I’m not sure if it’s that great of a pun but since it’s a deep color “deep in love”

  • Mary Jeanne Chappell

    I would make a sheer-ish, but buildable, light wine color lipstick with blue undertones. It would be a great color for the fall and winter months and I would name it ‘Wine to Five’

  • Beth Atkinson

    I would make a red,the kind that reminds me of Christmas and call it “all spiced up” !!

  • Anna

    I love “my lips but better” colours but I haven’t found the one for me yet. I’ve got quite dark (considering the fact that I’m probably a relative to Snow white) peachy pink lips with a hint of brown in it. I would probably call it “Nudist Peach”…

  • Lindsay S

    It would be a hard choice but I would without a doubt mix-up a coral red, a bit of a orange base with a beautiful red mixed in. I’d go for a satin finish.

  • Catherine C

    I would go for a burgundy color with hint of blue undertone.

  • Sam

    Your day out looked amazing! Well jell!
    I love ‘peach babe’!
    I’m a red head and love wearing orange/reds on my lips. Soooooo I’d obviously have to make the best orange ever! It would be a cool coral with lots of moisturising goodness. The name… ‘Ginger Nut’!
    Love your blogs and videos Anna! Keep it up! Sam x

  • ms.marmaladee

    I’d create a gorgeous everyday shade, slightly darker than your average nude colour but compatible with everything else on your face and call it ‘matchmaker’. Every woman could pull it off. 🙂

  • Becky Lee

    This seems like one of the best days out! This is such a toughie, but I think I would either make a hot pink colour that was easily blendable and call it ‘hot right now’ or a soft honey nude shade and call it ‘to bee or not to bee’ (gotta love a classic Shakespeare pun!)


  • Sophie

    I’d definitely go for something autumn-appropriate.. like a deep red with a bit of a blue undertone suitable for going out for drinks (or a date!) . I’d call it “Wine Down” (lol get it? terrible name, I KNOW) haha xx

  • Laura Dinca

    I think i would have done a pinky-violetish sheer lipstick, perfect for everyday wear, under the name “Pinky perfect”! or maybe a orange-red called “Orange love”? many many shades!

  • Christine

    I’d create a lovely berry shade, just a perfect raspberry sort of shade. Its been my favorite shad since I started wearing makeup so I’d love to have one that I created myself.

  • Kerry

    Great day out had by all 🙂 i feel i would call my lippy ‘bom chicka wow wow’ thanks for the chance of winning your lush creation ☺

  • Kim

    I’d try to mix a pastel burnt orange that would be matte. Which sounds impossible, so that might be the name of it, l’Impossible (french is just cooler..)

  • Emmeline

    I think I would go for a sheer peachy pink color and name it “Peachy-keen Emmeline” because Emmeline is my first name 🙂 It’s pronounced Emma-lean, so it would rhyme!

  • loewisa

    Hej Anna,
    First of all, I loved reading this blogpost a lot! I love some of the Maxfactor lipsticks, so I can imagine how exciting making your own was for you! Truly wish I could do it myself, although an exclusive VDM-one would be amazing as well!
    As for the giveaway, I would definitely make some sort of fuschia lipstick, as I have been loving that colour on me recently. Now that I finally found the courage to wear brights, I think I should keep it up, so no nudes for me. It would be a slightly darker, almost reddish one, a darker raspberry colour. I would compare it to a mac or maxfactor one, but then it wouldn’t be my own, haha!
    I haven’t really thought about a good name, but ‘rubus idaeus’ seems suitable as it is latin for raspberry OR ‘coulis de framboise’ which stands for raspberry coulis in french & that’s what I imagine when I picture the exact colour. Maybe not as inventive but I like the sound of it!
    Looking forward to the next blogpost!

  • kayley everitt

    I would definitely go for a nude shade something like macs patisserie love that everyday nude colour and call it in the mood for nude!

  • Annie Shepherd

    I think I’d (attempt) to create a sheer, mauvey plum colour called “Plum-ful”

  • Rachel W

    I’d get a sort of muted, slightly vintage looking pink> I’d wear it on nights out and consequently I’d call it prink

  • Sarah

    I’d go for the perfect nude because I cannot find one! My nickname is Sarbear so I would call my lipstick Bearly There 🙂

  • Aisha

    Wow Anna, this looks like so much fun! I’d probably make my own classic deep red/burgundy, but name it something like ‘Holden’ because of Holden Caulfield’s hat in Catcher in the Rye. Lol that’s so lame, but it’d be cool to have literary names for lipsticks! I’d totally buy them 😀

  • Alexandra Smith

    I’d make a vibrant fuchsia color! They’re my favorite bright to rock. I’d name it “Hispaniola” because that’s where the Fuchsia flowers were discovered and I’m a nerd 🙂

  • Olivia

    I’d go for a coral shade 🙂

  • sassy

    Hi! I would try to make my perfect nude and for the name SASSY 🙂

  • Veronika

    First off I’d need a lab coat, becuase that has always been the bigger dream. After I have my lab coat, I’d begin on the lipstick. A coral color, my favorite nail and lip color. Peach but with a pink tone. And for the name: Anthozoa of phylum Cnidaria (the official scientific name for coral). You know you’ll have a good product if no beauty guru can pronounce it

  • Claudia Tatiana Chavez Castro

    I think mine would be blood red and I wwould call it Nosferatu

  • Carmen Ämm

    I`d go for a sheer berry colour and I`d name it Berry Maniglow

  • julie s

    What a fun experience — I’m so glad you included your visit in your weekly vlog! If I had the opportunity to make my own lipstick it would be a classic matte red and I’d call it “whistle while you work it red”.

  • Sumera

    I’d go for a deep red and call it ‘5 more minutes’

  • sivan

    this blog was so much fun to watch truly enjoyed it!! if i had a chance to make a lipstick i would try to make the perfect red and call it “perfect cherry red” and i do love a classy nude lip so i would call that lipstick “elegance” because there is nothing more classy and elegant to me than a nude lip 🙂

  • Hannah

    I’d make a subtle nude peach and call it Head Peach In Charge and market it to working ladies!

  • I would love to visit a lab. If I had the opportunity I would create a satin finish mauve shade with a bit of a brownish tone and I would name it City Mermaid after my blog.

  • Melissa Pang

    What an awesome experience to have had!! I’d make a perfect nude since i’ve never been able to find a lipstick that looks natural on me. I think I would call it, Pucker Up!

  • Elly Aalai

    I’d create a rich dark matt cherry red and I’d call it blood lust

  • Maria

    My perfect MLBB color, a mix between YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Nude in Private and Too Face La Creme Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby. These two are very pretty MLBB lipsticks on their own, but I think those two combined would be MY perfect MLBB shade.

