An Eyeshadow Palette That Looks Good Enough to Eat



I’m not short of neutral eyeshadow palettes, but let’s face it – who can say no to a compact of warm-toned bronzey eye goodness that’s also a bit of a bargain? If you can, then I bow down to ya’. You’ve got more willpower and no doubt a better edited makeup stash than I.  You’ve got your Urban Decay Naked’s, your Smashbox Full Exposure and your Lorac Pro Palette, to name just a few, but they can be a bit on the pricer side of things and up until now there hasn’t really been anything under £20 that’s floated my boat in the way that what I’ve got rolled up my sleeve for you today has. Say hello to Zoeva’s Cocoa Blend Palette

Isn’t she a beauty? I can’t say I’d ever given much from the Zoeva makeup range a look in. Sure, their brushes are fab and competitively priced too, but their beauty bits left me a little underwhelmed, until the Cocoa Blend made its appearance. Though the packaging is cardboard it’s nice and slim, and the absence of a mirror is compensated by the fact that you get a decent whack of shadow weight in there. There are 10 colours in total and I reckon realistically there’s only one that will get a little left out (sorry Infusion!). There’s a warm vibe to all the shadows and formula is creamy, seriously pigmented and grit-free (it actually really reminds me of the Makeup Geek ones).

If we’re talking favourites, Sweeter End is a good everyday rose gold-y wash and it pairs nicely with Substitute For Love, one of the four mattes in the palette, in the crease. Subtle Blend is one of those colours that looks good enough to eat and can be sheered out or built up to an evening appropriate bronzey eye. Warm Note is another cranberry stunner and Delicate Acidity – one of the stranger named shadows of the 10 – has a touch of MAC’s Sable about it, which is always a good thing in my books. In the picture above I’m wearing Subtle Blend all over the lid, with a touch of the ‘almost black, but it’s actually a brown’ matte Beans Are White along the lashline.

If you can’t say no to yet another neutral palette (welcome to the club), then this line-up is available from the Zoeva Website for £15 (but you get whacked with a £7.50 delivery charge) or BeautyBay for £15.50. At a ‘need‘ level it’s iffy, but if we’re talking ‘want‘ then it’s a whole different story. Even, just looking at it makes me hungry for a bag (or three) of Diary Milk Giant Chocolate Buttons…


  • Shaelyn Janisch

    Such beautiful colours! <3

  • I want it! Will ask for it for my birthday I think! I’m also after some new brushes and the Zoeva ones look really good. Please can you do a post on your favourite Zoeva brushes please Anna?

    Rebecca – RebeccaClaire’sBlog

  • Tal

    I need it I can’t believe it’s so cheap!

    PRIMARK Haul June 2015 + giveaway

  • The packaging just looks so pretty!


  • claire morrison

    How is that so reasonably priced? I don’t want- I NEED x

  • theblackblush blog

    This palette looks too good! I need it!

  • Palette itself is really bronzy and especially the dark shades are super cool too.

  • emily couture

    What a stunning palette 🙂

    emily xx

  • It looks so beautiful!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Sharmi Shah

    This palette looks so good and the colours are right up my alley! Need to splurge soon! 🙂

  • Emily Knott

    I had been looking at this palette for the last couple of weeks and couldn’t make up my mind (already own a few too many palettes!), but decided I would take the plunge and buy it and it’s out of stock! Gutted!

  • Oh lordy, those are all my kinds of colours! £15 is a really good price for a palette – I can see this selling out loads now!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • This palette looks so lovely! I am a huge fan of the colours. £15.50 is a bargain!

    Jenna // Beauty And The Style

  • This looks gorgeous!!! Ah, wonderful buy 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Sara

    The colours look stunning!


  • Stunning shades! Not sure if they’re a bit too warm for me personally but they look lovely nevertheless. Raspberrykiss xo

  • I love all the shades in this palette! Gorgeous!

    Alex |

  • peace.oglory

    When I first saw this palette, I thought it was perfect for you Anna, cause it even has a cranberry shade which you seem to love. I was also immediately in love with the shade ‘substitute for love’, not just because it looks like my kind of chocolate – milk chocolate, but because I’ve wanted a good orangey-matte-bronzey eyeshadow for a year now. If it had at least one mauve-lilac shade in it, I would consider it perfection.

  • I’ve wanted some Zoeva palettes for a while now and this might be my first one. The eyeshadows look so beautiful and pigmented!

    ieyra | babysoulz

  • Love the look of this palette, particularly warm note. I’m not sure whether I need the palette though. I feel like I have enough! haha. Thank you for the review xx

    It’s That Time ForA Bioderma Dupe?

  • lauren

    I have heard so much about the zoeva coco blend pa;ette i really must get it how amazing does it look and its a really good price!

  • Love those colours, I think they would suit the summer months so much!

