Make Up For Ever Hits Debenhams: Here Are My Picks


It’s been a long time coming, but Make Up For Ever has finally hit UK stores. Before you had to traipse overseas or order blind online to get your hands on it, whereas now it’s as easy as strutting in to your local Debenhams. WHOOP! Being a toughie to find, it was always one of the first counters I barged my way to the front of whenever I was in a Sephora, so I’ve actually given a fair few bits from the line a go. Their speciality is complexion and colour and though it’s geared towards those with a professional touch with the odd bright blue pigment or two, there’s plenty for us beauty layman’s to peruse…

I headed to the Oxford Street Debenhams store a day after it opened and the place was buzzing; booming music and a tonne of customers getting their swatch on. I had to wait a good 10 minutes to be served due to the volume of people there, but when I did get to the front of the queue it was speedy enough to make up for the wait. Having given most of their well-known products a go before, I actually didn’t end up picking up a shedload of stuff, but I’m chuffed enough with my purchases to include them in my ‘What to buy from MUFE‘ mix. So if you’re in need of a shopping list, then read the below and prepare to sharpen your elbows.

Let’s talk my newest additions first. The Step 1 Skin Equaliser Hydrating Primer is like a tall glass of ice cold water for your face. It’s hydrating in a way that it’s not sticky or wet and provides a smooth and flake-free face to slap makeup on top of. There’s a tonne of formulas in their primer posse ranging from those that oomph up radiance to ones that tackle redness, so my tip is that they’re worth blobbing a bit of each on to the back of your hand and picking your fave. The other new thing is their Aqua Lip in 1C. Again there were a load to pick from, so if you’re struggling to find a lip liner match to a lipstick then I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to find one here. It’s creamy, but waxy enough to be long lasting and the colour is a peachy, browny pink that pairs well with pretty every nude lip colour I own.

Where the line really shines though is when it comes to complexion. The first ever thing I tried from MUFE was their High Definition Foundation a few years back and it’s still something I use now. It’s medium to full coverage, with a satin-finish and despite being pretty full-on, it can look extremely natural if you take your time with application. I use the colour 125 in the summer and 120 in the cooler, un-sun-kissed months. I’ve given a few of their concealers a go too and would recommend their Full Cover Concealer (I use 6, but really should pick up 5) and their Camouflage Cream Palette (I use No.2). Both are creamy and oh-so-full coverage. Speaking of creams, their Blush Creme in 225 is very pretty. It’s a peachy pink that delivers a subtle flush to the cheeks without too much shine, or matte-ness for that matter. To set all that their High Definition Pressed Powder is a handy one to have in your stash. The loose version causes all kinds of mess, but the newer pressed one is much more compact and negates the outcome where it looks like you’re sprinkled talcum powder all down your all-black outfit.

So a bit of MUFE shopping list inspo for you there. MUFE lovers, anything you’d add?