  • Hodgeysdorris

    Wow what an amazingly cool and very envious thing to do, I think I would actually die if I saw a Max Factor lab coat with my name on, let along getting to create your own lipsticks- tres chic!!!!!
    I would have gone for a bright magenta matte pink, as who doesn’t love to rock a bold pink lip. Naming it “pink ladies”
    As always love your blog and your YT channel, a total beauty addict now!!!! Xx

  • charlotte bull

    ahh I’d always imagined I’d make the perfect Breakfast at Tiffanys colour – you know the one Holly is applying when shes about the read the letter? That. I honsetly don’t think I’ll ever be able to find the exact version in stores. But its my dream shade

  • Allison

    I loved the video from this! It looked like so much fun! I would probably make a really dark red like Rimmel 107, I would probably name it something vampy but I’ve just been watching too much criminal minds lately!
    Allison from

  • Claire

    The perfect shade of red lipstick has alluded me so far so I would use the help of the professionals to create one perfect for my colouring! I would call the shade ArREDsted Development. 🙂

  • CMV

    NAME: cheek pinch
    TONE: creamy juicy natural red lip color

    PS. I’m green with envy of your visit to the Max Factor labs ;p

  • Renee

    I would go for a coral shade as I’m so into coral at the moment. I think it’s soooo summery although autumn has come to London already T_T

  • Liz Osborne

    Peach Babe is beautiful, and right up my street! I would either make a similar peachy/pinky nude and call it ‘Birthday Suit’ or go for a really deep vampy red and call it ‘Take No Prisoners’. Love your blog, Anna! All the way from New Zealand (hope this comp is international too haha!) xx

  • Diane

    Hmm, I usually wear nude or pink, but I would like to make my own purplish shade and call it plum pudding. 🙂

  • Alex Connors

    Such an awesome experience!
    I’d make an orange colour, similar to MAC ‘Morange’ but a little warmer and call it ‘Orange is the New Pout’
    But seriously, the shades you made are stunning <3

  • Ligia

    Oh, I’d really really like to win a lipstick that you made!! (Mostly because it’s made by you but i also LOVE the color!)
    If I were to make my own lipstick (and not massively skrew up) I think I’d make a “my lips but better” nude-y lipstick, but a bit on the peachy side, not very brown or pink.
    Kinda like the nude you created actually.
    And I’d probably name it “Marché aux pêchers”.


  • Stephanie T

    A 1940s red called matador

  • Charline

    I’d try to find a dupe for Bite Cosmetic’s “Musk”. I would probably name it Ring Around the Rosey

  • Alejandra

    I would love a peachy pink everyday shade

  • Mariana

    I’ve been on a recent soft plum-berryish craze lately makeupwise.. So, as of right now I would create some kind of berry shade called Frambuesa (which is raspberry in spanish).. Love all your colours btw!

    Greetings from Panama!

  • Whitney

    I would most definitely make a pinky nude shade and name it “love does”

  • Natalie Gay

    Rose/nude color called Abraham Darby named after the rose. 🙂

  • Pandora

    Max Factor. Paris. Sephora and Pharma trips. It seriously can’t get any better, can it?
    If I had the chance to whip something up it would be a matte burgundy with blue-based red undertones, and would name it Lingonberry Tart. Fall- I am so ready for you.

  • Lupe Franco

    If try for a pink and plum mix and name it Pennylane

  • Hannah

    Hmmm, I think I would make my perfect matte red and name it Dita after Dita von Teese

  • Fernanda A. Ortega

    I would have mixed up a beautiful burgundy with very fine pink shimmer. And I would call it Stardust 🙂

  • Christina

    I would take the opportunity to really customize a shade to fit me perfectly for ALL seasons; probably something nude-y with peachy, warm undertones & it must be slightly hydrating for my chronically dry lips [as much as I adore matte lips].. And I would probably name it “Peachy Year” or “Peachy Perfect Year”.

  • Lauren!

    I would definitely create a raspberry color with a dash of plummy purple with a cream finish to get the perfect color for fall. I would call it Falling Berry Much In Love!

  • Anna

    i’d go for a sheer milky pink called baby blossoms!!

  • Eve

    I would definitely go for a your lips but better shade, throwing peachy pink and nude together into one smooth moisturizing lipstick called “Didn’t See You There”

  • Lexi

    I would make a pinky nude (your lips but better color) perfect for fall and call it ‘swing time’ after 1940’s glamor and Ginger Rogers.

  • Sophie

    I mix up a wine-plum shade and call it ‘wining’!

  • ainay

    I’d make a red wine color and name it Wine & Fine!

  • Jessica Feng

    COLOR: Muted tart raspberry/pink color
    NAME: Picked Pucker!
    This looked like so much fun and totally jealous that you got to make your own lipsticks!!

  • Sarah Herring

    I would do a flushed pink color – mid tone pink – an everyday look and I’d name it: I work out hehee 🙂

  • Shayna Hoffer

    Mine would be a glossy sheer plummy shade called “Pleasingly Plum-p”!

  • This is great! What a nice experience!

    Mine would probably be a bright red with a hints of pink and berry in it!

  • Jess

    Mine would be a peachy pinky nude and it would be called ‘My Personal Favourite’ so that whenever anyone asked or talked about it they would say ‘this is My Personal Favourite’

  • kira

    i’d probably do a nice rosy mauve color!

  • Kat Taylor

    I love this! I am super jealous. The science behind cosmetics is fascinating and the idea of getting to make my own perfect color sends my Virgo mind racing! I usually opt for a nude, your lips but better color, but if I was playing around I would probably do a sheer, glossy but punchy red orange a la Deborah Lippmann’s Supermodel (but for your lips). I would either call it Orange Ya Glad or Cone Zone 🙂

  • Celeste

    Such an amazing experience! I’d go crazy in a place like that. If I could make a lipstick it would be a classic red and name it “are you redy?” Or a super bright pink and call it “pinky promise”

  • Jessica

    I would make a perfect red for my skintone. Not too orange, not too blue. I’d name it “Red.” Not very punny, but perfectly simple. 🙂

  • Sophia

    I would make a pinky mauve colour and call it “I made this!” 😉

  • Nanna Rose Svendsen

    I think I would create a neutral and casual pink – perfect for my everyday at uni! Maybe calle it “Pink Perfection” or “Pleasing Pink”! This is FUN! 😉

  • Meghan Fredrickson

    I do gravitate to the pink hues…they just add the most lovely and lively colour to the face! It would be a warmer rose pink named “Tickled Pink”.

  • Carrie Hooper

    I love the Nude shades! I’d call it ‘In the Nude’!