    Anjna Harish

  • Sana-AGirlsFancies

    And of-course I ‘want’ this…

  • Ah, you’ve totally inspired me to pull this one out this morning to play around with it some!

  • Sounds lovely! Its great that there’s an affordable alternative now for palettes!

    Pauline | Catpacking

  • Mandy Bajwa

    Love this palette, the colours are beautiful! I’m always after a palette that have warm colours like browns and golds! Lovely post x

  • Dayuum you just reminded me about the giant chocolate buttons I’d hidden in the back of my fridge in the hope of forgetting. Say it’s not just me who does this…

    Love the look of this palette!

    Nic x


  • Maggie

    Love this look so much! I will have to swatch soon!

  • This is a gorgeous and affordable palette, I definitely want to try it!

  • Love their brushesh! This one looks great actually, i’m going to try it!!!

  • This is beautiful and they have such wearable shades! // x

  • Chloe

    This is beautiful

  • Silvi

    very beautiful. I would consider buying it. I heard great comments about Zoeva brushes, so why not trying the palette ^^

  • I posted a review up on their metals palette today, but this one looks gorgeous. Really wearable and high quality x

  • This looks really pretty, I also like their roe gold offering, it’s a stunner! Could maybe be something for you too 😉

    Marie x

  • This is beautiful! I love how luxurious all the shades look.

  • Such a gorgeous palette!! I’ve heard so much about it! | A DATE WITH THAT GRACE GIRL

  • Lydia Devine

    This looks lovely! It’s probably a bit too red-toned for me to get away with but I will definitely be checking out their other offerings! Lyd x


  • This palette looks stunning! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Love that there’s a lovely cranberry shade in there! Infusion could totally work for a smokey eye…

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Love the look of the palette and I see that it’s very affordable but when they add the high shipping cost it ends up being the same price as the palettes that you get at Sephora which is too bad cause I would totally get it. I love a good warm eyeshadow palette 🙂

  • This palette has been on my wish list ever since I saw it, it’s gorgeous!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Yay yay yay! I was looking forward to this blog post. Shame about the delivery charge but it looks good enough to eat! x

  • I want the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette so bad! I am absolutely obsessed with warm neutral make-up tones too!
    *next purchase

  • Love these shades. I’m not sure if I need another palette like this, but I might want it…

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  • Maireem Maneje

    This palette is gorgeous and it’s awesome-ly inexpensive 😀

  • liya

    Ooh some of the colours look like possible dupes for Tom Ford’s Burnished Amber and Cocoa Mirage? Looks so nice!

  • I can say no, i dont like palettes at all. But then again I feel like I am the alien in the blogosphere with this opinion.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Kate

    That palette looks gorgeous! I love the shimmery cranberry shade. xx

  • Great shades, love it! 🙂

    Nikoleta, xoxo.,

  • Jennifer Doyle

    I’ve had my eye on this palette for ages! the colours are stunning! x

  • I need this palette in my life! It looks amazing, the colours are so wearable for everyday but make a change from nudes etc. 🙂

    Julia xx
    | |

  • Love the shades in the palette! I don’t “need” another neutral eye palette. But “want” is a whole other story x

  • Felipe

    Anna, have you ever heard that you look exactly like the actress Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who? You’re Gorgeous!

  • labellwong

    I can never have enough neutral palettes (though I have enough to last me for the rest of my life), and this looks absolutely gorgeous, especially for its price! I’ll definitely have to add this to my to-buy list asap x

    La’bell |

  • This palette looks incredible! I love everything Zoeva put out. x

  • michela ampolo

    love this palette 🙂

  • The palette looks so beautiful and sleek!

  • CharlotteWelch MixEz

    Urban Decay always do great palettes. They look beautiful.

  • S Jones

    I love the look of this palette, though I’m not sure if I can justify buying yet another neutral palette aha 🙂


  • Sara

    I want this soooooo badly!

  • This looks gorgeous – beautiful neutrals with a pop of non-scary colour 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • It does look delicious! And, it’s decently priced… must resist.

    Daniela |

  • Riviera Dresden

    No swatch? :'(

  • I’m still on the hunt for a palette that has dark enough shades for my tan skin 🙁 I think Naked 2 comes the closest but the darkest brown/black is still not dark enough! Ugh

  • ohh love those colours! Not a bad price either! 🙂

    Nosebag NI | Food & Lifestyle –

  • Vanessa

    I absolutely love how all your eye makeup looks mostly consists of just a wash of colour on the lids. I was so fed up of seeing bold, drastic eye makeup by beauty gurus. Yours is really a fresh breath of air. Keep on doing what you do best; minimal makeup looks with your once-in-a-while experimentation of bright colour (ie. Blue liner). You’re hands down my favourite beauty guru who knows her shit.

  • thank you! the palette looks so pretty