The Weekly Vlog #19

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Bonjour! See I told you this Weekly Vlog would be a good’un. Last Monday saw me, Lily and Ruth head to a lipstick factory to make our very own lipstick. Life made. Head to this morning’s post to see how you can get your mitts on my very own colour blends. Then skip to Wednesday where the same crew headed to Paris for the day with the extremely hilarious lady that is Caroline. I don’t think my sides have ever hurt so much from a 12-hour bout of chuckling. Oh and we managed to squeeze a peruse round a pharmacy and a mini Sephora haul in. Au revoir!


  • Lux Veritatis

    I’m completely in love with your work Vivianna ! Thank you for encouraging me to start my own blog! Check it out and follow me if you like it, it would mean a world to me 🙂 Thanks!

  • Love your weekly vlogs!

  • love your vlogs! Would love to make my own lipstick, sounds so much fun!

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Just watched your weekly vlog(cup of coffee in hand)and was so happy!! Paris is a dream of mine for like forever so this vlog made my day!!! Your lipstick Peach Babe looks amazing as it is one of my fav colors!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! <3

  • You’re so lucky you can go to paris for the day! 😀

  • I actually can’t decide which shade I like best out of all nine of them. Your lab coats were so cool ahaha, I am sooooo jealous that you got to make your own lipsticks!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Love your weekly vlogs, I look forward to them every week!

  • What an exciting week! That’s so amazing that you got to make your own lipsticks and I love the colours that you chose.
    I can’t wait to get to a Sephora so I can try out the Formula X nail polishes, been wanting to try them for quite a while! xx

    Megan /

  • What a fun week – I love the look of your lipstick making day, how fun!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Oh how I’d love to make my own lipstick! Sounds like you had a fun week Anna! x

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  • Clementine Buttercup

    Your weekly vlogs really make me smile. Lipstick making day looked like so much fun!

  • Margery Ho

    That sounds so fun!! I would love to make my own lipstick!

  • So exciting that you got to create your own lipstick! 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • I always love your vlogs, lovely nail colors 🙂

    Caitlin Confidential

  • Your vlogs are perfect for the midday coffee break; making your own lipstick looked so much fun!


  • I am loving your vlogs. It looks so fun making your own lipsticks 🙂 Definitley a great experience.

    Thank you for sharing, Have a lovely day! ♥


    X x X x X

  • amy

    Such a fun few days!! I wish I could jet to Paris for the day. Looks like it was worth the sleepy! 🙂

  • Most Exciting Weekly Vlog Award goes to this beauty – so so fun and fabulous, what an amazing week! I definitely would be buying all nine of those lipsticks 🙂
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • That song was very catchy… this was a really fun vlog!

    xx Sierra

  • Love these weekly vlogs, glad you’re having a wonderful few days 🙂

    Blog by Iman Iqbal

  • Brilliant Vlog this week! So gorgeous, and I’m now planning my next Paris trip….*sigh*

  • I love the lipsticks you made, beautiful colors! Love your vlogs, Anna!

    Sophia |

  • Manouk

    Ah must have been so awesome to make your own lipsticks 🙂 I’m going to Paris too soon so I’m really looking forward to that 🙂

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Mandy Bajwa

    Love your weekly vlogs 🙂 xx

  • Hands down the best weekly vlog so far!!

  • I just looove love your weekly vlogs! You always make the best out of your days 🙂

    | |

  • claudia

    overflow of feelings for all those lipsticks! *-*

    Claudia Medas

  • Maddy Martin

    Those lipsticks! I love your weekly blogs, best part of waking up is a new video from you!

    Please check out my blog if you get some spare time, I have always loved yours 🙂

  • Allison

    I love your weekly vlogs! Paris looked SO fun! Jealous
    Allison from

  • I loved seeing all the Paris footage – it looks like such a fun day.

  • Hi Vivianna! I enjoy your your vlog and other posts so much that I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award. Please accept this award by visiting my blog at for the information you need. Congratulations!

  • Pandora

    Oh my gawd! Telletubby. Custard. (I can’t stop laughing.) This was an amazing weekly vlog, every girls dream. (I’m not even ashamed to say how much I was drooling when you all were showing your finished lipstick.) Hope you all had a lovely time.

  • Kat Taylor

    Tubby custard made me laugh out loud, and it was difficult to explain just why it was so amusing to my boyfriend sitting on the sofa across from me. Mainly because I am fairly certain he wouldn’t get a Teletubbies reference or find lipstick colors riveting subject material. Lovely vlog

  • What an amazing week! Making my own lipstick would be a dream come true- what a great experience! xo

  • Adaleta Avdic

    This was my favorite vlog that you’ve ever done! So many wonderful exciting things happened in this one and I loved the french music playing while you were having yourself a tour through the city. Very well edited, very well filmed, and overall excellent!!


  • that video was amazing, again ! So nice to see you in France, next time, do come to the French Riviera 😀

    Love from France, Victoria

  • This was the first time I’ve seen one of your vlogs (I’m a new reader) but it looks SO fun! I’m so envious that you got to create your own lipstick! And Paris for the day…what a dream. In 3.5 weeks, I’m actually heading across the Atlantic and moving two hours south of Paris. Train tickets from my city to Paris are only 30 € round trip, so I envision plenty of day trips in my future! What a fun girls’ day!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  • You are my favourite Vlogger. Keep it up and I will continuous watching it! 🙂

  • That Broke Life

    I love your vlogs! Never ever ever stop making them!

  • Ambarina Hasan

    Loved this vlog Anna – I’m heading off to Paris a couple of times this month so it was really fun to see yours and Lily’s vlogs 🙂

    Ambarina xXx

  • Love your vlogs! They brighten up my Tuesday mornings 🙂