  • Lilly

    I’d go for a dark lip: Nice, sultry and vampy. Doesn’t really matter if it were a red, dark pink or plum.
    As for a name? Hmm..somthing nice, sultry and vampy ;P
    Bloody Good (for the red one). Indulge. Nice and Slow (no idea why, but I like it. Sounds smooooth ;))

  • Ohh I’m super jealous of this experience! You’re super lucky, Anna 🙂 I think mine would be a red-orange because I’m still hunting for the perfect one. As for the name? ‘Bloody Mary’.
    Or it’d be that ideal 90s recreation we’re all after and pay homage to 90s babe Sarah Michelle Gellar calling it ‘Buffy’ 🙂


  • Brooke Jones

    You’re a lucky duck Anna!
    I’d create a fluro orange & name it Tony, after a Tradesman that might wear an orange highvis top :p. Xxx

  • Pia Skjaeråsen

    I am jealous of your experience. I would create a subtle pink lipstick that if
    it turned out the way I intended would accentuate my features. I think I would
    name it Rosy Posy, or perhaps Pink Cheeks simply because the latter has a nice
    sound to it. Xx

  • That is just the most perfect day! I think mine would be an orangey red. And as reds are able to give you just that extra bit of confidence and sass, I’d call it ‘Cry Me A River’ – also as a tribute to JT, obviously.

  • Madeleine Freemantle

    I think I would make sheer colours as I don’t do bold, if like to make a nude but I also think a light coraly pink would be nice 🙂 x

  • Kiarrah Thomas

    I would make a deep red and call it Scarlet Fever

  • Jess

    I would make a nude and call it natrual radiance

  • Diana

    I would make a rosie colour 🙂 Call it Rositas Salvajes 😛 Wild little roses in spanish

  • Catarina Relvas

    I really love your blog and youtube channel. If i had the change I would do a peach color similiar to the one you have, suitable for everyday 😉 Or maybe a pinky color and name it “Pingo, the flamingo”!

  • Elodie Siriusly German

    I’d probably try and go for a dark vampy color, just for the fun of it. 😀

  • Lottie Buckley

    I’d create a 60’s pink/nude and team it with a feline flick and big brows, I’d call it ‘Shrimpton Pink’ after Jean Shrimpton!

  • Adithi

    Hey Anna! 🙂 I am so glad you got to make your own lippies! If I had the opportunity to make my own shade of lipstick, I’d make a pinky coral one, and I’d name it “Stupefy”, since I’m a Potterhead, and that is a stunning spell, so my lipstick would basically be a stunner! 😀 I adore you Anna! Keep rocking!
    Lots of love,

  • Penny

    It would be great if Max Factor could team up with you all and produce your lipsticks so we could buy them. They are Amazing! I would create a pinky peachy colour and call it Peach Perfection!

  • norfolkyummymummy

    How cooool! I’d make a super glossy muted plummy colour and call it Plumtastic 🙂

  • Теди К.

    I imagine making a fuchsia color.. don’t know the name yet, but i’ll give it a lot thinking until i come up with something very pun-y :))

  • I would love to be able to mix my own color! It would probably be a pink shade with a name somehthing like: Pinky Swear 🙂

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and I would call it Peachy Keen 🙂 slightly humorous name and a peachy pink.. can you ever go wrong? 🙂 xxxxxx

  • Such a great opportunity, you’re so lucky Anna! I would pick an orange-red shade and call it ‘Orange You Glad’. Get it? If not I rolled off my seat laughing for nothing.

  • Nina

    That sounds like so much fun! I’d probably create a peachy coral and call it “Just peachy!” 🙂

  • This is possibly the coolest thing ever! I would love to make my own lipstick!

    I would probably go for a deep red, that’s suitable for everyday and call it ‘read my mind.’ 🙂

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and I would call it Peachy Keen 🙂 slightly humorous name and a peachy pink.. can you ever go wrong? 🙂 xxxxxx

  • Verity_Faye

    I’ve never found my perfect nude lip match, so i think i would make a nude lip with mauve/pink tones, then call it ‘mauving on up’. Or go in completely the opposite direction and create a berry/wine toned one and call it ‘berry nice’ or make it a winter limited edition shade and call it ‘berry xmas’…wow i need to stop now. It must have been incredible to get to make something like this though, i might have to try out one of those ‘make your own lip gloss’ kits or see if there’s some kind of lipstick one 🙂 x

  • angelrosep

    I am so envious you got to create your very own lipsticks!? That’s like a once in a life time kinda thang! …so I would sway towards a more darker purple-plum colour, like Lorde’s on trendy-edgy darkish purple! I would call it: Purple Void x

  • Nora

    What a lovely thing it must be, do be able to do your own lipstick! I would mix a light rosewood color with a little bit of a more raspberry pink and because I’m french I would name it “Au Plaisir”. 🙂 X

  • luberly

    I’d want something quite similar to the shade you’ve made. Something peach, but not too coral. Something neutral and not too opaque.

  • Melanie

    I’m still on the search for my perfect nude lipstick, so I would have to create one and name it Birthday Suit

  • What an amazing experience for you guys! I love the colours you created too.

    I think I’d make a dark vampy plum! It would have to be matte of course so I don’t get it on my eyebrows (this has actually happened to me before)- and I think I’d call it something like ‘Rock Chic’-geddit? Rock chick but a bit more on the chic side?!

  • Fatz

    I would create a really striking cherry colour, and name it Pistache, after the striking red tip of a ripe Pistachio nut.

  • Sam

    I’d love to make a pale browny nude (a la 90’s) and call it “Grunge Baby”!

  • I would make an orangy red because that’s the color that I love the most. Even my lingerie is orangy red. So I would call it, lingerie (:

  • Carina Filippas

    I would go for a lilac-y beige and name it “Li-lacking Garments” perhaps since it’s a lilac nude! Pun intended! 😉

  • Madli Tammel

    I would make a sheer coraly pink and name it Dating Coral

  • Sarah

    beautiful shades Anna! I would make a striking red and would call it ‘London Life’. Love your blog!!xx

  • CN1504

    I want peach babe!

  • jesuisele

    I would create a bright coral and I would call it “Orange popsicle” 🙂

  • Love the shades you created, Anna! All very wearable. I think I’d definitely create a cross between your beige shade and the peachy pink shade to create an every day, wearable, taupe/pink/nude lippy (can anyone say Patisserie?). But I’d love to rock your Peach Babe shade any day! xx from Switzerland

  • Sophsterr!

    If I could create any lipstick shade, it’d be a very dark plum and I’d name it ‘vampire bite’ 🙂 <3

  • Imogen Cunningham

    What a dream day out! I would love to create a ‘my lips but
    better’ nude or vampish wine red ‘just bitten’ inspired by Buffy the Vampire

  • Laura McPherson

    I love all things pale/blush/nude, so I’d make a nude pale pink and call it “A Love Of-Fair”

  • Rhiannon Cook

    ‘puckered plum’ for a full looking plum coloured lipstick <3

  • Lucy Farrugia

    Anna this looks amazing! So jealous! The colours you made look great too, would be incredible to get one.

    I would create a deep orange/coral colour that’s perfect for a sunshine holiday and call it ‘Tanlines’.

    Enjoying seeing everyone’s suggestions and names!

  • Charlotte James

    I’d pick a peachy pink and name her perfectly poised (as I would hope it would make the wearer feel pulled together and a bit fancy ;))

  • Smith Anna

    Something nude/caramelly. And I think the name would be “Caramelicious,”

  • Jessica Whitfield

    I’d go for a a pinky nude colour and call it ‘True Colours’ x

  • Anouska

    So cool! Such an amazing, fun opportunity! Id have to say Id go boring with a pinky beigy nude (I’m thinking my own twist on Pattiserie? ;)) and name it ‘my day out in London’ Lipstick – boring, I know!

  • Charlotte Dallin

    I’d mix up a soft/sheer poppy red and call it ‘Red Letter Day’.
    I’m yet to find a red I feel comfortable wearing, so it really will be a red letter day when I eventually do!
    C xo

  • Emma

    The perfect nude for me is a sheer light pink, and I’d call it “Nothing-ness Nude”

  • Sarah Reed

    Since I have red hair and lots of freckles I struggle to find just the right bright color. So many of them just look crazy with my coloring. If I got to create my own shade I would enlist the help of one of the Max Factor pros to get just the right bright shade for me.

  • Sarah Shahid Kazi

    Burnt red, with undertones of coral ..u could wear just as a lip stain or a full on red lip 🙂

  • SaraPags

    This is SO exciting!
    We have quite the same taste in lipsticks, cause I LOVE peachy pink and coral shades.
    Anyway, I’d create a peachy corally pink and I’d call it ‘Peach on the Beach’ xx

  • megan

    I would make a very light bone/white lipstick which i would use to mix with other shades or as a brightening base, it would be ‘game-of-bones’ !!

  • Emily Cruse

    I would create a satin, deep berry red colour perfect for my favourite season i.e. Autumn. I would call it ‘currant coulis’ in light of memories of myself with black currant jam around my chops – my early days of wanting to wear lipstick!……it was a good colour too 🙂 x

  • Swati

    hi! i am from India and if it wear me i would really love to try a peach lip color myself if not then a shade mix of peach and orange 🙂

  • Stephanie’s Look

    I would try and make that perfect nude that doesn’t wash you out, doesn’t make your teeth look too yellow, polishes off your everyday look, and works with every makeup look with a super creamy formula (more pink-beige) and call it Nudist Colony 😉

    Stephanie’s Look

  • Elaine Licciardello

    I would create a red as it is mah fav, but a tad on the cool side cuz it would make my teeth look whiter! What can I say? I love RED!

  • Naomi N

    I would create a sheer, slightly glossy peachy orange. I think it would look great with tanned, luminous skin. Always wanted a shade like that but have never been able to find it! I would call it Peach Sun.

  • MBC

    I would make a warm raspberry. Is that even possible? Likely not, which is why I can never find one in stores! But in my alternate universe, it could exist.

  • Hedda Treider Bonesmo

    i would probably mix up an awesome coral shade!

  • Hannah Marsh

    I would love to create a deep raspberry pinky shade, quite bold but still wearable day or night. I would name it Raspberrylicious.

  • Louise Whitehouse

    i would make a sheer purple colour for autumn/winter and call it Cheeky V because I love cocktails and the colour purple!

  • Alysha

    I would make a deep, warm berry colour for winter and christmas time and call it ‘berry christmas’

  • Jessica Leggett

    I would create a true bright red, perfect for all year round, and call it ‘Hot Tomato’!

  • Lily Duncan

    I’d make one I could use everyday. Like a nudey peach. A tad more nude than peach babe. You made gorgeous colours by the way. I would call it “giant peach” idk I think it’s kinda cute

  • SarahSaru

    I love Peach Babe! I would do a merlot colored vampy red. More deep red than purple. And I think I would call it Vino. Original… I know 😛

  • Aoife Brown

    I love dark berry lipsticks, so excited for Winter to be able to wear them again.

    Therefore I would create a creamy glossy dark berry called ‘Superberry’

    Also I love the look of your ‘Peach Babe’ one! Would love to have that as an everyday shade. xx

  • Laura G.

    I would create the perfect pinky/mauvey nude and call it “Kiss Me”

  • I would create a perfect pinky plum that’s sheer for everyday and call it ‘plum pie’. 🙂

  • Hattie

    I’m all about the peachy colours too – my lips but better! I think I’d call it ‘You’re a Peach’ – I mean, who wouldn’t want a lipstick that compliments you?! x

  • Christina Schwalsberger

    i think i would really love a bright orange-red shade with a strong pink-ish tone added in. i quite like bright colours and i would name it something along the lines of “acidic passion”

  • Claudia

    Lucky you Anna, your lipsticks look gorgeous! And I would probably create something like a matte, purpley-burgundy red and name it ‘Siren Song’, because it would be as alluring and seductive as one x

  • Imy L

    I would make a muted dark neon pink called ‘Pink-ing of You’. Thanks Anna!

  • Asta

    I would create a nude peachy shade, and call it “peach on the beach”

  • Julie Naturman

    I’d create a soft pink nude shade and call it “Pinking of you”

  • Eilis Rooney

    My lips are quite a dark reddy-pink so bright or pale colours just look really weird on me but I, unlike all the lipsticks I own which are MLBB, I want to go for something a little outside my comfort zone. I’d choose to make a dark red/purple colour and I would name it ‘Dark Paradise’ since I also LOVE Lana Del Rey.

  • Shannon McCormick

    I’d make a corally shade and call it ‘sista from another mista’

  • Stephanie

    I’d create a berry shade and call it ‘Cranberry’

  • Joëlle Klazen

    a mauvy-pink nude called ‘Nerd Nude’

  • sümeyra betül tayfur

    İ would create pinky nude and call it born like this 🙂

  • Angélique Da Silva Faria

    I think i’d create a nude one, because i never find a nude i really love, and call it ” The only one ” (because it will be the best and only one nude i’ll use ! ) Kisses from Paris.

  • Dana

    I would pick a bright cool toned red. I would call it Bomb Pop, for the color your lips turn when you are eating a Bomb Pop.

  • Tori

    I’d love to make a semi-matte Coral shade that would actually look good on me! I always fall for the corals but am completely disappointed when I get them home. Names are not my strong suite.. Maybe Velvet Coral?

  • Giulia Beneventi

    I’d create some pinky/red geranium tone cause I have in mind the perfect shade but I haven’t found it yet. The name could be Pink Lover!

  • Jane

    A matte/satiny browny, cinnamony, brick red, bit 90’s grunge and glam. I’ll probably call it ground. just because.

  • Leeann

    I would create a light peach shade with a hint of pink that gives just a hint of shine and a subtle nude feel. I would call it “Lazy Girl Lips” or “Nude with ‘Tude” 😉

  • Mimi Truong

    I’d make a semi-natural rosey red with blue undertones, so that it brightens up the smile. I’m very bad with names and puns, I’d probably just call it “Very Berry”.

  • Harris Cabrera

    I’d go with a cool-toned light mauve that would be good for the transition into fall, with hunter greens and heather grays, and I would definitely call it “Mauve-elous.”

  • LornaM

    I would have to make a plumb shade, not too dark though, warm enough to wear everyday and I would call it “Pout Pronto” … Too much thought went into this!

  • Libbiecoulson

    I would make a deep raspberry colour and call it mouth kicker! I would have loved to have created my own lipstick, what an amazing opportunity 🙂

  • Janna

    I’d would create a light peach coral shade perfect to wear every day in autumn and I’ll call it “autumn rain”.

  • Louise

    I’d make a rosy beige classic color. I’m really into those browny pinky nudes right now. I’d name it Rosa (means pink in Swedish) 😉 I’d love to own a lipstick made by you, you have impeccable taste in lipstick!

  • Aysel Gok

    I would make a pinky/cherishy lipstick which close to my natural lip colour but more sheer and kissable 🙂 and name it “Hot Cherry”

  • Justine Santa Cruz

    I would do a brick/brown-red for Fall and name it “Don’t Brick My Heart” 😉

  • Alexandra Cooper

    Oohh how fun! I believe I would make a berry shade for the upcoming fall season. I would call it “Royal Raspberry” hmm… wait maybe I would call it “RazzMaTazz.” Choices, choices!

  • pheart

    i’d mix dark vampy colours together black, blue, red, purple and call it DEEP NIGHT

  • Agape Papageorgiou

    I’d probably make a rose raspberry colour and I would call it “roseberry mist”

  • ρίνα αθερίνα ΑΑΑ

    I would try something pink just because I’m not that kind of pinky-lover girl, but I’d want it not a barbie pink -like very light faded pink – ,but sheer darker pink …and I’d call it “the ultra pink”

  • Marianthi Kartsakli

    I would try to make a perfect peach nude or a fiery red that would look perfect for my skintone!

  • Rachael Kanavel

    I would make a dark sheer berry shade and name it merlot.

  • Suzanne 79

    I would make a peachy, purple, sounds impossible, I know

  • Jess Dine

    I’d make a orangey-red as it’s the shade I’d say suits me the most and I’d call it “Tequila Sunrise”

  • Arianna

    I would make a bright pink with blue undertones, similar to NARS Funny Face, & I would probably call it Pucker Up Pink!(:

  • Katy

    I’d made a perfect summer coral and call it Coral Beach!

  • Aimee

    I am very fair skinned so find dark lip shades really difficult to get right but I think I would make a reddish plum- like MAC rebel but more red. I don’t know if the name has been taken but I would go for ‘Liptease’

  • ashleigh roberts

    I would make an orange shade that has a tiny hint of red and call it ‘shepherd’s delight’

  • Melissa Wilson

    I’d make a nude and call it Iced Latte.

  • helenaarevalo .

    I’d make a coral with a hint of brown and call it ‘audrey’ based on twin peaks!

  • Jamie

    I’d make a peachy color and call it “Pinched Peach”

  • Zahra

    I would make a classic matte red and call it Parisian Chic

  • Jennifer Frank

    I would do a peachy pink and call it Island Sunset

  • I’d create 1) a fiery orange-red, more orange than red, and call it Rocket, 2) a kind-of light orange shade, orange + a little pink + a bit of white I guess, and call it Lava, and 3) a deep bloody red with a bit of shimmer (not very noticeable) that changes the color a little bit when it hits the light, and call it Hemoglobin.

  • Kim

    I would create either a pure bright orange shade called construction zone

  • Gaby

    I would create a semi-sheer true red, though I have no idea what I would name it! Maybe something like “La vie en rouge”

  • Lena Burns

    So boring I know but Peach Babe is actually the shade I would want. I’m not very experimental with lip colors and try to stay natural pinkish.

  • pocketsizedstyle

    OOh I’d want to make something that looked like the Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie, but without the chunky glitter… and I’d probably name it something silly like “Berry Cobbler” haha!

  • Rebecca Skinner

    I would create my perfect YLBB shade- not too brown, not too pink..I’m thinking something along the lines of Tom Ford ‘Spanish Pink’ and I think I’d call it ‘Perfectly Pink’ 🙂

  • Emma Kelly

    I would choose a bright red/ coral lipstick and call it carnival because carnivals are always bright colours and that’s what I love 🙂

  • zobia

    I’d choose a bright red, but add hints of pink and orange in it. I would name it red guava.

  • Bethan Mackriell

    I would make an orange toned pink that is really glossy (the same kind of texture as the Bourjois colour bursts) and I would call it Salmon! Not pink, because I love orangey pinks in the spring/summer, and a subtle friends reference.

  • Katie Houston

    I would make a very soft, non offensive shade of pink. It would be a smooth texture that’s not too matte but not too sheer – maybe the same texture as Mac Frost lipsticks (without the shimmer). I’d call it ‘Baby Cherub’. I think it would be classical colour, which would we wearable all year round.

  • kirtana

    I would make a corally pink colour with more tones of coral for sure and call it the “the great coral reef”.. 🙂

  • I would create an easy to wear everyday color, a sheer pink or a sheer pinky red so as to wear as often as possible 🙂 I would name it “Pretty in Pink” just because I love that movie and I can’t really thing of another name :p

  • Maria

    I’ve been on the hunt for the ULTIMATE pink-toned coral, not too pink, not too orange, with a balmy sheen so that a lipstick lover like me who doesn’t like to keep faffing around with reapplication doesn’t have to! I’d say it would be a MAC Crosswires with a little less umph and a bit more gloss. The name? St. Tropez!

  • shiori

    I would make a little bit dark purple & I would called it ”cherry pie” or “raspberry pie”.
    maybe I’d choose a orangey brown & I would named it ”pumpkin spice latte” for sweater weather.

  • Megan

    I’d love to make a automny peachy colour and call it ‘sweater weather’.. i might be slightly obssesed with fall haha xx

  • Alicia Fernandes

    Actuallly, I just thought of a better name for my fuschia colour lipstick! I would call it Pink Punch! 🙂 x

  • Clare

    I love the idea of creating lipsticks after experiences and feelings. So my perfect shade would probably be “Lazy Sunday” – a throw-it-on, goes-with-everything, looks-like-my-lips-but-better peachy pinky brown shade.

  • Georgia Murphy

    I love make up that just enhances what you have so I would create the ultimate ‘barely there’ pink/nude for everyday use in a sheeny/slightly glossy finish & call it “birthday suit” as I always giggle at Nars rude names!!

  • Lyssa

    A color I’d call “Not Even Nude”. It would be a nude for darker women.

  • Gemma

    I’d like to make a red for people with pale skin to wear (I find it quite hard to find lipsticks that suit me and my skin tone) – I’d probably call it ‘Va-va-voom’ or something silly!

  • Alice

    I would make a really pretty sheer lilac which would just add a hint of colour as I find it compliments all skin tones and something similar is so hard to find. Naming it would be hard maybe “perk it up purple” as it would just add something to your complexion.

  • Kasia

    I would like to make my lips but better shade and I would name it “Get ready”

  • Afsoun Khalatbari

    Red, red, red.

  • Flavia

    You really made beautiful and wearable colors! I would like to create a light pink lipstick and name it “bookworm choice” 🙂 have a nice day xx

  • Tilly

    I’d like a pastel but vibrant peach shade and call it neon nights x

  • Lucy

    I’d love a brown toned nude with the hint of pink

  • Charlotte Flannery

    Ooooh, I’d definitely have a deep raspberry colour, similar to the colour that Mac’s Rebel stains your lips, but with a hit more brown in it and I’d call it grapefruit de-light (it would also have a touch of shimmer, hence the “de-light”)

  • I’d make a sunny pinky-peach and name it “Bondi Peach” (like Bondi Beach but Peach *witty witty*) haha x

  • Prettysnoopy

    I’d love to make my own lipstick shade. I’d either go for a perfect nude or a nice red that didn’t slide around and tailor it to suit me! I’d probably call them Perfect Nude or Nelly’s Nude and the same for the red cos I’m original! haha! xx

  • Hannah Green

    Oh so predictable for me but I’d love to mix up that perfect peachy pink nude that is so hard to find, so you look polished without looking half dead or a bit ill. I’d call it Lady H, which is rather self indulgent but I was gutted that out of all the new Nars lipsticks there wasn’t one in my name, there never blooming is anything Hannah based, it’s been an issue since childhood!

  • Rachael Hall

    I’d make a coppery red for Autumn with a slight sheen and call it ‘Copper loada this’.

  • Rachey

    Your colors are super gorgeous!

    I’d make a really wearable tangerine balm like yours, and name it Gator Nation, because I just transferred to The University of Florida and we’re the gators 😉


    i will take a coral with a nude color so it will be a pretty sweet coral!! and i ll name it SUMMER ON YOUR LIPS!

  • Deimante Zdr

    I would make some cold light plummy browny nude lipstick. Oh 🙂

  • Hayley Sellick

    I’d make a dark blood red and call it ‘Blood sucker’

  • Sina

    I would make a bright orange one and call it firecracker

  • Emily

    I would make a nude one and call it “Lets get naked” 😉

  • I would make a lilac colour and call it “Barney” just like a dinosaur

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  • Laura

    I’d definitely make a semi-sheer purple-berry-pink and have called it “Just Plum Lovely”. Or made a super saturated red-orange and called it “Tropicana”, after my favorite childhood orange juice.

  • Milly McCann

    Mine is very simple, I would have a frosty dark pink and called it “Sophia” after my nan, who sadly passed away last Tuesday. xxxxx

  • I’d definitely mix myself that perfect subtle nude that I’ve been searching for and call it, “wild oat” (and that’s a little audrey filmography reference too!)

  • Solange Santos

    I would try to create a nude that doesn’t make me look dead… so… maybe a more on the sheer side pinky-coraly nude… (loved your video, btw)

  • Solange Santos

    oh, and I’d name it “tickle my fancy”

  • shivani777

    i’m a fan of nudes and a perfect coral that is complimentary to a bare make up look would be my choice. i sometimes find it hard to find a complimentary shade to a light medium olive complexion. maybe mix brown, mauve, and orange until i get the shade just right 🙂 it would probably be a punny name like coraled away.

  • Nazin Ciziri

    I really want a nice everyday orangy pink colour with no shimmer, semi- sheer lipstick. And i would name it juicy lips 🙂

  • I’d want to create a raspberry red, and would probably call it “Berry Kiss” xx

  • Patricia

    My first comment in you r blog !!!The perfect color for me is a nude, creamy ,rosé shade!!!Name : lolita

  • Rachel

    I’d make a bright, orangey red like ripe summer tomatoes and name it ‘Tosca’ after my grandmother, who was Italian and always used fresh tomatoes! Granted I love the look of Peach Babe too!

  • NA123

    A warm, natural, earthy red, good for darker skin tones, but not vampy/in your face, but still with a little drama – name:Blood rush.

  • A perfect MLBB shade with a more berry hue and a lip plumping formula thrown in (because why not?). I’d name it ‘Jolie’ after the best set of lips on screen.

  • Clara

    Oh its wonderful! I think I’ll create a coral shade, not to flashy, just for everyday looks. I’d call it… Printemps!

  • Jessie Upward

    I’d create a deep red shade and call it ‘Redroe’ after Marilyn Monroe.

  • Mónica TBM

    I love the colour you created! I would love to make a dark plumy colour for fall :). I’m awful with names, all the ones I can think of sound pretty cheesy LOL I guess I would go with ‘Chic Plum’ xo’s!!

  • As we’re coming up to colder months now, I’d go for something similar to one from Sephora’s Rouge range in the shade ‘Crush’. Such a gorgeous colour and I think I’d call it Hiver, which means Winter in French x

  • effie

    I’d make the perfect deep red, like wild cherries, colour and name it “cherry orchard”.

  • Kirstin Piche

    I’m currently looking for the perfect shade of rosy pink nude, that’s the colour I’d make. I’d call it “Lunch in Paris”.

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and call it ‘Peachy Keen’. A slightly punny name and a peachy pink.. can one go wrong? 😉 xxxxx

  • I would have made a perfect nude that matched my complexion but doesn’t make me look washed out, I would name it “Nude Eclipse” or “Nudist”

  • Robbie

    I’d either have made one like a cherry rosy color, just like the color of my lips but enhanced (and called it “Baciami piccina”), or a dark burgundy color called “Vineyard”. Would love it!

  • Ella Grace

    if i was ever lucky enough to visit the lipstick lab, i would mix the perfect better than lips colour (A pinky rose). Called… ‘Just bitten’ ella xxx :*

  • Christina Hagenauer

    I would create a berry-colour with just a hint of warm brown and call it “Berry good!”. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • A nice nudey-peach brown shade for my every-day lip colour. And I’d probably name it ‘Nude punch’.

  • Carlijn

    If I could create my own lipstick, I would make a bright orange-red colour. And I would name it: “Here I Amsterdam” 🙂

  • Kenza Sara Saadi

    I would make an everyday red colour which would be the mix between Hot Tahiti and Brick-Oh-La from MAC and I would name it :” L’addiction “

  • valerie werner

    i would try to create something like a dark red with a berry undertone! and i would name it “berry go wild”

  • Linda Libra Loca

    Whenever I come home after buying make-up, it usually is another bright red (seldom to be worn) or pinky-brown nude that I add to my collection, so I would take this opportunity and try and mix a fuchsia that doesn´t scream “Barbie” on my lips. It would be called “Finally”, because that is what I would think whenever I apply it.

  • Jessie

    I would make a matte hot pink and call it Ladies’ Night. I’d also make a fiery orangey-red and call it Canadian Classic, because I’m from Canada and we love our reds.

  • Bushra. يا بشرى

    I would create the perfect matte nude and creamy nude for my skintone. I’d call the matte one ‘Nudist’ and the creamy one ‘Bare Canvas’.

  • I’m so in love with darker reddish/purple lipsticks that I wouldn’t be able to resist a vampy shade. The name? Maybe Berry Christmas? x

    lillies and lipbalm

  • Sarika

    My lipstick would be a rich blood red colour called “Blood Nothing” (like the phrase “but nothing” – get it? get it? *chortles*) because the colour makes me feel like a badass bitch who doesn’t take people’s crap (Y)

  • Vanessa V

    I just adore your videos and posts Anna!
    I would create the perfect nude/your-lips-but-better shade and call it “Birthday Suit”. Get it? 😉
    Thanks x

  • Rachel Bloom

    I think I’d go for a cherry red and call it Chérie (french for darling) 🙂 x

  • Frankie

    If I were to be lucky enough to create my own lipstick, I would try to create a lipstick that was quite creamy and that would complement a pale skin tone like my own so I would love to create a really wearable everyday peachy nude called ‘the Hepburn’ for my the ever iconic Audrey Hepburn. That wouldn’t make you look to pale/washed out.

  • M

    I would make a beautiful dark red colour that was matte and very very dark like black cherry but sightly more red.

  • Miss Rafique

    Hmmm a good nude or a classic red… Ooh la la and Call me (london telephone box red, see?) lol

  • Katie Wade

    I would try for a dark purpley red. Like a dark berry shade with a little bit of sheen to it and call it Berried in the Snow as it would be more of a winter go to 🙂

  • Faye K

    I would make a purple shade, probably a deep eggplant color. I love purples and there should be more of them out there!

  • Cricketlala

    I would create a fun, wearable pinky coral named “Sweet Pea.”

  • I’d create a gorgeous red shade called lady lippy x

  • Polly Parkin

    I would try and creat a pinky peachy nude and call it ‘peach parfait’ (love desserts too much for it not to be in the name!)

  • Kristin Pavlova

    Bright red called Miss Moneypenny

  • Katie

    I create a creamy warm nude, called in the nude.

  • Jayde

    A vibrant red and it would be called little red riding hood

  • Gabs

    Well, I would like to create a lovely shade of a strawberry one, with an amazing, yet very gentle smell of strawberries and powder kind of smell ….the name: “ricordi felici” (happy memories in Italian-since it sounds a bit .hmm u know..more Italian;) because this is the memory I have…my mum’s strawberry lipstick, it smelled incredibly, I still remember the packaging and I used to put it on every time mum was at work:) very happy memories indeed! PS: lovely post and lovely shades you created there Anna, thumbs up! x

  • elsa

    I would create the perfect rosy shade to make teeth look whiter and skin a lovely warm happy tone. something you could wear everyday. I would call it “winter beach walk” or “not so simple” 🙂 I loved all the shades you created (and lily’s were lovely too) xx

  • Paulina

    an orange that is like no other and wearable all year round!

  • Tori McCann

    A bright fuchsia called “Make the boys wink.. and the girls think” looks like a great day hope you enjoyed it! Love a very jealous 17 year old lipstick lover xxx

  • Emma.F

    I would make a sheer berry shade and call it ‘Berry Punch’, because it’s subtle (because of the sheer quality) but the colour still packs a punch! I love the shades you made Anna, the perfect trio of lip colours! X

  • I’d create a bright pinky red and call it ‘sunset smacker’ – the perfect shade to wear at the bar on balmy holiday evenings.

    Love this post especially the bit about the lab coats! xXx

  • Wow. What an amazing experience. I’d love to create my own lipstick too
    Love all of the shade you have created, Anna. I would love to create a semi-matte wearable vampy red. It’s quite a challenge that one, but I’d love to try anyway. I’d name it something cheesy like Edward’s Kiss (Twilight fan, me? Not at all.) or if that one fails maybe: Bloody Mary? Gawd.. Can’t you tell I suck at the name game? Haha. Lol.

  • Suzy

    I would make a mauve-y nude color and call it “My Lips But Better” since we all call it that anyway!

  • Jardel Williams

    I would create an orangey-red shade with a glossy finish (similar to Chanel’s rouge coco shine), and it would be called “Orange you lovely” – A shade that would be wearable regardless of the season.

  • Caroline

    I would create the perfect peachy/coral tone – it would have enough brightness to wake up your face, yet the peach would add a flash of nude to make it subtle enough to wear with anything! I’d call it ‘I’ve Coral-ong Way Baby’. The shades you created all look amazing!

  • Aleksandra

    I would create the shade that I can’t find in any drugstore – the prefect “my lips but better” pinky mauve color. I don’t know if there’s something weird with my lip color but any of the lipsticks that I’ve tried doesn’t actually match. The name for it? Pinky swear of course 🙂

  • Jasmine Short

    I’d make a deep reddy-purple berry colour called Berry Ink. I’m a fan of a balmy finish anyway, but seeing as it’s more of a Winter, Autumnal shade I’d use quite a sheer formula so that it’s moisturising with a dewy sheen to make the lips look healthy. Also being sheer it’d be quite buildable so that it’s wearable for day or night.

  • Oh man this is the dream! I’m so jealous, lipsticks are such an obsession of mine. I would probably make a really gorgeous matte rosy peach colour, think along the lines of Holly Golightly’s lipstick at the end of Breakfast at Tiffanies. I would probably call it ‘Top Banana’ after the quote “It’s useful being top banana in the shock department’ from the movie. (I’m an Audrey fan…)

  • Liz Katherine

    The first thing my now-girlfriend noticed about me was my mauvey-lilacy-pinky lipstick, so to celebrate our impending next step, I think I’d make it a similarly mauvey shade and call it “Mauveing in Together”

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and call it Peachy Keen! A slightly punny name and a peachy pink… how can you go wrong? 😉 xxxx

  • Mahera Inaya Kamal

    because i am a massive girl and nothing excites me more than lipstick, well, posssiibblyy my fiance. I would combine my two loves and have the lipstick named after the place we first met and kissed.
    The place was Cartwright Gardens, and we literally bumped into each other under the streetlights on a stormy London evening. The thing is, had we both decided to not go right while navigating the now beloved semi-circle; we never would have met. So I would name the lipstick Cart-Right and the color would be a fiery ginger (much like my fiancee himself) 😛

  • Jessie☽

    Hi Anna! Im in love with that peachy shade – very very you! If by some miracle I am given the privilege to develop my very own lipstick, I would produce a pinky nude satin finish lipstick with just enough pink to brighten my face and pair with a neutral everyday makeup look but with enough nude to pair with a smokey eye for a night out. I would call this shade ‘Pink Outside The Box’…. 🙂

  • Mina

    Hi Anna! I would probably mix a peachy or mauve shade because I love a suttle, rather nude shade on my lips just to give them definition!
    Love your weekly vlogs, I’m just catching up to them!! 🙂

  • Chloe Elizabeth

    I’d mix a peach shade too, coincidentally – I’ve picked up so many ‘peach’ shades that just look orange and aren’t flattering on my pale skin at all! <3

  • Anna

    A peachy/corally/pinky shade would have me in heaven. What an amazingly fantastic day out. Lucky ladies

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and call it Peachy Keen! A slightly punny name and a peachy pink… how can you go wrong? 😉 xxxx

  • Sanne Smit

    I would make a bright pink with a orange undertone and call it ‘Perfect summer.’ With a retro mat finish i think it’s a good color to dap on lips en cheeks for everyday and full on in the evening 🙂

  • Rafaela Gerson

    I would create a rosey colour, neutral, a my lips but sexier!
    I’d call it Rose’s Turn, the name of my favourite music from the Gypsy musical

  • I would want to make a cherry colour that’s suitable for everyday, as I love red shades with a purple/pink undertone but find them too bright for everyday wear! It is hard to think of a name…. Maybe something like Cherry Pie!

  • kirstenluvsaston

    i would create the perfect pinky nude as i have not found a pinky nude that suits me as they all are either too dark or wash me out. thinking of a name was hard but i think i would call it something like spring step, as i think thats a cute name and it would be a perfect colour for spring!

  • Federica Fabro

    I would create a very unusual and strange color like my style I will call it Freak Out and it will be in black shade ~ 🙂

  • Dawn Milligan

    I would make a perfect pinky nude color and I would name it Ava’s flower, because my daughter loves flowers espically pink ones and she would love to have a lipstick named after her! She’s four but allready loves to peak into my makeup and have a play with it, and knows what everything is! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway! Sounds like such a fun experience I would love to mix up a few lipsticks of my own!

  • My grandma is my ultimate fashion icon, and whenever she goes to casino(her home away from home) she can’t leave without wearing an intense red lip. So, I would mix a fire engine red and a touch of a tangy orange and call it “Grandma’s Gold”! haha

  • Esmee

    Definitely a matte version of the Louboutin Red Sole (such a pretty bright red), and I would call it “bottoms up”

  • Melina Cruz

    I love pinky nudes, so I think I would call it Prude Nude 😉 a bit of an oxymoron but I think of the pinky shade as being the innocent ‘prude’ part and the nude color would be, well you know. Hopefully that isn’t a name already that I’m ripping off lol I also love bright fire-y red orange colors and a matte one would be to die for. I’d call it Volcano Fury :))

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and call it Peachy Keen! A slightly punny name and a peachy pink… how can you go wrong? 😉 xxxx

  • Oh Anna, I was sooo jelaous watching your weekly blog. What a great experience to create your own lipstick shade in a lab! If it would be my turn, I would create a pinky-peach color and name it “Pink Punch.”

  • Jenny Doyle

    This looks like so much fun, I recently went to a perfumery for my sister’s hen party and now have so much appreciation of how difficult it is! I think I would make a warm red for special occasions, a bit like Yves St Laurent Le Rouge, I’d call it “Cardinal Kiss” after the colour of cardinal flowers

  • Christina Abdilla

    I would create the perfect dark plum shade for fall/winter (similar to Topshop ‘Depth’), and I would call it ‘Eggphyra’.

    Hahah random name consisting of eggplant + porphyra (Greek word referring to an extinct fish that used to produce purple dye).


  • Sophie Chapman

    Oh god, the pressure of choosing is overwhelming haha! I’d create a cool toned pink to suit my pale skin. It’s so hard finding a shade that doesn’t make me look ashy. Sometimes they can look dirty almost on the lip, not flattering. I’d call it ‘Pale Girl Pink’ I think. Ooh I rhymed!

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and call it Peachy Keen! A slightly punny name and a peachy pink… how can you go wrong? 😉 xxxx

  • Ashley

    I would create are ate the perfect berry shade! It’s always been a struggle for me to find it. It would be slightly sheeny as well with the perfect balance of red and purple. I would probably call it “berry lorde”

  • Vivian Diep

    I’ve been loving the wearable but still colorful rosy shades lately. I would create a sheer but buildable, a creamy but not very glossy rosy-muted-reddy-slightly-pink color in the name of “Roseberry Sherbet”. It would be perfect if it left a nice stain after also. But that’s just me dreaming.~

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would make a perfect peachy pink and call it Peachy Keen! A slightly punny name and a peachy pink… how can you go wrong? 😉 xxxx

  • D’jaleh McCrystal

    Oooh so hard! I think I’d have to go with the colour I’d wear the most: a peachy nude, which I would call Son of a Peach 😉 P.S. I adore your colours x

  • Alexandra House

    Ohh that’s hard! I would make either a Berry shade with wine and red undertones and call it ‘Berry Pavlova’ or a ‘Pillar Box’ red and call it ‘Marilyn’s Calling’
    Ps– Love your channel + blog and your makeup stash! x

  • This looks like such a fun day out! The process is so interesting too!
    I would make a deep, coppery red and call it ‘dance’ to match the 40s/50s vibe where dancing always comes to mind. <3

  • Francesca

    Wow! Thank you for this interesting post 😉 I would make the perfect watermelon shade with a sheer finish and call it “Watermelon Pool Party” ’cause it would be the lipstick to wear sitting next to the pool with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses and a big panama hat, while drinking a watermelon cocktail! <3

  • Karren

    I’d love to make a warm orange-peachy shade. I’d call it warm sunshine

  • Sarah Hawthorn

    I would create a dark red that is perfect for autumn and I would call it Apples in Autumn xx

  • Charlotte Price

    This looked like such fun. Earlier on this year, I went to a science fair with my school and me and my girlie friends created l’oreal lipbalms. They were so fun to make:-) Love Charlotte xxxxx

  • Kate @Violetdaffodils

    Oh wow! What a fun day that sounds! I’d love to do something like that 🙂